Responsibilities of Front End Owners. (ref: HF21)

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Recently I commented on a post in reference to the upcoming changes "HF21" which many of us see as "a done deal".

Time will tell.

Plus I am posting this as one of many witnesses out there, so as to make my stand and points of views clearer.

The comment was in response to the topic of "Downvoting" which we so incorrectly referred to as "Flags".

Now prior to reading on, it is necessary to explain how our blockchain as such is a ledger, the front ends (websites) sending data to the blockchain are all owned by someone in a certain jurisdiction.

The front ends as such have responsibilities and duties that they must complete, both for legal reasons and for their good business practices. Otherwise the front end that doesn't do this shall vanish one way or another.

Having said this, here is my comment:

Here it is again, something that I have been stating for quite a while now:

"Each front end is privately owned and as such should be responsible for its own management and business. While it would be nice to have a website on which all the items posted onto the Steem blockchain are listed, this has shown to be impossible when we had that scenario with The US Government requesting certain posts from a certain someone be removed or made invisible. Jurisdiction does apply.
So, at the end of the day, the front end owners need to ensure that their front end is managed as a unique website, with only the items uploaded to the blockchain via their website. Not only for legal reasons, but also for the future of Steem."

If you want further elaboration on this, I am more than willing and able to do so and argue/defend each and every point made, to the point where I literally quote examples in which sites/businesses have gone bankrupt for doing things any other way.

What most people don't seem to understand and most of those who claim that they "do not understand" in fact just don't want to accept is the reality of the world in which we live in.

Each front end needs to be responsible for the content it has up on the net.

If we keep mixing apples and oranges as we have been doing to date, we will end up just another reference note on some Wiki page about something that once existed.

I don't know how to say this in any milder manner.

There it is.

The blockchain is not the place to do the policing!

As at the end of the day, it all comes down to the responsibilities of each and every business entity that owns the front end from which the content originates from and likewise the responsibility of each and every front end that displays it. (dot, full stop, period, the end)


Instead of constantly throwing the hot potatoe around to someone else, it is time that we understood what needs to be taken care of any by whom and for what reasons.

All this "nobody takes on their responsibilities" is leading to nothing, absolutely nothing, it will never bring about any positive or constructive results.

Private business owners and individuals doing business online need to take care of their own responsibilities as such

Simple as that.

The blockchain as such is not the tool for this, nor a "scapegoat" or "the fall guy" for any business dealings in any jurisdiction.

While some may want to argue something to differ, I shall quite simply refer back to the scenario in which a private business had to "block" a certain person at the request of the government (in their jurisdiction).

So all other "theories" are not inline with the real requirements of REALITY.

It is all more so a game of "ping pong" in which the real topics seem to be put aside while time passes and competitors move forwards with their business ventures using other blockchains.

I would sincerely hope that you think about this.

Otherwise I would not have posted it here, my goal isn't to ruin anyones dreams of "Utopia" but to make it clear that we all need to do what is necessary so as to ensure our dreams can one day come true!

Thanks for your time,


Yours truly,

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Great post and mild nudge in the brain @jackmiller. :)


Yeah! you can't afford cover the sun with just a finger.

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