Where to go – setting up a strategy for the future of STEEM. Test stage 1.

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The SOS-forums serve extremely well in collecting knowledge and creating ideas. But what comes next? How to come from ideation to action?

This is a real headscratcher since there is no central authority, deciding on behalf of the community. Within the SOS-discord @bigtom13 @bluerobo @imacryptorick @pennsif @rycharde @starkerz @shadowspub and me @traveller7761 have discussed this at length.

We have come up with a proposal, which is as decentralised as we can think of. So here it is: a (hopefully) truly community-based road to a joint strategy.

Step 1 is the ideation phase within the SOS-forums. This is used to collect activities.

Step 2 is comparing these activities concerning impact and feasibility. This opinion-building will be done via Dpoll – one poll for each activity.

Step 3 is discussing the result and developing calls-to-action. This is up to everybody, taking into account the opinion of the community.

How will this look like? To give you a picture we have started a first test during the last SOS-forum. @bigtom13 was active as a reporter and collected answers to the question “What would help make more and bigger dapps on Steem?” For the sake of transparency: the question was set up by myself, relying on experience in strategy building and had been presented in the SOS-discord before.

Top five answers were collected as a result of the discussion: Facilitate Onboarding, Funding, Joint Marketing of the DApps, PR and Development Foundation. Step 1 finished! If you’d like to check: here is the recording of the SOS-forum. https://steemit.com/dtube/@pennsif/k8811wa6

Now comes step 2. And this is your step. Please toss your vote on each of the five activities.

Will the activity have a big or small impact on the number and size of DApps on Steem?
How is the feasibility within then next 1 to 3 months? Big or small?

It helps if you make a drawing like this before you vote:

Portfolio Steem 2.jpg

Here are the links to the polls:
In a week from now we’ll let you know the results. The test will be presented in SOS-forum no 5 as well, because then we’ll launch

test stage 2 – interactive voting during the show.

As has been said before - this is a first test on community-based strategy building. So please leave us your questions, comments, critics … whatever helps to make this work really good.

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Can I just say that I think it's really weird that the poll links are busy links, not dpoll links? Can this be edited make it one-click to the poll instead of two?


You're completely right. Changed it. That's when you do editing near midnight...


I've seen a referendum idea in the original white paper of ONO where users could vote for various issues on the blockchain. Could Steem also implement it?

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Very interesting. ONO? Could you provide a link to that white paper, please? Main point with voting on Blockchain is the question of identity. In our case here we decided to neglect this as s problem since the goal is opinion-building and not decision-making.


Here's ONO's site: https://www.ono.chat/en/ White paper section is further down. They solve the identity with KYC. They said will be writing a new whitepaper though...

What is the PR question about? PR between steemit and the community? Or Steem and the rest of the world? Both are important, but they differ in feasibility and impact.

I would also appreciate clarification on the Development Foundation question.

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