Another Day Rotting In Vain!

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Another Day Rotting In Vain!

And other musings from a disgruntled Steemian! Ahahaha :D

//Begin Rant...

See that girl right there? That is my salute to the continued takeover of the Steem Blockchain. And... I have a musical treat for you to listen to while you read, Rotting In Vain by Korn.

That is my musical summary for what's going on these days on the Blockchain. We are at day 9 I believe, and it's getting old PDQ. The suffering isn't fading, and getting past the agony is a bitch. Will there be a steem chain tomorrow? Will there be a new chain soon? Who the hell knows.

It's kinda like a hostage situation we got going on here, and it feels like day 455. Any of you out there feel like this? :D I know @snook can relate, can't you nibbles? Ahahahaha :D

There is no need for this BS. :| Sun could have just nabbed a blockchain free and clear on github, with no need for all this drama. So why come into our house and screw everything up? What is the MO? It just doesn't make any sense, other than just another pump and dump exit scam.

A lot of people have YEARS invested in Steem, and it would be a real shame for all that time and energy to just fade away into nothingness.

While we're in bitch/rant mode... any of those sock puppet witnesses want to give an introduction to the community yet? We were asking that very question today in the PYPT. And I think it is a question that needs an answer. So @goodguy24, @cloudysun, and co., where you at? It's high time we meet the real people behind these witnesses! Interesting names for witnesses too LOL.

Here are the stats at 3:05 pm est for the witness top 20. Speaking of, have you cast your witness votes yet? Are you voting dead witnesses??

I grow tired of all this, and there is no end in sight as far as I can see. All sides are at an impasse, each too stubborn to give an inch. Each side thinks that they are in the right, and it's just not fair.

It's dividing the community, driving people absolutely crazy. Everyone getting all bent out of shape, and ignoring other points of view. I can share my thoughts here, and some people might not like that, and I say oh well, shit happens! You are entitled your opinions and I mine. I do not get salty over someone having an opinion. If you think that other people are not entitled an opinion, That is just nuts! I got a few choice words for you if that is the case.

Remember free and decentralized speech? Or is that just a myth?

No matter what side of the fence you are on, see the other side of the argument. Listen to each other, FFS! It's not that hard. I am on the side of get out my house and leave us alone, but I am just another pawn in the game, like most of us, and so be it.

What can ya do? Idly sit by and wait for a resolution that might never come, that's what.

If we ever get out of this mess, and the OG top 20 gets back into power, will there be any changes to prevent this type of thing happening again? Is time for a new top 20, or even a top 50? That would interesting! :D

Sorry to ramble on, but I am in ramble/bitch/rant mode.

I know things were not that great in the past, with steemit inc. promising the m00n and not delivering. What's always coming and never arrives? SMT's :D Thanks @ned, at least you were extremely reliable in the bullshitting department. Is there an award for that on steemit board?

At least we have the bread and circuses to keep us busy, and to keep our heads from exploding!

I say... let's get er done, and call it a f'ing day already!

So here I sit, another day rotting in vain, hence the post.

Consider this a musical slash whimsical post for the Steempocalypse, I hope you enjoyed my scatterbrained rant. ;-) And last but not least, the question of the day!

Do any of you big time top 20 witnesses got any answers for us little people?

We Are Waiting!

I am @inthenow, and I approve this message.

//End Rant.

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... any of those sock puppet witnesses want to give an introduction to the community yet?

Nice choice of soundtrack to the rant! 🤟😎


Thanks :D Seems like this track should be on repeat lmao. :D Have a great day! Let's hope tomorrow brings something good on the blockchain.

I have a solution coming.

@alliedforces curate 2


You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
The #spreadlovenotwar curation campaign is under the guidance of witnesses @enginewitty and @untersatz.
Current VP: 76.12%


Cool, I will be reading your post here directly. :)




Hey there! I'm upvoting you because I think this post deserves more attention! I look for decent posts that haven't gotten to the 1 dollar reward mark and vote for them as well as call for TRENDO tokens on the post. If you want to support this service to the community consider reading what I'm trying to pull together here and see if you're up for the ride.

Do any of you big time top 20 witnesses got any answers for us little people?

That's a goooood question, would like to see some of that answered.