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I @fracasgrimm am writing this through the @greenhouseradio account.
After seeing the good that can be done by receiving such a generous opportunity in the form of these delegations, I would like to submit Green House Radio Online as recipient for the upcoming JUNE proposal.

Subject Area I would like to Curate

The areas that I would like to curate and help give a better chance to be seen would be topics related to INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM or REPORTING. This could come in many ways, via blogs, videos or written articles. This being such a broad topic it would allow for much more content to receive the helping hand they deserve in form of vote support. I would define INDEPENDENT as free from the MAIN STREAM MEDIA like copying things directly from brands like FOX, CNN, REDDIT, etc. I would look for a real attempt to share unbiased facts about important subjects like cryptocurrency, world news, local news and more.

Experience & Background in Steem

I joined Steemit in December of 2017 after watching a YouTube video by @wearechange We Are Change is an Independent and very small journalist brand that covers global matters. In one of the videos they said something of interest as I was a content curator for many years. There was platform where you could post content and get paid in cryptocurrency. This was my first exposure to this digital currency called Steem and in general. After struggling for a long time trying to figure out what kind of content would get seen the most, I became a 'dj' on MSP Waves Radio. This allowed me to conduct a weekly interview and music talk show with like minded Steem enthusiasts. This lead me into forming a relationship with @canna-curate and founding GREEN HOUSE RADIO ONLINE. We looked to entertain & educate the community with our interactive LIVE broadcasts. Green House Radio Online has been proudly operating on Steem since December of 2018. We have always been a strong supporter of steem based communities, artists, musicians and developers in and beyond the Steem world. We are currently involved in trying to form working partnerships for Steem moving forward with our STEEM WITNESS FORUMS.


I am an English speaker and writer. I am very fluent in the ways of translating through apps to try and reach as many people as possible.

Why I would be a GREAT Curator

I believe I would have no problem finding quality content available here in our steem worlds. I already follow many people who still use these platforms for an uncensored place to share their journalistic endeavors. I have the time to look through tons of material. To me this would be highly enjoyable. I would also look forward to helping people feel positive about Steem and the people here. My attempts here through the GHRO project have always been on the side of neutrality as well as open mindedness. This will lead to the opportunity for varied INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM to get a bump of support here.

I would like to thank @steemitblog for this imitative and drive to keep Steem strong.
Thank You for your consideration,
Frank -Founder & President of GREEN HOUSE RADIO ONLINE

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Thank you for your application to become a Community Curator.

Look out for more news coming shortly.

The Steemit Team

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