Slowdown in depreciation of STEEM against BTC is expected


Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 7.38.15 AM.png

One of the selling pressures on STEEM is temporarily paused. Unfortunately I think its not possible to quantify the effect of this 1 month experiment, but at least in principle, it should slow down the depreciation of STEEM.

For the time being, this leaves us with with just two natural sellers:

  • beneficiaries of STEEM inflation (witnesses and the rewards pool recipients)
  • random token holders churning out due to the continued altcoin bear market

Can the believers and speculators absorb the selling, and perhaps reverse the price trend?

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  ·  작년

In the meanwhile, $STEEM going for new low.

  ·  작년

It's been lower than this, but it's not looking great. Most coins have been dropping for a while. We have to somehow boost confidence. Most other coins do not have anything like the Steem community, so we ought to be able to do something.