I Believe In Us --- The world changes, but good people are always good people.

8개월 전

What happened in months past, and what happens tomorrow -- is irrelevant to the world in general. Good people that are truly good people... and that will always remain that way. It doesn't matter who has a bigger bankroll to finance people in 3rd world countries to hunt, hurt, and hack, people for paltry amounts..

Crypto started with good people, with good intentions, to see a better legitimate world.

In the years still to come, this will eventually happen... for no other reason... than humanity is at a pivot point, where good vs greed is now being carefully scrutinized.

I tried to help.. and I tried to help build community -- which I never realized that would end up putting a target on my back. That is the only reason I can't contact any of you anymore.

One day, when things change (if they ever will) maybe by my oppressors I can talk again. I won't try to find my hunters.. They have abilities that I never thought they had. I can't stop them, and neither can any of you.

But good people exist. People that want more for others than themselves will always exist.

Let greed rule the world - that's fine. I was never interested in greed. My smiles came from seeing people with smiles as well.

Best of luck to everyone... keep being yourself. Don't let fear stop who you really want to be, how you feel, and how you live your life.

Life is a temporary period of time. Read all my last blog posts and you'll see who I was... and remain to be...

If anyone "ever" wants to quantify my actions, who I am, or anything based on lies in my absence.. all of you who have ever heard me, spoken to me, or spent time with me... know the truth. I knew you, and you knew and still know me.

I believe in us. Whether that means something today or 5 years in the future.

Good people, whether united or separate, will always be... good people.

Enjoy the song, and if it becomes a stale embed...
WILD - "I Believe In Us" [Official Lyric Video]

Wish you all the best.

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I believe in us too! Hello @intelliguy,

I've been away for a bit... and it looks like you have too? Let's do our best to keep on truckin' haters or not, transparency shall prevail! This is the reasoning behind why I like cryptocurrency.

Stay blessed,

I have to say that I have really missed you and I totally agree. Take care of yourself.

Nice to see u posting , intelliguy we miss u on whaleshares platform ,I wil be glad to see u back on the platform

As long as there are human beings, there will be greed. It's unfortunate but humans either dominate or become submissive - and I don't mean that in an all-inclusive way. Everyone has their own "super power" to dominate in some aspect within their life.

If ever you need to talk, I can be found. HUGS.