Little Old Lady Horizen

3년 전

The little old lady draws her fib from the low to the high and sees a 90% sale she only looks for basement prices in crypto, but she can start nibbling at the 61.8 fib level and nibble at the 78.6 level. Crypto is at the end of a alt coin bubble and most of the alts have already bottomed out in BTC value.


All the charts look almost identical, If you can find the right ones.

The old lady also looks for an asset that has flattened out beneath the 200 day MA.

She calls her "broker" and places an order for an amount @ Ƀ 0.001263 Satosi's the 25 Jan 2019. She then already places her sell orders, and forgets, every time the asset doubles, she sells half her holding. The first double is at At Ƀ 0.002526 she sells half, and at Ƀ 0.005052 she sells half again etc.

This is not to be taken as investment advice! This is an investment strategy by @davincij15 at

And @BrianBeemish at the this is their strategy and you should get a course from them. These are my ideas only.

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