STEEM: Is This a Good Time to Buy?

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Hm, lots of Steem update requests..almost daily. The chart below shows a potential Cup & Handle formation which others have correctly pointed out. IF this pattern is correct, the handle can't go below the lowest price point for the Cup or else it'll be invalidated. The handle is labeled as an abcde price structure. However, depending on how Bitcoin takes its course of the he next few days, a lower low can't yet be ruled out.

Still, the breakout looks to have vaiability, especially if price takes the purple route of impulse waves upwards. The white abc could continue until mid April or so.

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thanks for sharing! waiting for steem to climb up to more than $5...


+++Time to moon again

Please update EOS

Great explanation . Yes I am agree with you that The white abc could continue until mid April I want to add that if anyone think for longterm entry he or she can take partial entry here... I am upvoting you , hope you will continue to give us such as good content

So if steem goes down to lets say 1,4$ this means that symmetrical triangles mean nothing and this was not a breakout, right ?


pretty much.

How are the fundamentals and existential risk from Larimer?


Even Larimer still will have to develop the system. Steemit is 2 years old, and Eos is still not implemented. These risks seems to be overly exaggerated.

This is a good time to buy, i reckon. The price of steem should be able to rise sooner. You predict well, @haejin. Thanks.

Meanwhile, i am a crypto enthusiast, but certainly not yet as adept as you. I will be hanging around your blog frequently to get some lessons and tips.

Time to BUY, if you ask me, @haejin. This is the time to buy. May/April, should bring good news for steem.


Though I'm new to steem, I think it is a great idea which will change our opinion regarding social sites.
Now we have additional value for our time spent on these sites.
Hence I think it is the right time to invest in Steem.
Hope to have support from experts to encourage me in my new journey

I hope EOS steemit Dan mentioned recently will be much better and this old Steemit will eventually become obsolete.
I don't want to buy Steem just so few whales can benefit greatly.

You analysis is actually fire ,
cheers man love the work.

its really great job and update @haejin.
i appreciate your experiences share,,,thanks for sharing


Go fuck yourself. He doesn't help anyone with his shitpost!!!

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Thanks for the info. I believe it's a great opportunity to buy, which I plan on doing. Seems like a promising investment, even if the investment is small.

Keep it up sir

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To buy or to buy not the enternally question .
My answers would be buyyyyy obviously steem is what you would call a ground level opportunity. Eventually it will hit the three digits or even more .

It’s been a good time to buy all year

I have a #STEEM REQUEST!!!! When are you gonna quit scamming #STEEM from #STEEMIT?????

keep it up
my dear sir
thanks for your great experiences,,,also thanks for update
@haejin sir,,great informations

A big thumbs up 👍🏻 for this post. Nice update @haejin.

can we get an update on tron?

holding on to my dearest steem. HODL!

No offense, but this TA stuff is complete BS
I think this platform (Steem) is cool and especially given all the concerns about FB recently a decentralized social media platform is probably going to be very promising for the future.
So I would say HODL some
I have noticed that it bounces around $2 so if you want to just make some quick money, buy it at close to $1.50 and sell at around $2

No offense, but this TA stuff is complete BS
How do you explain that the charts miraculous follow some kind of pattern .

it can just be random


But imagine with me ,you spotted same pattern in 100 charts that you analyzed , can you still call it random?

@haejin Please analyze Recovery Right Token (RRT) bitfinex!

Doesnt an extended 5th usually result in a deep retracement so we should be looking for < 1.50 in steem?

I think that if you are an avid user, reader, blogger or poster here on STEEMIT, you should definitely stack up some STEEM! It only makes sense, right? I mean if you are here you are likely accruing why not make sure you fatten up your stack? Nice post. -Respect