STEEM Lottery (Experimental)

4년 전

Welcome to the experimental STEEM lottery.

This is an alpha test, the lottery runs in a bot, fully automated, the bot is working and we are monitoring closely and will refund in case of any problem.

The principle:

11 tickets @ 1 STEEM 2 winners, the house always plays.

Once the tenth transfer is received with the memo: loteria the draw happens.
using python we create a list of usernames that have transferred, we then use python randomchoice to draw the 1st and 2nd price

There are always 2 winners!

1st prize: 60% of the 10 transfers = 6 steem

2nd prize: 30% of the transfers = 3 steem

the missing 10% helps us cover the server rental costs to provide support BOTs and services for the hispanic comunity

We have our first draw about to happen, so far there are 7 tickets sold during the pre-tests that are playing, only 3 tickets remaining.

Thanks to the following users for helping us during the trials:
@banca, @jokebeddb, @nnnarvaez, @kruznik, @delega, @angelica7, @mballesteros

We are also developping:

A more complex, lottery were there will be 10000 numbers and a draw happening every monday, this one will have much bigger prices that will accumulate week after week if there is no winner like the big real ones.

Play now!

Transfer 1 steem to @gatillo with the memo loteria
Or use steem connect V2: Buy ticket

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Only one more ticket and the first draw will happen!

@ned would you do the honors of buying the 10th ticket for the first automated steem driven lottery bot ?

What do you think of this project ? Is it viable ? does it adds value to the communities? Does it raises interest in the blockchain?

Should it stay or should it go :) ?

Mucha suerte a todos! Reestimeado y participando.
Agradecida por la labor de @gatillo en favor de la comunidad y el contenido de calidad.

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