How many of you would like to see evergreen content on steemit?

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Perhaps not evergreen but something that could produce content and curation rewards over a period longer than the current 7 days?

I've heard it mentioned and griped about in a number of ways (mostly its a scaling problem) so, looking to do something about it and have been supporting a project that may just be able to produce this steem blockchain miracle, kinda like these grapes in a desert.

Grapes aren't evergreen but when you see them growing in a desert then you know something is afoot.

All photos taken by me in the Kalahari desert Namibia.

Drop some comments and suggestions below or simply just stick around and wait for the reveal.

PS. There is a teeny tiny little hint in the picture below

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Apart from evergreen, I think there are some posts that should be immortalized because of their timeless impact on the blockchain, I think steemit needs a page for these kind of posts I could call it THE STEEM HALL OF FAME


Yeah, I think so too what do you think?


Good idea! I love the way you said "immortalized". It made me remember something :)


Yeah I think I have a lot of post I want steemit to immortalize, it's a way to go

I totally agree and have been thinking about various ways of enabling evergreen content on top of the current Steem protocol. It's a shame that short-term content and ridiculous postings are being rewarded more than well-researched, valuable content.

I'd love to see authors of guides, tutorials, journalistic pieces and the like get more and long-term rewards as opposed to news articles, memes and more-than-daily snapshots or updates.

What would be a good way of developing such ideas?


Yes! I just wish people that spend the time and energy to create helpful content on this platform were rewarded more than a post with just a meme. I understand that people can do what they would like with their SP but I see posts all the time from people that are trying to make this platform a better place with tutorials or educational posts and they aren't being rewarded like I believe they should be. I try to give them upvotes but my .03 doesn't do much.

Accounts like tribesteemup and others are doing an awesome job to promote great content I just hope more people start to do the same.

I am also excited about the idea of a evergreen reward system. I know personally I have researched the Steemit platform using posts that were 11 months old and they were extremely helpful but there wasn't a way for me to show my appreciation. Hopefully soon that will change!

Keep us updated @gavvet


exactly, all will be revealed shortly.


Are you working on a certain project regarding this?


Awesome! I am excited for a reveal!


Thanks for being a blessing and sharing! You are amazing! You've got a new follower!


Awesome! I wrote up my ideas here:

Happy to discuss - obviously, you'd like to have all that on protocol level, but what can we do...


Sounds Amazing!

Hmm... grapes.... make wine... and wine gets better with age...posts... possibly could age well too...

I got it!

We are going to drink wine while we wait for the answer!


😊drinking some now but the answer is not coming to me


Thanks for being a blessing LOL! You've got a new follower!

I'm a big advocate of evergreen content support. Video, Tutorials, quality posts all deserve the potential of evergreen rewards. I have big posts I wrote 6-8 months ago that get comments all the time still today.

Quality video content takes forever to produce, and generally can't be properly rewarded in a 7 day period much less even discovered.

Discovery goes hand and hand with this though, the ability to pin/make a profile for a user is critical to choosing good content to feature for evergreen lifespan.


yip, this includes a long term discovery engine for exactly that type of content.


Great Comment! Thanks For Sharing! Thanks for being a blessing! You've got a new follower!

Great suggestion!

I'd go even further: a personalized Steem(it) desktop for all those evergreens would be huge - a starting screen where I can decide which type of content I wanna see according to my personal preferences. That would require a more detailed tagging and sorting mechanism, and would probably lead to a more fulfilled user experience. Currently the only "sorting feature" we do have is the follow button that accumulates (depending on how many you follow) hundreds of posts per day in one single feed. A desktop with several windows would be much better. Examples for windows / sorting options:

  • All blog posts from people I follow tagged with #photography
  • Latest blog posts from my favorite 3 Steem dApps tbd
  • News from Steemit Inc
  • Steem Hall of Fame (see above suggestion from @josediccus
  • Top 10 new users (best rep score / payout / followers,...) = great motivation tool / incentive for newbies
  • .....

You name it :-)

I believe that an important characteristic in a content creation and distribution network is that content is actively offered by the UI. That will automatically lead to a higher engagement = more integrity = better user experience.


Hehe, but he's not a newbie anymore :-)


these are all great suggestions, some you will get quite soon, others will take time to build but we have many of these in mind for further development


Sounds terrific! :-)

Btw I just published the results of the Steem Summer Survey in my blog - even more suggestions and feedback from steemians, in case you'd like to have a look at it :-)

Ok... what is this.... grapes and photovoltaics ? Don't get it .... Why is the grapes there? Protect from the dust?


A diversion...

Interesting idea. I think for such "long" posts need a separate tab on the main page, or something like the function "stick on top" as do on the forums. Set the time limit, if there was no uptotes or comments for a certain time, then the fixed one is removed from this page.


Interesting... Thanks for being a blessing and sharing that information. Following you...

Watch out for the weeds.

For the moment 7 days period is more then better and i am saying this because we are in a stage when we want mass adoption.
It is easier for the moment to that with a time frame of 7 days regarding the rewards... again we are talking about mass adoption.
After we will have at least 1 Million active accounts ( yeap i mention active) we can think about it... of course this will have to involve the development team and the witnesses and so on!
Now as you know the SMT's are around the corner and one of them is about projects that involve a greener planet... i am keeping an eye on it as i like the project and i want to delegate some steem power to the project.
Have a great evening all and always Steem On!


Interesting! It works, if YOU work it!

Great to hear about this, would like to see and know more about this @gavvet. Could also grab a sizable share from if done right


Baby steps, but yes plenty is possible.


Sounds Pretty Amazing!!


Me Too!!

I would for sure. Evergreen content is the cornerstone of content actually. That's why musicians have "Best of" that's why good quality movies are relevant even today.

And the same applies to everything from writing, to Youtube videos, to mainstream TV shows who keep being popular for years due to their quality.

No doubt that I would love to see that on steem.


Good Point!

Seems like it would be very helpful, especially for minnows.


There will be something for everyone


There Sure Will!

I can see the problem with the current reward model being that you get paid one off on steem while if you hosted a blog and signed up to an ad network you get the evergreen effect.

I can think of two possibilities for steem. the first one (inspired by the solar hint) some sort of contribution of resources to help with scalability issues.

the second some sort of reward per view system like the BAT/brave project.


Pretty Awesome!! Thanks for being a blessing and sharing! You've got a new follower


Thinking in the right direction

very beautiful nature i like photography and nice post my friend @gavvet

Thank you for sharing a great post in us

it's a grapes that keeps growing on barren a steemian that lives in a competitive world. evergreen always looks good, very fond of people who can use the land with the idea of growing grapes in the middle of the desert and combining with solar technology

I'm all for it. Allowing for a longer payout window would open up possibilities for many more types of content and communities. Grapes are wonderful, but other things can grow also, even in poor soil.


So true... "Grapes are wonderful, but other things can grow also, even in poor soil" ....i just love that last sentence on your post.....

evergreen ..
steemit and crypto currency actually support go green ...

Crypto means less paper currency
less paper currency means less use of
energy and tress.
finally its support ... Go green ...

That grape yards really don't look like being from that landscape. Amazing !

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I will Love to see that if it is going to add a positive impact to Steemit community.....

@gavvet i am here to see. hhehe

It would be great to have a facility where your Steem Power vote could be allocated to a Blog and drip fed as an award over a longer period of time. A bit like storing the power in a battery and releasing it on demand. Stephen


That's some of the thinking

store the energy from the wine?

I would love to see this. As an online instructor, I have been looking for ways to overcome this as it would enable better migration/integration of steemit to my existing business

That would be really great, mostly for videos and on Dtube or Dlive, if they want to be like youtube.

I think they brought water here from ouside
And they are taking help of solar energy for cultivation

When I've thought about this concept I've arrived on the problem of how to initiate said payouts. Given the way the payout system works, if everyone were allowed to pay out whenever they wanted it could open up a big window for spammers to abuse that ability, using the fluctuation for their advantage. So that's where I find fault. As to how/when (and how those interact) the payout would work


good observation

How I love grapes! I wonder if Steemit can be a good platform for writing evergreen content. I hope it would be but right now, what we have is just 7 days to get the most out of our posts.

As a global public book, blockchain can add more transparency to the market - every artwork can be registered on this ledger and any exchange of artwork, along with a recordable exchange rate.

Counterfeiting will not be possible, the initial authentication of this work will serve as a timeless record. Now, so much artistic value is determined by a small group - blockchain can erase this subjectivity as well as allow greater access to every work of art as an investment for a large number of people.


great line of thought

I think the "evergreen" idea would not only be great for our current community members, but it would make it far more attractive for some high rollers to join.

I wish I knew enough to give a suggestion on how to pull this off but sadly the tech is not my area of expertise.

I can say that I 100% believe there would be a huge market for this.

I'm not good with guessing and definitely not good with riddles. It would be wonderful to see Steemit this way again! Waiting patiently....

I think I will wait to see how this project results, is an interesting idea what you have commented but it is a matter of putting it in motion and see how it turns out

I think the hint is the Solar Power...



Will be a really nice idea, some contents deserve more attenzione than just 7 days, It could be a smart project, even if there is a lot of post to check out...

Nice photo-post. But i am thinking of buying network-data(internet subscription) with steem or sbd at a very cheaper rate than from the network providers. A view is so beautiful from the top

Instituting evergreen content is necessary in this blockshain! It would increase curative potentials for steemit community.

However, like the Natural evergreens, the likes of Namibian grapes, such posts must possess qualities that makes them thrive beyond the "ORDINARY". Some of which should be :
1)Creates a lasting impression on the conscious and subconscious of the consumer
2)Attract quality upvoters
3)If it is information, it should possess the quality to make it TREND for quite a long season!


Nice analogy and valid points

It is not a difficult thing to see evergreen contents on steeemit. Developers just need to make a tool which may filter the quality contents and after verifying by the community that content may be included in the hall of fame tab on steemit or a new app may be launched in which only quality content can be shown.
There are many criteria to select these kind of contents. One is the number of votes received by the post, but it can be manipulated. So, the best thing would be to manually select some quality content by the @curie, @adsactly etc and opinion of the steemit users may be sought on the quality of the contents. User can rank the content according to their choices. Accounts of bots and automatic voters should be excluded in this process. Also the post should not receive any reward for being selected as hall of fame post.
Only vote of users with certain reputation for e.g. more than 50 should be considered. Automatic voting should not be allowed.
There is another way to find out the quality content. Users should be allowed to select and submit the posts of other users. The top selectors can be rewarded to find quality contents. This would really be great!


Have you been secretly recording our dev sessions? we have considered a lot of these aspects, modeled and built accordingly.


Oh really! I expressed whatever I thought rational.

amazing view and beauty of nature

Maybe instead of all the energy and expense that goes into bitcoin mining, proof of work could be measured by solar panels, wind generators, microhydro, thermodynamics, etc. And, perhaps, air and water purification technologies, UV, ozone, and so forth. We could measure results, not just spent energy. Then, more people could grow grapes and such in the desserts...i


You are not the only one who thinks along these lines.

hmmm... intresting thought...

I think, everyone would like to see evergreen content always. However, the monetization may not be there. May be there would need to be a flag in each post, where we could mark it as I want to see it always. And a separate Perma Feed, that would show them ?

The evergreen contents will be more like books..and the reward can be compared to the roylties received...forever!

Thanks for being a blessing and sharing!

I think this has been needed all along, and I think that one of the reasons Steemit has used up (and seen disappear) so many good content creators is that, frankly, they see zero point in busting their ass to create great content when it is consistently pushed to the bottom by crap posts, AND the payout period is only 7 days.

Not a great way to entice really good content creators.