HELP! im trying to post but i cant make text appear in a different colour?! and where are the markdown options?!

2년 전

hi Steemagers,
hows it going? so i have been gone AGES it's complicated, if you want to know let me know and i'll tell you a story of failed telecomms companies, battling depression most foul, breaking as many clinical psychologists as the NHS can afford (spoiler alert: it is 4) to provide and abusing prescription medication because the doctor told me to.

But anyway, if you arent interested, could you possibly help with a markdown question(s):

how in the f'ing name of all that is holy do you change the font/text colour using markdown, on steem? where are the options, menus, etc...?


this image is completely unrelated to the post. but it looks cool, eh?


i'm trying to write a post analysing song lyrics so i need every other line in red.

but i cant make it do it.

so, please help. i'd be eternally grateful as it's something i will need to use for all song analysis posts.

many thanks in advance, dearest Steem sister & brothers,



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How did i only just see this!!! Good to see u back bruv!!! yes image is cool as fuk!! haha!! Im sure ive changed the font colour before, but I cant seem to do it now!!! can only do bold and italic.

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