You're here to find out why you've been flagged...

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  1. You made a 1 word comment (ie. worthless blockchain spam)
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@zayfurkhan @furkanzai please follow and upvote back :(


The irony of these comments on posts like this.... just.... make me laugh and cry.

Damn Spammers.

Listen, @furkanzai: Spend your time MAKING QUALITY CONTENT. Stop WASTING your time BEGGING for upvotes and follows. Use your energy to make good posts WORTH upvoting. Spend your time reading and commenting relevant information that actually brings something to the discussion. I promise, before you know it, people will UPVOTE your comments and posts BECAUSE THEY ARE WORTH UPVOTING.


Self promotion could make your reputation a whale snack!

Your Reputation Could be a Tasty Snack with the Wrong Comment!

Thank You! ⚜


So, what should I do


Accept the fact you looking like a phat snack right about now. :)


So, what should I do

writing originalworks in my own post is not a spam wtf is wrong with you


You will soon come to learn the power of steem and steemit a great force to love and hate.

I am sorry, is it really one word spam if I say thanks to someone on my post? Didn't want to be rude. Will take it into consideration in the future.


Same thing here. I am a newbie, and I was showing my appreciation for a post. I never dreamed that someone who hates spam as much as I do would see a flag. Let's hope that in the future there will be a way to target spammers more accurately. Until then, let's all keep encouraging each other.

I mean, your influence is lower than mine that's sad. Plus you've become unliked in the steemit community so you can kindly flag yourself

My text disappeared will u please remove your flag pls && thank you!

Consider flagging that scummy scammy fuck @trevonjb

Okay, I didn't realise. I had said 'Ta!' as a reply to a comment. In Australia, we say that in place of 'Thanks'. Now I know....

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I feel curious to see your posts, I do not understand the words of your friends.

As plancton, I'm learning from my mistakes... thank you! :-)

Keeps the community engaged . Love this account .

I understand the need to flag spam, and I think you're doing a great service by helping to downvote haejin's posts to a reasonable payout level. However, not all one word comments are spam, some if not many are legit replies of approval on other comments. It doesn't matter much as far as payout goes, as even legit one word comments probably don't deserve upvotes, but it does affect reputation negatively, and is also a bit of a waste of your own resources.

As a teacher of ESL on Steem, I WELCOME one word comments if they are relevant and/or show engagement with the learning material I've posted. Please take this into consideration should you decide to fine-tune the code in your voting bot. I would hate to see one of my followers downvoted for trying to use the English they've learned by commenting.

Other than that, I fully support what you're doing. Thank you for your contribution to Steem.


He's also using it to down vote any genuine content providers/posters who he just doesn't like... Like myself. Abuse of the system for his personal agenda. And he's why I, and others, are powering down and leaving. Nothing but a bully.



is it not Ok to say thanks in a comment? I am new here and I don't get it~~~


He says to upvote instead of saying thanks makes sense

My friends reply was flagged because she used one English word but the rest were Chinese In the sentence. Can you please check the algorithm to make sure that doesn't happen as it was a legitimate comment?

Ah... I didn't know about the one-word answers being considered spam. It does make sense though; it adds nothing to the conversation but it does let the person know you've read and appreciated them in a non-financial way :D

When you're new here, your votes are 100% all the time. Until you get your slider, it seems appropriate to thank the person for commenting rather than wasting your 100% vote to effectively give a thumbs up (FB style).

What do you think about including some sort of instructions for the newbies when they first join steemit? I've been here a month and this is the first time I've heard of this. By accident, just by roaming around.

Anyway, noted. I'll pass the word around.

Anj x

haha. i believe thats naturally annoying to see one word replies