Suggestions from all Country representatives are required.

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with three days of thinking and planning we have got to conclusion that steemit team should increase delegation of curator accounts rather than making of country curator accounts,

However he further asked me to have your view over it as well and as you guys could see in new commers community many new steemitians are joining which got helped by @cryptokannon @tarpan and many others.

But as soon they grow furthermore, as can be seen they are growing by x3, delegation is required for

Steemcurator07 , steemcurator03 ( as requested by cryptokannon for initiatives to help new commers grow faster )

which could be taken from Sc 02 on the other hand we are going to prove that we really deserve the delegation

Also the idea of country curator account would be tough work and isn't possible too as we have about 195 countries = 195 country curator accounts would be trouble.

Problem CR of Sc07 facing:

currently we have 4 countries using sc07 India,Pakistan,Bangladesh and Srilanka with amount minimum of 400 Active users approx now if we see the Sc 07 power vote worth its 2.3$ and in a day its would be 2.3*10 = 23$

now if we say we reduce 400 to 350 now if we distribute this 23$ to 350 we get 0.0657142857142 / post now consider
350/2 half of them are low in quality 23 / 175 = 0.15 $ max

So we can conclude if we reduce it further it would be max 0.4 $ / post of person giving his/her efforts,time and wrote 300 words.

I hope i hadn't made any mistake in calculations sorry if i made any :p.

Let me know if you Agree for the increase in Delegation for both of these accounts sc07 and sc03 .

Also if you have any suggestions, recommendations or Idea about it kindly give your opinion in comment.

Its necessary, please give your 10 minutes .

And should any of the other Curator Accounts get any more SP delegation ?

@njiatanga @njaywan @oppongk @beautychicks @focusnow @yohan2on


@belenguerra @fendit @adeljose @anasuleidy @edlili24 @mariita52

@rex-sumon @tarpan @toufiq777 @neerajkr03 @rishabh99946
@sapwood @anroja @ernaerningsih @nazarul @radjasalman
@cryptokannon @rashid001 @besticofinder @randulakoralage

@girolamomarotta @filinpaul @knopka145 @alikoc07 @antorv @olesia


if i forget to mention anyone kindly reesteem that or share this with them so i can have all of the suggestions from each ad every CR or Curator account eligibles.

I am sorry for taking your precious time here as i dont have your private contacts also that would be easy for steemit team as well to come to conclusion.

With all due respect,
Yours Hassanabid,
Mod Steemit Pakistan.

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I agree, I believe that motivation is fundamental to keep users active, and we are not being able to be a source of strong vote to achieve that. Many users are enthusiastic about a good vote, but when they see that days and days go by without new cures, they lose interest.

I believe that a little stronger and more constant voting by the CRs is essential to maintain the commitment of the steemians, increase the commitment to the platform and the community, and attract new value users to Steemit.


Thankyou so much ❤️ for your time

Thanks @hassanabid for a well explained post .

Main thing is to keep our members regular with quality content in The Diary Game and it is not possible with current curation method , a community account of just 200k sp delegation .and i observed that we can just vote 2 or 3 diaries of a member in a week with a small amount of vote of $ 0.8 or $1 by watching VP of community account.
And this is not a good vote amount to keep them motivated. when Sc01 visits by following the sheet most of the diaries of a user get expired. They get more disappointed and become dormant.

As sc07 account is used to curate a large number of The diary Game participants from Bangladesh, India , Sri Lanka and Pakistan so its better to increas the SP delegation for community account Sc07.

I hope Respected CRs from other countries will agree with this and if they are also suffering with same issue they can discuss their curation problem of community account by providing complete details and can ask for the amount of SP delegations to The steemit Team and @steemcurator01.


will get to the conclusion once majority of CR's would give their review so we have to wait for atleast 24 hours

If we can vote for a member at least 5$ per week. Then the active user will increase. And people's post quality will start to get better automatically. People have done a lot of good things in the beginning. But their post quality deteriorated day by day due to not getting votes. But their post quality deteriorated day by day due to not getting votes. And many have dropped out of their work.

But if we can get everyone to vote at least 5$ a week. Then the interest in working among people will come back. And everyone will create active and good posts. For this, Bangladesh and India will have the opportunity to use the 07 account 7 days a week. But this is not possible 😥😥.


how can you forget pakistan and srilanka :(


actually what's not possible Isn't the option the option we have is the possibility to increase delegation dear . do you agree to increase delegation or not


Bangladesh and India will have the opportunity to use the 07 account 7 days a week. But this is not possible

Hmm..💔💔💔 It is something sad to here Toufiq. Rashid and I fought for increasing delegation. Don't forget it.🙃 What ever


I totally agree with you

Hello @hassanabid, your calculations are correct, for example we for Venezuela and the rest of Latin America, we have steemcurator05 for a little more than 200 users in The Diary Game, and our work is difficult because we cannot visit all users in a single day , the Voting Power of that account does not allow us to cover more than 30 users per day, this represents 15% of users served per day and this means a large number of people (75%) who expect the visit of steemcurator05 but will not be visited that day.

cc: @adeljose @anasuleidy @edlili24 @mariita52 @belenguerra @fendit


Agreed lets make this to the steemit team as well
Do you agree with my Statements and do you agree that delegation should be increased ?


Agreed lets make this to the steemit team as well
Do you agree with my Statements and do you agree that delegation should be increased ?

I always agree that this is somehow possible, I understand that it is just a project that will be evaluated and modified in the process, and we are willing to continue giving our support in healing activities as we have done so far.
I also believe that we can help in many aspects because we know the communities of our countries very well.

I really liked your post, it is important to express what we are observing in the curing process.


Thankyou so much ❤️

I believe curation accounts could be taken to another level if we had more SP. Considering SC05, which is the one we use for curating latinamerica's posts, we have very little influence and despite the fact that users still get a reward for their posts, I don't think it's enough for them to keep motivated and keep on posting.

Since we started curating with SC05, we went from curating only users from Venezuela to all latinamerican users we were able to find, and we're constantly on the lurk for new users to keep track of them!

As well as this, or as far as we know, we are only allowed to vote for The Diary Game posts and i think it'd be great to start curating posts that are done under the #betterlife hashtags!


So do you agree with the idea of improving delegation of sc 07 aswell right ??

Hello @hassanabid, your publication is very good, I totally agree that the delegations of the existing accounts be increased to support the countries, as a representative curator I have made use of @ steemcurator03 and @ steemcurator05 and it is required that the voting power be increased to motivate people who are very well receiving support today, but also as my colleagues @ tocho2, @belenguerra and @fendit said, users who see the days go by and do not see support arrive due to the number of users admitted are unmotivated and they stop publishing, so he considered that it is a good option to increase the existing delegations for regional accounts and to be able to better serve active and new users, thus covering more daily visits!


Agreed.. Waiting for Steemit team's reply :)

@steemcurator01 according to the comments we have reached to the conclusion that everyone is Agreed with the increase in delegation and now your Attention is required here ❤️

Curiously waiting for your reply.

I agree. In this situation, It's good & perfect solution but not permanent solution. We also need to think of the future. Because Day by Day the number of newbies will increase. Oneday 600 k can not be able to control according to the increasing rate. Because the resource will not increase according to the users increasing rate.
1st. We need to encourage our user not to power down.
2nd, We need to follow the model of @cryptokannon's publication which was on 500 sp to 500K sp account. Think you had an community acount which 50000 steem power of its own. Which you can used everyday for curating your own people. Then you are also geting the vote of 600k sp hold account.

3rd, Before recruiting a newbies we need to understand the potenciality of that person. Can he/she adopt the system?

For the future purpose Of Subcontinent this delegation of 600k can play a vital role.


Agreed , Thankyou so much tarpan for supporting my statements :)