Powering up my account!

4개월 전

Would have been more steem power had I waiting for this dip to buy, but i'm still pretty happy. Waiting for all these sinks such as SMT and resource tokens.

Also I want to get some more attention on this article I wrote about my vision for this web 3.0 as @theycallmedan calls it. I honestly this if we create the right vision if the future, we can manifest a much brighter future than where it seems the world is heading.


I also found a blog about new social media sites, and they listed Steem as #5!


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I recently powered up my account as well. It seems like a good time to get in before the upcoming features are released.


Yeah i believe in the vision that steemit has, so I feel it's going places. Hopefully one day i can do this full time!

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Thanks for the call-out on the dip. I've been watching for the last several weeks for another (hopefully final) dip before the inevitable rise. I also powered up again. These prices should see a whole pod of new dolphins swimming among us! For all the minnows out there, now is your time to feed and grow!


Yeah i wish i could by more, but i have to work around my bank somehow since they stopping allowing me to buy crypto with my credit card.

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Many card companies have stopped allowing purchases of alt-coin. I found that coinbase will allow immediate purchase of various alt-coin with Debit card, but had to call my bank and get them to whitelist it. At first they were blocking it on fraud alerts. The banks I think are fearing the crypto-coin and intentionally trying to make purchase difficult for folks. I use the Coinbase to purchase bitcoin or litecoin with debit card, then use blocktrades to convert to Steem. Someone else turned my on to this method and it took me only 5 min. to complete. (After the previous whitelist with my bank).

Congrats :)
I've also just powered up.. but these steem were hard earned.

I didnt manage to buy the dip.. but am still trying to accumulate and trade..
and if buying some btc via btc atm, I dunno yet if I hold these btc or invest em in steem..

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