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Happy Birthday to all Steemit'ians !

Be strong and learn to "run". Hurray !

  • from one of thousands, in tiny Lithuania.

Wow so much within 2 years. We need more functionality in steemit. Private chat, groups and more user friendly mobile apps and interface.
Slow but steady things are moving positively!


Happy Birthday, may we get all the functions we need the next couple of years!
🎲 Crypto Quest - Guess the price of STEEM - 3.26


SAya senang mengikuti anda @good-karma (74) dan terus berkarya,good luck


Happy birthday steem.

Wish all the success in the world of blockchain and social media to STEEM and to eSteem!!

Happy Birthday.. Hopefully on future the esteem application is better and better always..

happy birthday esteem hopefully future esteem more successful and more sophisticated as well as all esteem users happy with esteem. and special thanks to @good-karma

We're doing it, folks. Each and every person's participation means the work at this point.

Happy Birthday Steem!!

@good-karma sir...
today. Just as far back as January 3rd, Steem was $8.16 USD and that was less than 3 months ago! We can return to these prices, in fact the secret is that Bitcoin controls the prices, and we all know Bitcoin is going to be more popular than steem, and people just end up buying Bitcoin due to its massive global HYPE campaign. And when Bitcoin goes up so does Steem no doubt 100%! We just have to wait and ride the WAVE of Bitcoin! There is almost no steem left for the liquid market and that's a great thing! No one is buying much steem yet but SOON there we be NO more steem left and the prices will go up up up up up ! This is going to end up at $20 steem SOMETIME in 2018 maybe not next week maybe not next month but sometime this year we will fly past our $8 previous high and zoom to the $20 level, and in 2019 I believe we can break the $100 level and by $2020 I DO believe Steem can hit $1000 and we will WISH we had saved up as many Steem tokens like they were Bitcoins! We have a SECOND chance here or no a THIRD chance! If we missed Bitcoin AND ethereum NOW is the time to get into STEEM! $100 Steem is NOT a fantasy! At max 21 million Bitcoins, there arent enough for every one of the 33 million of the world's millionaires to own one! And Steem at 250 Million tokens even in 10 years when we have closer to 400 million, that STILL isn't enough for everyone on the planet, mny people will have to settle for PARTS of a steem, which they already do with Bitcoin! Many today are happy to have just 0.1 Bitcoin since that is close to $1000 and that is a lot of money for most humans on the planet. So just keep stacking steem, yes everyone on steem today, the less than 900,000 users, they can ALL become the new ruling elite, we arent even 1 million users yet, so everyone on here NOW can end up being the millionaires of the future!
Happy steeming....


I like your passion. Bravo.

So much growth in just two I won't be surprised if we are flying in the next five years.

Congratulations to all steemians!

Wow didn't know this before thanks for sharing

The concept is great but the platform is terrible. It still doesnt remember my settings.

awesome! 2 years!

This platform has changed a lot in two years. In the early days we got a lot of interesting and passionate writing (including from Dan), and it was always fun when you wrote a good post and Curie picked it up.

It seems to have been hijacked by internet marketers pushing get-rich-quick ideas now.

Happy Birthday @ Esteem. And Good job done by you @ Good-karma, i liie your post, keep it up, thanks for sharing.

Happy birth Day steemit, good luck and good rissing up. Bravo...

A very interesting post, repeated in the second year of this steam I just want to say that only people who believe in steel who will find success. He believes that nothing is impossible for us. Even a mountain in an instant can be destroyed, then all the success we want to achieve is easy to manifest. Hopefully next year even the next few days we should soon be able to run fast.

Hi sir

I have a question:

Who do you advise me to vote for witnesse?

Thanks a loot off
I think this job just busnees
And i like that...
I hope you
Please your agrement

Saleum kupi pancong

Happy birthday to steem. hopefully continue success in the next year

congratulations for steem. success for all of us in steemit

People slow down with age but Steem, you just don't. Steem become fast & large with your age.

Happy Birthday..........


@upvoted & @resteemed

It was happen occasionally. But our first Ukrainian MeetUp was also yesterday. I think it is good sign 😎😎😎😎

Congratulations to you @good-karma and every member great milestone indeed.

Happy birthday esteem.
Thanks for sharing this news.
I appreciate your post

Happy 2nd Birthday Steem, hopefully the future is getting ahead and success always make esteem and @good-karma

Its a great milestone acheived by steemit. And it is acquired by the kind and noble people like you which contribute in its success. Hope it will continue to flourish further and take the no. 1 spot in all currencies. #growsteemit #joinsteemit #steembirthday #love #peace

I am As New Arrivals Happy Birthday 2nd Anniversary of Steem and hopefully the future can be more advanced than the previous year. and I Speak Congratulations to all Esteem Steem and Other Users Both Senior and Junior. With my arrival this Hope I can Become a Friend in Steemit.
And congrulations for @good-karma
Thank you...

Happy Birthday Steem!!

congratulations my friends always

Happy birthday wishes for eSteem can grow better and always be able to accompany us in doing blogging, comment, exchanging, scheduling, drafting. We especially enjoyed the eSteem and applications could be a proud part of the eSteem application

Happy birthday steem, I like you.

two years already standing and accompanying Application Esteem the world community in conducting its activity in the world of Steemit, we are very proud to use this application, and we hope that in the future the application of eSteem can grow and run Chase any writing. Frankly I am very thankful can wear and walk along it, finally I can only congratulate the birthday of eSteem. @jhonpower

happy Birthday steem and your post is very beautiful @good-karma

On behalf of myself and friends, I say a hearty "Happy birthday Steemit!" March born projects and kids rock. I've been using the eSteem app since I joined Steemit and I recommend it to all the people I bring to the platform. Great work @good-karma. I just voted you as one of my witnesses.

creatif job..steemit is the best

Selamat ulang tahun yang ke dua esteem semoga makin maju dan sukses untuk kedepannya nya.

Happy birthday,, success for you

happy birthday of the second esteem hopefully the future of his esteem is victorious in steemit and success always ,,,,

Happy birthday to (esteem), hopefully better and keep developing @good-karma @esteemapp

I will always support the (esteem) and will make a pricing seminar in my area so that all members of Steemit use the award app as a great post place.

Penulisan artikel yang sangat bagus dan baik
Mari kita satukan ikatan persaudaraan kita
Tolong bantu saya

Well Happy Birthday (2)

happy birthday steam

happy birthday steemit may continue to succeed and success always

Happy birthday..congratulation on your achievements aswell

Happy birthday steemit!

"Be your 100% in all the things you do and achieve new victories! Hurray!". I got those words.
Thanks @good-karma

Thank you very much @good-karma.

The best post have a nice day

happy birthday steem, I hope steem more successful

Happy birthday buddy, time passes quickly, with age, hopefully increase also our experience and knowledge, as well as your ideas and works may be accepted by all people in this world, once again happy birthday, continue to work be the best, we support you.

Thank you for making this two years worthwhile, steemit wil not have gone this far without your and other steem witnesses. The community is indeed blessed to have you and others. We look forward to more improvements in steem and steemit. cheers!

Happy birthday @esteem

I hope this app make easy a steemian how to sucses with steemit activity

Yeah happy bornday Steemit... Have a wonderful, fabulous and produtive years ahead!

Happy birthday aplikasi esteem


Love esteem app, i using esteem app give me upvote to my post♨♨♨♨♨✅✅✅


Come on @joinsteemit
I am a new user in steem, you and your friends are a steam promoter. I feel bad when new users like me are introduced to the platform, I give up because they are not recognized and no detail explained. Your team and you do a good job with recognize the user completely and I will be happy to be part of your team
**Im vote witnes @good-karma **
Thanks for this

wow great, want to say happy birthday esteemapp, happy birthday esteem community and wonderful greetings to Great @good-karma

Congratulations and success for all!
Thank you for giving us this platform Steemit!!!!

Tank for sharing @good-karma.

Congratulations I say to esteem, hopefully in the next year will be more advanced again.And congratulations also on @good-karma.

wohoo !! let's celebrate it . Good luck to all guys .......minnow to dolphins and dolphins to whales .. Lol !! anyway let's learn everyday from this awesome platform :)

Happy birthday to steemit and the steem blockchain. More innovations!

Happy birsday steem an congratulations
thanks @good-karma

happy birth day esteemapp. thank for this useful app

Here's to another one!

Happy birthday Steemit, lot a good wishes, let star to shine in the world

Happy birthday Steem and we all Steemians are the proud members of this Revolutionize Platform and yes as you said we will run in future and more milestones to achieve so enjoy all and keep on Steeming. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

happy birthday to us all then! I actually thoughts steemit was older than that, how amazing that it got so far in so little time :) Onward to greater times and more steemians!

Happy birthdaaay! :)

Happy birthday esteem..

Many Many Happy Returns of the day @esteem !!

@good-karma and esteem team thanks for bringing up the handy app to make steemit a common name for many user. Today is Ashtami an auspicious day again mark the navratri puja in India....


Oh wooow, happy birth day Almighty Steem

Ayo berjuang teros

Happy Birtday steemit, Always success for you. Upvote and Resteem.

esteem universary

Happy birthday esteem, wish you more steem powers to come so you could help more steemians to the esteem community, and may you have more upvotes to give..😊😊😊 happy birthday again.. and ofcourse to @good-karma who had the never ending support to the steemians who uses esteem app.

Long live Steem!

Happy Anniversary STEEMIT!!

Love and peace
Happy Birthday, Steem!
Wish all the best

happy birthday steem, and I say thousands of thanks also kepa good-karma that has upvote my post, I hope esteem more successful

happy birthday steem hopefully the future is even better

Wow, I didn't know it's Steem's birthday today. May huge success follow this awesome platform.

thank you for all your kindness...

Happy Birthday to all eSteem

congratulations esteem !
Happy birthday to (esteem), hopefully better and keep developing @good-karma @esteemapp

I will always support the #esteem

Happy Birthday to Steem, May God give Steem more wisdom to run her platform to be the best platform worldwide. May esteem run faster than every other app as it has remembered to celebrate Steemit (winks)

Happy Birthday Steem, Wish you long and lasting life !!!

Wow. Happy birthday steemit . thank you for giving us this wonderful platform . it has been of utmost value to us all. Thank you @good-karma for esteem. It is the best .

Happy Birthday esteem.I hope always support us. Thanks for @good-karma.

very glad to see your post good-karma .. happy birthday to all steemian and for app users esteem

Conggratulation for steem brithday.. success for you

Thanks and Happy Birthday too!

Happy brithday for steem, thank for @good-karma

happy bershappy birthday, hopefully more innovation, success always @good-karma and team

Apparently it's been 2 years ...
thanks for his dedication to us all.
Happy birthday, hopefully in year 3 can be better than the previous year.

Happy Birthday to Steem! I wish I was there from the start but glad to be part of it since June, 2017.

Voted, reblogged of course. Following and voted for witness already. Thank you for your services to the Steem ecosystem.

Happy brithday esteem, i hope this app success in the word and the blockchain,.

Happy birthday Steemit

happy birthday steem, hopefully the future gets better, we always support it .. @good-karma

HBD to Steemit! So happy to be part of this growing community and can't wait to see what the future holds for us all :D

Thanks for the great informations,in this beautiful moments I would like to offer my heartful wishes for this auspicious day. Wish you Good luck and very bright future my, wonderful steemit family.

Happy birthday to steem's birth day and all steem users would be happy,lucky,peaceful for future.All the best wishes to steem would be peaceful world from till present to next many years

Happy birthday Steemit .. Wish steemit progress by leaps and bounds.. <3

Danke fürs Teilen und happy birthday

Happy birthday 2nd years steem

  ·  3년 전

happy birthday steem social media

Happy Birthday of the second steem, hopefully the future will be more glorious

Happy birth day too all steemit'an 😊

Wish all the success in the world of blockchain and social media to STEEM and to eSteem!!

happy birthday esteem

Happy birtday to steem (good karma)

It is such a privilege to be part of this revolutionary technology and social paradigm change. Happy Birthday, Steem!

  ·  3년 전

Love and peace!
Happy Birthday, Steem!

Happy birthday to all steemit'ians. I wish you to be more in the next year. I have been on steemit for 2 weeks and I feel feel that I will stay here longer to be able to share my work and get opinions of completely random people to be better at what I do.

that s great. i didnt know about the birthday date. I am also happy to hear it. thanks for posting it.

good-karma is the best

Happy birthday steemit 😍💕

  ·  3년 전

good-karma thank you for all your help so far I really like you and esteem colorchallenge blue. I can get to know the world wide

Happy birthday Esteem! more grace

Wish all friends Happy birthday esteem

Happy Birthday esteem.I hope always support us. Thanks for @good-karma and success for you.

Warm regards :)

Happy birthday Steem



happy birthday for steem, hopefully the future is much better than previous years ..!
continue steam

It has been a successful, and eventful 2 years, but this is just the beginning. Many great things to come! Happy Birthday. Steem! :)

Hepy bed esteem.. succes🎁🏅🏅

Happy Birthday, Steem!

Happy birthday..

Happy birthday steem... Hope it keeps winning @good-karma ..!

Happy Birthday for Steem and congratulations to all Steemians who believe in the success of this platform.


Happy birthday to all 2 year's of steem supporters.

hapy birthday steem's

Happy birthday steem. hopefully always success and continue to rise.

Congratulations for esteem, hopefully advanced. And congratulations also for @good-karma

wow !****happy birthday esteem**** hopefully future esteem more successful ..............

@good-karma, "The miracle comes when we have meant it." Regards!

Amazing post,,

happy birtdhay my esteem....

we fellow steemit must be united .. steemit better ahead ,,,,,DQmeSqTiFps8RrhE21TCdbQYpKH7ffkhC1tfwE7aibdG8jE.gif



🎇Happy 2nd Birthday eSteem👍🎉🎊

Happy birthday steem.

happy birthday birthday.
2 years already you help the steemans cross the vast ocean of steemit.
thanks self esteem.

Wow! I don't remember when I first signed up for Myspace, but by the time I got Facebook some ELEVEN years ago, it was NOTHING like this!

Thank you for sharing this @good-karma!

happy birthday esteem good luck always and triumph for ever

happy second birthday esteem with thanks to your generosity you will be victorious in steemit for all time

Always success for you

Hello, happy birthday to steem. Are you kind enough to share how to design that kind of picture? What tools did you use? I like to know how. Thank you.

Awesome post! I invite you to visit our blog and vote us back! And of course to enjoy our content :)

Happy birthday Steemit. I'm sure your growing will be unstoppable. Thanks for new improvement at esteem @goodkarma. We are going viral by esteem thanks to everyone make this possible.

Happy birthday steemit...hope long last forever community

Happy birthday 🎊


Happy britday esteem Hopefully the increasingly triumphant and continued to be a required application society

  ·  3년 전

Happy 2nd birthday for all steem lover,thanks to give my life more meaningful.
By steem we can getting the experience,how to share,post our blog,follow,upvote and comment each others.
I hope by steem we may effort together,help to upvote and comment each others like a family.
Thank you very much.

I am your witnesses Screenshot_20180325-075349.png

Happy Birthday Steem!!,,

Love and peace!
Happy Birthday, Steem!


Happy brithday, thank for you

Hello, @good-karma
Please help me
My account is incorrect password, why?

Nice post thank

Such a great milestone achieved by steem. Being around for just a short while, steem has changed and revolving the world positively. Happy Birthday to Steem

Happy Birthday

@good-karma Happy birthday, may esteem always go ahead, and continue to succeed.

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Happy birthday to all Steemians. We are the future of social network.

*** happy birthday esteem the second year may be a successful esteem for his long ,,, ***

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Sangat sangat indah postingan anda
Semoga sukses selalu

wow, this eSteem means already 2 years in make, is very interesting for me and for all who use this eSteem application, good job @good-karma

We All Wish success in the world of blockchain and social media for STEEM and eSteem !!

Creating a new world more with esteem and steem I think has a very exciting prospec in the future

Wowww very nice. Happy birthday #esteem @good-karma i love you my friends 😀😀

Good.happy birthday 🤗🤗

happy birthday....sir please check my blog

happy birthday. . i love esteem

Happy birth day to you steem. thanks for sharing

Happy Birthday To You! So you are an Aries!!!!!

Woohoo! Happy Birthday, Steem!!! :) so happy to be a part of this community and to join in the celebration! Congratulations @good-karma :)

Happy B'Day esteem application hope better future and succes.. pls vote me and many thanks to @good-karma

Happy birthday esteem hopefully future esteem more successfully..
I ask you to visit my blog again, I want to ask you to vote my latest post, please help me to improve, thanks.

hi @good-karma can you help me please where can i suggest my idea of making a new challenge? please respect my post comment thanks.

Happy brithday steem... thank for you

congratulations, may the user esteem more victorious

happy to say to esteem, good luck and always be the best for us all in esteem. sorry once before because I was late to say happy birthday. once again apologize esteem

Happy BrithDay esteem...

2 year its will more follower steemit with esteem ini the future @good-karma

happy birthday steem, excuse me for not knowing that two days ago steem birthday, because in the last two days, in our place there is little problem about our mobile phone network, once again, forgive us, and happy birthday, esteem

HapPy BirthDay Steem...!!

Happy brtday steem please flow mee @good-karma vote

Happy Birthday esteem, may always successful

hello esteem, Happy Birthday may always successful

Thank for support me @good-karma

Happy birthday steemit ..good luck always and stay solid visit my steemit account @razzi and vote my posting

@good-karma wow cool, i really want to visit your site for, i really need your suggestion and criticism in my post. Thank you

Great post I like :)

Do not forget the upvote and comment on @ziapase post !!

Terima kasih bapak @good-karma semoga di mudahkan rezekinya.

Happy birthday esteem

Happy belated birthday! ;)

Happy Biethday @steem , @steemit is the best app


ive vote witness @good-karma

happy birthday steem, really cool in two years can meghasilkan more, hopefully the future continues to be successful, and thank you very much to @good-karma. who has built a steem .

Happy birthday steem,the same day as my birthday

happy birthday..keep it sir.god bless u

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, on behalf of this good luck to you, welcome to sssssssssssss.png

Thank for you

Happy Birthday 2nd esteem Good luck Always

Postingan yang sangat baguss 👍👍


I hope, eSteem Still Strong and have Millions Support from Millions Members.

Hi @good-karma, I m very much disappointed now a days because none of my posts are UpVoted by you and others but I still posts my each post through @esteemapp.

Happy birthday to all..visit my post

selamat ulang tahun, semoga sukses selalu @good-karma
#promo-steem #esteem

Happy birthday, hopefully we will go forward and the big day to come. We can as there is in this great community.

Happy birthday steemit.

Happy birthday steemit.

Happy birthday steemit.

In just 2 years and STEEM have come a long way and is such a driving force today, it's totally amazing

happy birthday of the second esteem hopefully his future esteem gets tremendous success thanks

Thanks you very much

Good post, hbd for steem

Happy birthday 2nd year steem hopefully add new ideas

Nice information ! I resteemed this post. Thank you for voting when I was just beginning steemit.


hopefully steemit more successful and glorious

Happy birthday to Steem and congrotulation @good-karma. Wish you succes.

Happy birthday to you!!! Love you always @steem

@good karma hi my friend, i want to report why my upvote is gone, but last night after upvote by minnowsupport my level has increased until 31.13, but i see today lever me back down 30.50 and i lost some upvote, one of them minnowsupport, please help me, please...

Happy Birthday, hopefully steemit more and more ....


Happy Birthday all the STEEMIT'IANS

Nice post and message bro! Happy Birthday STEEM and thank you to all witnesses who support our mission and platform. Nabbing the image and linking back for my next post, cheers! :)