What are your favourite digital currencies and why? [Ask Steem]

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For me, I would have to say;

  1. Blackcoin - Not just because I am one of the project leaders, it also was the only currency that made economical sense at the time. The ones that control their stake control the network not those that control the computers control the network and those that have a slice of the pie don't have a say. Never liked that. Plus, you literally can be your own bank and earn an interest. Did you know, with PoS 3.0 and it's fixed block rewards, even though the currency only inflates 0.95% per year, you can currently earn 9% of your balance? Stake on!
  2. Steem - For obvious reasons, wonderful platform. What can I say? I'm in love.
  3. Gridcoin - Probably the first PoW coin that makes sense for a good cause. Proof of Boinc ftw.
  4. Sia - Cloud storage done right. I personally am going to start using it myself and contributing to the network!
  5. Clubcoin - Contracted work, another project of mine. "Traditional coin", not bringing anything new to the table yet except usability and 3rd party services. One top secret project going on with it, Beta should be out soon.

I think that covers most of them.

EDIT: Removed Nubits. Wasn't aware of their recent issues and loss of peg. Yikes.

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DASH, for their implementation of DAO concepts without dipping into the tangled waters of smart contracts, and opening up vulnerabilities as in ethereum! ;)

Tendermint/Gnuclear for serving as the way forward in terms of Proof-of-stake and environmentally friendly blockchains!

Exciting times!

  ·  5년 전

It used to be ethereum, until they started censoring the blockchain. now it's back to BitShares!


I'm so glad that I never got into ETH or the DAO. I was wary of it ever since they posted disclaimers everywhere. It was a running joke within the developer scene that it will fail spectacularly eventually.

$1 = 1 Nubit


Oh yeah, I owe you a downvote, but I'm saving it for something special after 7/4 when I'm fully powered up. =b


Hahaha @WTF. LOL @tuck-fheman. You're funny, man.;)


D'oh, why do I get 1 downvote =P? @tuck-fheman


I like to repay downvotes, but I make sure they're served appropriately. This post was a close call with the NuBit's part, but I'm waiting for a better time or perhaps for you to change your downvote you gave this account earlier. ;)


Alright, removed. It wasn't a post in my flavour but you proved a point, you spent time on your article and were contributing.


It was a bug report with style. :) Thanks!

that is a cool little list. Do not know much about clubcoin...perhaps you can email me at beyondbitcoin@gmail.com with some more info on it?

You have 2 of my favourites Gridcoin and Sia. My other coin of choice is Solarcoin. I have rooftop solar PV and Solarcoin gives me 1 SLR for every MWh that I generate, thats currently based on an estimate. Its a very cool project though because they have some really big ideas, they are building an IoT monitoring system that will record the production in real time onto the Solarcoin blockchain.
On top of that all my Gridcoin mining is practically 0 cost, doesnt get much better than that.