Why It Is Better ?

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Been looking to post videos on #blockchain?

If you have then your just like so many of us.
I've been looking into this and have found myself so damned mystified, it's confusing and sometimes one can get so full of anger or frustration especially when you've attempt to upload your videos just to get errors on upload.
I've been playing around some platforms some good and some just makes me feel so uptight.

#bit.tube seems ok it even Bit-Tube MasterCard YES! A MasterCard,,,,,
Pre-registration for the BitTube Debit Card is now open. This will allow you to spend your BitTube wallet funds conveniently in any store with a POS (Point-Of-Sale) system or withdrawing local currency from an ATM which in my view is excellent but, YES it has a BUT, To obtain the card, you are required to stake 5000 TUBEs in the web wallet and Transferring any kind of wealth is regulated by the governments of the residing country.

#DLive.tv is another i've looked into but i've found it odd, i dont know but it's a twitch think "or No" i have found so many gamers on it that i would feel out of place as i am not into playing games. So i've given that a miss.

#Dtube, What can i say about it that could make me happy...............
Dtube, Essentially, users post videos, and are rewarded for creating and uploading content. If one was able to do some uploading content without have error issues i'll be a happy dude. I love the idea of Dtube i truly do but it's a let down when you've received an error after you've taken so much time uploading video.
I've seen all the fixes on it and none have worked. Some say those with the most #STEEM POWER have preferential treatment if it's true, it's utter unfairnesses.

So! i'll love to see your comments on which is the better option and what issues you've all had......


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DLive caters to all kinds of content! From gaming to music and arts, if you can provide some IRL content I know the platform would greatly appreciate it.

Any concerns you have just let me know on the DLive discord.