📈SBD Trend - Huge rise in the next months📈

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Few weeks ago I told you about why I bought 1000SBD. At that time SBD price was around 27000 Satoshi. If you take a look on the charts, you will see that we have more than 30% increase since then. The AMAZING thing is that it is not over. I will show you the charts to have a clear overview about SBD coin.

First of all, let's take a look at 4H chart.


  • As you can see, we have a clear uptrend.
  • Strong resistance on the middle of Bollinger Bands.
  • Stochastic and RSI sustain the uptrend.
  • RSI above 50 level which confirms the uptrend.

Let's take a look at 1D chart.

  • Again, RSI above 50 level which confirms the uptrend.
  • EMA10 above EMA20 - second confirmation for uptrend.
  • MACD and Stochastic confirms again the uptrend.

But the amazing thing is following. Take a look at 1W chart.

  • RSI is about to cross the 50 level which confirms the potential rise for SBD
  • Stochastic is out of oversold level and confirms the uptrend.


  • MACD is about to cross the red line.
  • We are waiting the EMA10 to cross the EMA20 to confirm the uptrend.

We don't need other indicators. I think it's very clear for this coin that will be huge.

Keep in mind - Only trade with your money that you can afford to lose.
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Hello from the block surge group! Looking forward to riding the steemit train into our decentralized future!

Once the SMT protocol goes live I suspect this platform will explode in use and value. I'm not very knowledgeable with the TA analysis, but the use case and functionality makes me very bullish.


Hi @bp9930 . Yes. I believe the same. Once SMT goes live we will see huge increase of STEEM and SBD. This will be a great year for Steem and it will be just the beginning. :)


STEEM is moving up against the overall digital asset market currents today. The 1 month chart is showing some interesting volume patterns as well, looks like there has been a big bump in buying pressure hitting 10-14 day intervals. Good signs for the future of decentralized media!


Yeah. I've just watched on the charts. It looks very impressive :)

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