Crypto + Makerspace = The Steem House

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Being a nerd, makerspaces have always captivated me. We can’t all afford a CNC or even a 3D printer. A decent audio/video space is beyond the means of many. Not everyone has the engineering knowledge to fully conceptualize the seeds of a vision. To hang out with creators and participate in creation would be a lot of fun, and makerspaces seem a very natural fit with the crypto space! With the right set up, access to banking and creation could reach a massive new segment of the world. The incubation process would be more accessible than ever before.

Image Source: The Steem House

Steemhouse is a makerspace opening its first location in Frankfort, Kentucky. @thatsweeneyguy has taken the initiative to get it started, and you can get many of the details by following @thesteemhouse. While supporting the community of Frankfort, it is also supporting all of steem by working to get everyone that comes to the space onto the steem blockchain. It is a fantastic idea, and I hope to see many more real world projects adding value to steem.

While the project is a cool idea, I am not close enough to enjoy @thesteemhouse directly. That doesn’t mean I have been left behind - with the release of the STEEMHOUSE token, we all have an opportunity to get involved. These tokens serve three main purposes

  • Pay for membership to the steem house makerspace
  • Allow the purchase of items created by makers in the makerspace
  • Receive a portion of the revenue generated by @thesteemhouse UPDATE: This is not the case (see comments)

Purchasing some items may be of some interest to me, but passive income always catches my attention. As a steemian, I already feel proud of this project!

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The ONLY part of this I don't endorse is that token holders won't directly receive a portion of earnings. Our Dream Team investors earn a small portion of our liquid blog earnings, and if we end up finding a whale to partner with, they would receive an "owner's share" of the entire business.
STEEMHOUSE holders who buy early can almost assuredly see a return on those coins as the full token sale progresses.



Important correction! Thank you for checking it out :)