What should we as a community do to increase the value of Steem and SBD?

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I don't know. Because even me, I am guilty of this. Since I only come from time to time to check what is going on. Yet I am not planning to leave Steemit and the Dapps(Musing) anytime soon. In fact, I don't have any thoughts whatsoever to pack up my things here and leave one day. Because the steem blockchain is actually very fascinating as a whole.

Anyway, at this point, it may be riskier to continue to live basically on the common platitude that "those who will leave will leave, and those who will not won't". Because first, those who have invested so much here (the whales for instance) will most likely never leave, and the newbies here with little Sp won't hesitate to leave when it grows tougher especially with the unkind gestures made by Cryptocurrency to potential investors these days.

But We (particularly the ones with heavy Sp) can continue to write optimistic posts and to raise the newcomers hopes and give them reasons as to why they should continue here for as long as forever.

Taking my situation as a case study for instance. The actual reasons behind my not being very frequent or active than before were;

First, I realized that I still have a very low SP even after powering up everything I have earned. And earning quality or heavy votes on the Steemit blog itself is still really difficult with respect to the low coverage of many quality posts and also, the lavish indifference and neglect shown by other Steemians to many of these quality posts on Steemit.

Then the only best option I can think of in getting some quality votes is only Musing. And most of Musing questions requires more time, mental energy, research and editing to get better votes.

Then I discovered some couple of activities that will bring more income with which I can use to power up. Therefore, I say to myself, "Let me quickly do some of these things to buy more SP then I will come back and help the new guys here.

Anyway, what I am trying to point out is that if some much more generosity is shown to the newcomers here it will do nothing but to eventually secure a brighter future for the whales, the orcas and the rest of us Steemians.

Thanks very much

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