Trade Liquid STEEM for TUSD via Binance to Hedge and Buy More STEEM Later

3년 전

Sign up for - you can move 2BTC value out daily without KYC (Know Your Customer). KYC level 2 it up 100BTC out daily.

Find the memo and user ID in the STEEM deposit section. Trading into BNB(Binance Coin) reduces trading fees to .05%.

Stack True USD coin, hedge and buy back STEEM later.

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This is really good brother ... clear and concise ... and we are gonna have to talk more about this in private .... appreciate you and this video !!


@vladivostok dope, let's do it


Great video ... looking forward to making a video with you ... you got skills brother

It is great that you can generate an income from your track and also that you show how to lower your risk converting to the stablecoin TUSD.

Have a good weekend and Steem On!

cool vid bro!
could also really attract some new members
and now I'm really thinking of changing my steem to tusd..
but is tusd relly the most stable coin?


No, I just like it because of the way Binance is set up with the BNB coin and its trading fees. I trade into USDT as well, but mostly BTC:USDT. These 'stable coins' are pretty stable.

@cleanplanet is a really great project .... loved meeting them in Poland and participating in a clean planet video post too !!

It is extraordinary that you can produce a salary from your track and furthermore that you demonstrate to bring down your hazard changing over to the stablecoin TUSD. #snapcomment