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You are right sir

Really steem is wining this contest?



that was a great surprise for everyone INS Cheated at the last moment :D

fuck yea! it was so obvious that INS cheated, 10k upvotes in 12 hours a bit more than the total votes they had for 5 days :P

Thanks for the GREAT news !!!


Yeah, hopefully their exchange has some volume

we should be ashamed when we didn't...but happy now that we won..


I could tell the INS votes were shady, I was clicking the refresh button and it was going up like 10 per 15 seconds.

We couldn't have better news mate!
It could well be nothing special, or a crucial step for steem to escalate!


First Step #1 Netcoins, 2nd Step #1 CMC 🤣


Hehe. That's the spirit. Dream big or die trying

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Yeah...finally we won with every steemians support.


We just showed what a great community we are. Cheers to everyone who voted. STEEM to the moon, boys and girls.

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Yes, just excellent news 😎