What is steem in 2021 ?

7개월 전


I have been on this platform for going on 4 years. In that time, I have spent countless thousands of hours trying to figure out how this platform works, each time becoming more convoluted than the next. Over 2020, it has become my worst performing asset.

With that being said, it has no intrinsic value or fanbase. Almost 1 trillion dollars has flooded into the market since March 2020 and it has done nothing but stay the same or go down in price. The boards seem dead, interactions between users seem to be non existent.

Evidently, I do not see steem ever returning to its all time high. There is still some volume for its native token on major exchanges like Binance. But I do not know if this a indication of it still been a live project or just due to the fact that bag holders are still trying create a de-facto market for it, while they off load millions worth of there bags to unsuspecting buyers that are going to be dumped on.

In any case, I guess at this point the only thing I have lost is the opportunity cost. I think that 2021 is going to be nothing like 2017. BTC dominance will stay strong, financial institutions will not pivot to alt-coins as easy as retail investors did and coins like Steem will only continue to hemorrhage further in both btc and fiat value.

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