Fragile and rather beautiful

6개월 전

The state of our DPOS blockchain.


For those who might not know DPoS is Delegated Proof-of-Stake, ours decision making protocol. It seems that old witnesses are winning but battle is only at the beginning. Steem on!

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@friendlystranger, At this moment we are left with many Possibilities and Conclusions about the end results but until this Battle is over, we can't say and predict anything because already we saw so many surprising actions and we never know what is about to come. Let's hope for the best. Stay blessed.

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Just stop the vote farming

Still suffering from little man's disease, eh?

Indeed it is fragile. It will interesting to see what Justin Sun does with Steem now that he has Total Control.... will he down Steem airdrop for all holders of TRX ? That would be a good start I suppose. He needs to rebuild the Community with new Creators. @justinsunsteemit ....

I am a Creator here on .....