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No one wakes up perfect every day. Well, no one but me. That is a subject for another day. You have to understand that if we changed anything around here that people would just have to find new ways to get one over on the system. With steem currently below 80 cents a steem it is hardly worth rolling out of your king sized bed in your mansion to learn a new way to plunder peasants. I am going to need you to stop bringing me down or else I am going to get frown lines and let me tell you the nightmare that turns into with @ned trying to run a flat iron. Best case scenario is split ends and 3rd degree burns. For someone who came up with a currency called steem he really has no grasp of the concept of heat.

If you are looking for improvement... Improve yourself. Accept others, unless you were hired as a life coach, improvement starts at home. :)


You're right yet again. Clearly i was short sighted.

Bad idikuci.

Don't rock the boat. Fix your mental issue first. Because its mutually exclusive. You can possibly make suggestions to fix something when you aren't a perfect human being.

Sorry mr whatsit, I'll go bad in my hiding hole and never come out to dare to speak up for a change until I have worked out how to stop speaking out for a change


Haha, whatever. You can question the motives of those who are giving away free things, until no one gives away free things again! Suit yourself.

I don't respond very well to victims, those who fix others and passive-aggressive whining. Some do though, so keep looking.


You know what? I was once asked to be a life coach and when I tried to help I got called a horrible steemian and that I should be muted by everyone.
I guess life coach is not my calling in life.
If you ever see anyone in need of my services I can come out of retirement for a small fee