Fyrstikken Believes That Bringing Up Suggestions To The Steem Community Is the Same as Attacking Ned and Steemit Inc

2년 전

Referencing this comment. Which surprisingly got a lot of votes...


"are you paid to attack Steemit Inc and @ned every day"

Teamsteam has been bringing up mostly good suggestions, and one of them is witness vote decay which I support.

Maybe Fyrstikken should move to China where disagreement is not tolerated, if he likes that kind of environment.

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Wonderful post @inventor16
Have a nice day 😀😀


Thank you 😀

I observe, that things are not very promising on Steemit...


We need SMT's and account based voting, it's coming soon enough

  ·  2년 전



Thank you for the information that makes you think about what lies ahead for us!! ,,,


No problem

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