dPoll.io - Alpha

2년 전

Good evening steemians,

I'd like to announce you my new service dPoll.io. I've developed it quite some time and spend many thoughts on how to make it work. Let me first give you my initial ideas and then I'll explain you how it works and what features I plan to work on next.


Usually every social network and messenger these days have the ability to make polls inside of the application. For steem I couldn't find something similar right now. But some branches/topics in my point of view would benefit of such feature, e.g. streamers could ask there followers/spectators what game to play next. Or you can ask your audience if they liked what you have written/uploaded to the steem network. So I had the idea to built in on my own and help the community to get this new ability!

I needed to find a suitable way for steamians to vote for such polls and using the steam blockchain. So each vote is based on a transaction to my app-account (@dpoll.economy) with a predefined message which includes the poll identifier and the option identifier. This can maybe change in the future but for now it was a fast solution. :) You can of course give me some feedback on this and what you would like to see changed.


Let me explain you how to add a poll to your next post with these simple steps:

  1. Go to dPoll.io.

  2. Enter your question and your possible options.

  3. After hitting "create" you will get redirected to your poll page.

  4. At the bottom there is a snippet which you just need to copy/paste into your new post .

  5. preview of such a poll: (you can click on it to get to the poll page)

  6. If you or another person wants to vote for one option, you need to click on the image.

  7. You will get to the dpoll.io homepage.

  8. Click on your option you want to vote for.

  9. You get redirected to steamconnect to send (@dpoll.economy) 0.001 SBD with a predefined message which includes the poll identifier and the option identifier.

  10. You need to wait ~1min for the changes to take place. Then you can refresh the steemit post and you can see the updated image!


  • Add number of votes for each option to image (I forgot it there..)
  • Add vote bot to upvote posts including a poll
  • Let the bot find posts which have a poll included and link it to the poll to easiliy find where it is included
  • Add steamconnect to identify users of the website and give them a dashboard with their own created polls
  • Different image styles/color changes possible


As this is currently in an alpha phase, I'd like you to test it and give me feedback in cases of errors, issues or positive feedback. I'll appreciate it. And because the microservices, domain and storage costs are not for free (costs are around 20$ monthly currently) I appreaciate any form of donation.
I'd like to use Steemsql but don't like to spend an additional 10 SBD per month for now before validating my project itself.

Now feel free to answer this very important question and try out my new service. Cheers! :)



Damn it, it looks like that the moment you publish an article they are uploading the image to the steemitimages servers and are not updating it! The whole service was based on the assumption that they are requesting the image always new on each page view.

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You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

Add steamconnect to identify users of the website and give them a dashboard with there own created polls.
It should be their own instead of there own.

Hey, finally you released your secret project. Great idea and a ​great contribution to the Steem ecosystem. I will have a closer look later today and give you detailed feedback.

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Wow greate article!
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hi, where are you with this project? Maybe I could be of some assistance getting it off the ground with you? Love the idea but with the Damn It comment at the end I am not sure if you got it working?

I am running an experiment here on steemit with the aim of improving retention and the steemit experience and after looking at your account I think it is something you might enjoy. come on over and join in on the discussion