Don't know how to use your free downvotes, you just want to help STEEM?

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We can finally destroy the bidbot industry.

I made this page a while back but it didn't get used much considering no one wanted to waste his own power (and rewards) to fight the bid-bots.

But now we have FREE DOWNVOTES™ enabled on #HF21 so it means you can all do about 2.5 downvotes every day.

If we strike hard and fast in these times of post-hf economic adaptation, bidbots will disappear as fast as they appeared. Do your part if you want this platform to have any kind of future. Use your power and stake, and downvote all those attention seekers (special mention to @chbartist for his consistency) who have taken the trending hostage for years now and who consistently transfer the money from the reward pool into the pockets of the anonymous bidbot owners.

It's probably the last chance, I doubt we will have another hard fork this year, and the market is already super super bear.


P.S: You can check your downvote mana bar on

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or consider joining @steemflagrewards @flagtrail and @freezepeach for healing bully flags ;)


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I do not want to delegate my stake to a 3rd party, and I do not want to join a trail (which is the equivalent of delegating my posting authority to a 3rd party).

And I bet I'm not the only one


You aint have to do either.

You can just flag spam/ bid bot abuse/ plagiarism, write the category as comment and mention @steemflagrewards ;)

we will then check it and also downvote.

You will earn SFR Token for doing so. :)


Ok that seems good, if I am to manually downvote and comment why I will alert your account this way


So, you never heard of us? Feel free to peruse the code.

We have things split up between flag approval and the upvote bot (with static ROI) the latter of which was designed by @reazuliqbal but not yet open source.

The approval / token distribution bot is and here is the repo. It's due to an update and I need to obviously adjust for free downvotes.

Also, take not of the config file for the designated abuse categories. We basically used many from @steemcleaners but have widened the scope to include things like comment self-vote violation, contest spam, porn spam, and our "favorite" bid bot abuse.

I'm kind of floored you haven't heard of us. I mean I haven't used bid bots to get the word on Trending but we've been at least halfway there when Utopian antiabuse was rolling.

Note: Token bot is on a branch of the main. I haven't quite figured out what we want to do with the legacy code.


It's not my account. It's a community account to decentralize flag organisation.
We get messages of people mentioning SFR via bot on discord, can talk there, discuss and dispute over flags, also with victims.

if you "alert" our account on posts you've flagged, we can also see it and also flag

@freezepeach is for healing bully flags

Beware when using this tool as you can get revenge flagged. (don't forget they have free downvotes too)

This happened to me when this tool was released and this account is so much smaller (< 35 rep and < 20 SP). I lost 30% of my post rewards as a result

UV for use of NPC meme!

Uh oh.... begin the flagwars of late 2019!!

Downvote trail time! If we set it up right you can sign up and just trust it’s being done for the benefit of the platform and never see any effects on VP 😉

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we already have a trail. :)
But you can also participate without using the trail and also without delegating. ;)
but still earn for mentioning @steemflagrewards under abuse posts :)


I used 60% of my bar using the tool once. So I guess I'll do it once every 3 days or so. This way there's no need for delegating my posting authority to a 3rd party (which is how a trail works)

Someone explain to me what a 'bidbot' is and how to recognize it, and
I will happily do my part to be rid of them.


Bidbots are the accounts selling their votes. You send STEEM/SBD to them with a link in the memo, then they upvote the post. You can find an extensive list of the bidbots here:

Sadly these bidbots do not post contents on STEEM themselves, so we cannot punish them by downvotes. Instead, we should punish the customers of the bidbots (which is what my page detects, you can see which % of the upvotes come from bidbots).


I've gotten innumerable memo's in my wallet where this one or that one sent ME $0.0001 with a note inviting me to do this or that and send $x.00 steem for upvotes from their 30K followers.
I have never once responded to any of those things.
I am poor, I make at best $1.50 PER WEEK on my own, so I don't give my
Funds to anyone. I UPVOTE those of my friends and followers who
Have helped me, and I only upvote QUALITY posts that interest me.

Thank you @heimindanger for the explanation


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Cool tool, I've saved it to my bookmarks for easy cleanup.

Hi, steemchess is calling!
Sorry for interrupting, but I have some news for you:

It would be great if you participate, good luck!

Kudos on making the page which shows the bid bot boost percentage.

Are you practising what you preach though? I see some pretty prominent names on the list today with auto-ticks in their boxes. Flagging those guys will very likely have repercussions.

I saw this ... great idea.

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This is very interesting for progress together ,,,,, we will continue to interact.

you happy with the actual results?

Thanks, I will use this site as a jump off point!

I like how you singled out chb"artist" 😆 those stupid articles that are obviously written by a third party are so annoying 🦆

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It's not working. Or is it my browser?

I use chrome.

Hi there. I just tried to visit your Tasks website but got a warning that it is not secure.

Pretty cool! It's time for the community to act as a whole and fight the bid bot abuse!

Make Steem great again! Good idea!

Why do I not understand the connection between bidbots and downvotes ??
WHERE is the bidbot industry ???
How many of them are misusable ?
A few big or bigger players and a hole lot of crabbs ...
An industry ?
If one is little, SP is important first for opportunities making syself visible, commenting e.g. .
Is a powerup the only alternative to gain extra SP ?
Investing into proof of worktime of botwork cannot be condemned on an blockchain ?
You invest your little #STEEM into bids, and over time your SP rises more than by just powering up.
You as a user put worktime into the system by doing the transfers, and keeping track, the bots add a little amount of proof to it.
There will never be more bidbots than needed ?
Why is there such a great need for huge payouts.
Are there really such as many, them hurting the infrastructure ?
Missuse is to condemn,
if one could define some plausible borders between use and missuse,
this may be helpful.
It´s a blockckain, a technology .

Absolutely the right thing to do. I know some argue about the Bots having a time and place but I say humbug to that. They need to leave entirely!/c/juanangel40bcn
hello on my channel you can not see some old videos that I made. I hope they can fix it.

Please explain the moral/legal theory behind killing bit-bots?

I don't understand why they are so hated.

Don't people want a cheap and easy way to advertise their post?

Isn't the "promote" feature basically pointless?

Selling votes (ENDORSEMENTS) seems like a free-market solution to me.

Feel free to upvote the article to give it more visibility, I won't be bidbotting it obviously :)


The meme alone deserves a vote.


GodSpeed ! @heimindanger 💙

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finger pauses over the dv side in a pique of power mania

Hmm. Delegation seems like a good option! I may not want to directly down vote, but can hide behind someone else, letting them do the dirty work. I actually used some voting services over the past month to boost my earnings and used those earnings to power up. However, it does seem like the future depends on the changes just put in place.


Hiding behind someone else's username reduces the social value of your downvote. It's also about sending a message to the bid bot users so they stop this upvote trafficking