Yensesa is changing lives in Ghana with STEEM

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Yensesa: Ghana’s First Steem/SBD Exchange via Digital Mobile Money System

yensesa.pngFunding Goal:

5,353 SBD

Campaign Ends:

June 11, 2018

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Accra, Ghana


“Yensesa”, is a word derived from a Ghanaian language called Twi which translates as “Let’s Exchange”. Yensesa is a new exchange service that simply automates a process of exchanging Steem / SBD to Ghanaian cedi (in Digital Fiat form) via Mobile Money. Currently, the Ghanaian and other African users on Steem are doing this manually and our solution will automate it.


What is Mobile Money

Mobile money is digital currency on the rise in Africa. Mobile telecom companies in Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya, just to mention a few are leading the way into the cashless future, by allowing their customers to send digital money to each other and are able to cash out in paper money at converting mobile money Kiosks. There are thousands of such Kiosks at every corner in Ghana.

In 2016 MTN in Ghana recorded about GH¢56 billion in mobile money transaction, Kenya’s M-Pesa still accounts for the highest number of mobile money transactions in the country, with 423 billion shillings (US$4 billion) in person-to-person transfers. There is a huge opportunity to leverage the existing mobile money infrastructure and integrate it with the Steem blockchain to allow Steem users easily take out their Steem / SBD in mobile money transfer.



A common practice with Ghanaian / African Steem users needing to cash out their Steem. They end up having to transfer their Steem to a different trading platform, converting it into Bitcoin and then using a local Bitcoin/Cedi dealers to exchange. Dealers can be found on platforms like so this is already a reality and people are losing money and time between trading platforms and it being done manually.


Our proposed solution is to automate this existing manual system in 3 easy steps.

  1. A Steem user who wants to sell their Steem/SBD for Ghana cedis signups up with us.
  2. They tell the system how much Steem / SBD they want to sell and add their mobile money number to receive the cash.
  3. They send the Steem / SBD to Yensesa from their Steem wallet and Yensesa sends them mobile money instantly.

We currently don't have that sort of crazy demand which could overload us yet but it is coming, as all of Ghana and Africa rushes to sign-up to Steem due to the massive promotion happening around Ghana and the continent at the moment. We see massive growth potential with this project as everyone that has a mobile phone in Ghana (Both smart and non-smart) can receive mobile money (Digital Fiat).

Imagine how much difference we can make in the next 2 years, with 30% of Ghana or 1 million Ghanaians, each needing to exchange thousands of Steem / SBD in a month, with the best service, customer support and approval from local government Yensesa will scoop up millions of Steem/SBD and we will become the Coinbase of Ghana and eventually Africa.


Milestones (2018)

  • Feb 28th : Complete UI Design (PSD)
  • March 16th : Complete PSD to Html Design
  • April 5th : Complete Frontend + API integration
  • April 16 : Release Private Beta
  • May 11: Release Public Beta
  • July 06 : Public Launch with the transaction volume of up to $5000+ processed.
  • Aug 01 : Start Massive Public Steem promotion
  • Sep 06: Release public API to support POS devices
  • Nov 05 : Start POS integrations for Hotels, Restaurants, Shops and other service providers.

How Much We Need

We are asking for 5353 STEEM . However, if you cannot make the full amount anything would be greatly appreciated as it will still go a long way to help us. If we exceed this goal, the rest of the money will go into our marketing budget which is purely focused on increasing Steem awareness on local radio, television, street and social media ads!

What Will the Funding Be Used For

About 40% of the money raised will go into liquidity to support our first few transactions, 20% will go into engineering hires, 15% will go into operation cost and 25% into marketing and promotion (local radio, television, street, billboards, SEO and other promotion strategies by #accra and #teamAshanti) for Steem and Yensesa to increase awareness. This funding should be able to sustain the team until we reach cash flow positive and are ready to expand to the next phase of the project.

Ways You Can Help

We are currently looking for influencers from the Steemit community to help promote our project to their followers. If you're interested in partnering with us, Influencer(s) will receive 22% of what we raise on our Hyperfundit campaign.

Besides becoming an influencer or donating to our project here are a few other ways you can help make Yensesa a success!

  • Resteem, upvote or comment on our participating influencer’s content
  • Follow, resteem, upvote or comment on our @yensesa Steem account
  • Let us know what you think we can do more or less of!
  • Tell your crypto friends and networks about us!

Team Behind This Project

@hemangmehta (CTO & Co-founder)@Black-Man (Product Lead & Co-founder)
@Enockagbo1 (Brand Ambassador)@Desmond41 (Content Lead)
Magrette Osafo (Customer Service Lead)Timothy Quarshie (Business Lead)




If you'd like to become an Influencer message @black-man on Discord.


Donate SBD to claim the reward that you want! 92% of donations go towards funding this campaign.

RewardDescriptionTransfer SBD
1 SBD: “Thank you!”
Estimated Delivery: June, 2018
Your support means everything to us! We will make you proud!!Claim Reward
5 SBD: “You are awesome!”
Estimated Delivery: June, 2018
Get your name inscribed on our virtual Supporters Wall and have it forever inscribed on the Steem Blockchain.

(All larger contributions includes this reward)

Claim Reward
10 SBD: “You inspire us!”
Estimated Delivery: June, 2018
Get a 20% service fee deduction during our Public BetaClaim Reward
20 SBD: “Our hero!”
Estimated Delivery: June, 2018
Get an invitation to our exclusive Closed Beta OR a Yensesa T-shirt.Claim Reward
30 SBD: “We are eternally grateful!”
Estimated Delivery: June, 2018
Get an invitation to our Closed Beta, a 20% service fee deduction during our Public Beta, a shout out from a participating Influencer and a Yensesa T-Shirt.Claim Reward
70 SBD: “Wow you just blew our mind!”
Estimated Delivery: June, 2018
Meet our team over video chat, get an invitation to our Closed Beta, a 20% service fee deduction during our Public Beta, a shoutout from a participating Influencer and a Yensesa T-Shirt.Claim Reward

Limit 10

These are the awesome Yensesa T-shirts you can choose from!


See transfer history to check if the Limited reward you want is still available.

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Round 2: May 21, 2018
Round 3: May 28, 2018
Round 4: June 4, 2018
End: June 11, 2018

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Amazing to see the lives that are changing and how steem and steemit are helping / influencing so many people! Thank you for sharing :)

Will you support this project with another upvote? 92% of post earnings go towards funding this campaign.


What about a third time? Thank You! Your support goes a long way!


FIFTH?? Wow!! You are AMAZING!! :D


Fourth?? Awesome!! Thanks a bunch! :)


It's great to get a vote on your post

Oh yea the Africa we deserve will surely come to pass. Oh I love this. Highly resteemed

Amazing thank you for featuring @yensesa project on your platform and helping us to reach our fund raising goals.

Thank you for highlighting @yensesa today! We appreciate the fundraising help

The problem is the same everywhere. There is no easy way to convert steem to cash right now especially in South East Asia. But could someone earn a living on Steemit?


I think so, I believe there are people here that are earning a living on steemit

I love this

Thank you for promoting this project.. @yensesa is here to change the game.

Great project , I am also live in Africa, country Rwanda it is hard to cash out.
What about us if transaction will be in Ghanaian.
we are also use mobile money it will be possible to get it on our mobile money according to our carrency


@kimenyi2018 , let us connect and talk more. We are currently looking to have exclusive partner agents in all African countries

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Hey @boomerang. please follow me and review my blogs , It will be a great help to start in Steemit

There are so many things to learn here that your post is very big.

What a unique and innovative way to change the world! Yensesa will make so many people's lives better. Upvoted and resteemed.

Excelente, iniciativa vamos todos apoyar a los hermanos de la madre Afrìca con este maravilloso proyecto.

This is a great idea. lives are changing and how steem and steemit are helping

Fantastic initiative and a really well written piece which explained all aspects of the project. Looking forward to seeing something similar in South Africa. Keep up the good work.


Thanks @cheft, let us connect and talk more. We are currently looking to have exclusive partner agents in all African countries


Hello @yensesa, I’m loving this great story of yours and very much willing to be your agent in #Rwanda. Thanks


@zahabu, lets talk on discord join ( and talk to @black-man. Thanks for your interest.

Hello. Please upvote me @falcon99

I have better idea developers can make widget on websites users like my .So if exists STEEM, STEEMI DOLLARS, STEEM DOLLARS, widget is missing STEEM EXCHANGE RATE FOR CURRENCY.

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nice post.i like this post.very good.thank you.

Wow its really changing lives

wow !! good movement with great colaboration..

That's really good news for all. Thankyou @hyperfindit for updating about @yensesa projects

  ·  4년 전

Congratulations to the entire Ghanaian Steemians. Let's spread the good news of steem, of spreading the wealth around. Thank you for the information. Nice content.

I love this idea, we need one in Venezuela!

I hope you get that which you after
I have up vote you..

Nice work out there.
This is great..

great job well done and keep it

Amazing to see the lives that are changing and how steem and steemit are helping / influencing so ....

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thanks for this valuable article to share with us.

This post was very interesting

It's a good thing 👍

OMG Thanks for this information I did not know that there was any way to make faster transaction types thanks

Wow!! Lots of substance..

Guys, I had goosebumps when I read your article. This is one of those ideas really making a change. Congrats, visionaries! I'll support you the best way I can.

Good job, greetings!

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it seems very useful, nice job

Your post is really very nice.I am new user please send me upvhote.

Great your post

I love this your post.

Good i am supporting this project.

Informative post will spend more time reread it later today as I am now in a bumpy taxi to airport ☺

Thank's to post

Ya, Converting SBD to Bitcoin means losing money. Especially, when the amount is small, trading SBD for Bitcoin anf selling it on localbitcoins is not feasible.

Good initiative. However, I am not in a position to support the project atm. I can only wish you luck.

This is awesome.... Great work n keep changing life.... Proudly African

I miss the camping. I want to exchange my SBD to BDT. Please anyone can tell me how to exchange this.

More ICO Project:
It has rating.

excellent work I hope to have your support follow me and I follow you!

steemit is great platform

Woww great news :)

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wow... very interesting

Cool idea. Good luck!

Great detailed content here. the program is launched today
you all can visit the website

This project looks very innovative in West Africa. I will promote and support your idea.
All the best.

good post greetings.

I'm going to help supporting this project with a little upvote, hence it's an amazing advance, I'm completely sure it happens somewhat like my country, any little earning people from Ghana could make here means a lot more in their country. Let's support more of this initiatives.

This is really great, I think adoption in the less wealthy areas of this planet will push crypto in general forward since it’s more necessary there.
Really great to see!

Sincerely you guys are just the best, such innovative idea, ride on, think positive always you have my support

Mobile money bring a great change and the platform steemit is really amazing and cool. I happy to use steemit by my mobile.

realy nice work keep going

I still don't understand what this project is all about. Do you have an executive summary? or a white paper?


@mfederi , so let say you work hard on steem and earn some Steem or SBD and you want to take this out convert it into your local money so you can buy something with it. Current solution is either you find someone willing to buy your SBD and you sell it to them or convert your SBD into Bitcoin via an exchange and then find someone who wants to buy bitcoin and sell it to them for money. This project makes all this simple, if you are in Ghana you can just send your steem to and and get real money back.

Finally there's gonna be an easier way to cash out SBD. Great initiative guys.

I'm still wrapping my head around this project, but from what I can comprehend in general it's about reducing/eliminating friction for Steemit users in Ghana wanting to cash out.

This is all very exciting, as it is just one more case of crypto being able to help people by doing an end run around the legacy banking system. (In other words, a bottom-up economic solution.)

This is agreat project, can we use this project in our contry indonesia

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Could we add something like Manna to this system?

We have a number of people on the continent of Africa receiving our weekly basic income in the form of Manna with more signing up each week.

Our present number is about 100K globally receive the token with our goal, ultimately, being 50 million.

I am sure the people of Ghana could really get excited about something like this since it is money sent every week.


@mannacurrency kindly join our server ( and talk to @black-man. We can work together to get this done

i want to change my life with steem...
steem is so beutiful platform for shine life


You are on a right track. Its all about dedication.