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Wow. Just wow.

Remember back to how it felt when STEEM broke through the $1.50? Then the $2.00? Well how do you feel now it’s just gone through the $7.00?! 😃

It’s almost getting to the point for us bloggers where it doesn’t even matter if SBD slips back down closer to its intended peg level. The amount of author rewards that we’re earning in STEEM POWER is just as valuable. Not to mention the growth in our initial investment!

Just take a look at the clean price action as price moves higher:

STEEM/USD Hourly 1


STEEM/USD Hourly 2


Just beautiful, clean retests of each round number psych level that price breaks out through. As there is no previous resistance to use, human beings are naturally drawn to round numbers to give their life order, so that’s all we can use during new highs here.

This was something that I discussed in yesterday’s STEEM price action blog and a psych concept that I find extremely interesting. Go take a look and let me know what you think on the topic of human beings being weirdos and keeping markets ticking in an orderly fashion as a result. 😇

One further question that I did want to ask, is do any of you continuously have a power down running so you can always have some liquid STEEM on hand as some sort of income? For example, I’m playing with keeping 5000 SP sitting in my account, but always powering down whatever is above that when author rewards are claimed daily.

I’m interested in hearing how you are managing keeping your intitial investment in tact, while reaping the fruits of your blogging labours as withdrawals?

Next up, if you aren’t already, please come and follow @forexbrokr on Twitter. I try to Tweet most of the charts I include in my Steemit blogs individually, as they’re a great little conversation starter.

Come say hello and don’t be too shy to DM me if you’d like to chat crypto or trading. I’m always keen! 🤙🏻

As you’ll see on both mine and @calathea’s blogs soon, we’re taking some time off over the next couple of weeks to do a bit of travelling within Australia. Next up, we’re driving around Tasmania and plan to travel blog the trip on Steemit as we go.

I can’t wait to see Tasmania and spend some quality time away from reality, but when I get back, I have some huge plans for the forexbrokr social media network.

So hit that Twitter follow button and get on board. It’s going to be a fun ride!


Please leave a comment with your ideas or just share a chart.

Blogging about markets is all about sharing ideas and making us see all possible angles. I look forward to having you follow along and reading what you throw at me.

Twitter: @forexbrokr
Instagram: @forexbrokr

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Great read !
Very Excited TBH :)


Cheers for checking out the blog mate :)

I power down a little bit while also making sure the account is growing as well. I think thats important in the long run - to grow it. Gives possinility for more revenues down the road as well as getting paid now by powering down some.


Yeah that’s pretty much what I’m thinking with my powering down too. It’s actually growing faster from fresh author rewards than I can power it down too, so that’s good.

Wow! i don't tolerate about this news, just first month of 2018, that's a great for steemians


Thanks mate, it is great for us all in this great community :)

Woohoo go steemit! I hope this trend continues :)


Me too. Long may it continue!

Tasmania is great... The land of my birth. Looking forward to reading your travel blog! Loo out for the Banjo players and don’t swim in the river in’ll see why! Have fun.


Haha cryptic... Can’t wait :)

Looking forward to your travel blog, mate!


Something different and I’m excited too :)