Moving Steem Power from miners to a primary account.

5년 전

Is there currently a way to move steempower from one account to another?

I have a couple of witnesses that have some Steem Power that they are accumulating on a regular basis, but I would like to move this to my primary account in order to increase that account's overall voting power.
Right now it seems like my only option is to:

  • Power down the miners regularly for the next 2 years (After a payout occurs)
  • Send the payout to the primary account
  • Power back up on the primary account

Am I missing something here? Shouldn't Steem Power be transferable as long as it remains Steem Power?

Edit: I see set_withdraw_vesting_route command exists in the CLI but this will still take the full 2 years of payouts in order to send to the other account.

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