Steems smart media tokens (SMT) featured by Multicoin Capital

3년 전

This seems to only have been mentioned once on steem, so I thought I should highlight is, even though it is kind of old news.

Multicoin Capital runs an excellent blog where they (mostly Kyle Samani) write insightful and knowledgeable on cryptoasset topics such as "The Smart Contract Network Effect Fallacy", "Understanding Token Velocity", "New Models For Utility Tokens". If you want a deeper understanding of cryptoassets for investment, this really is a treasure trove of writing. Their latest post from April 9 is about "Opportunities For Blockchain Based Social Apps" where steem is of course mentioned.

While Kyle doesn't see steemit overtaking Facebook or any other incumbent, he gives smart media tokens (SMT) a special and favourable mention:

I’m intrigued by what Steemit is enabling with Smart Media Tokens (SMT). Although on the surface each SMT-based project falls into the bucket described above as not uniquely enabled by blockchain beyond economic reward, in aggregate SMTs will enable a massive wave of experimentation as hundreds of publishers play with novel economic models.


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