Super Bullish on the Steem!

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Super Bullish on the Steem!

As the title says, personally I am bullish on steam's future, just today powered up another 400 SP~

Don't get me wrong, my head is not stuck in the sand. I could see how Steem would look bad. Huge loss in value, founder leaving and selling his stake, platform issues, staff getting laid off and so on and so on... but just looking at the signs and the ground momentum we have, you'd be crazy to think steem is not good for the long run.

Let's look at some points.

1. Steem is not Steemit

While Steemit is a pretty groovy platform and has a lot of fun things going on, (fyi -I am also quite bullish on the Steemit platform)... Steemit is built on the Steem Block chain, and the steem block chain has ** Free Transactions** , Fast Transactions every 3 seconds , and is Built to Scale! That last part is key, as "scale" in this sense of the word is not like a model train is 1/50 scale of a real train, but rather this block chain is can probably experience a thousand percent increase in transactions without batting an eye. That is huge! MASSIVE! DAM!

2. Way undervalued right now.

Take a look at this chart, it's from Binance - BTC/STEEM since is was listed on that exchange.


It may be a bit hard to see but each time the RSI dip to the point we are now (I marked it with red arrows on the chart), there was a pretty big bull run that happened after it. This along with the swelling momentum with BTC...

Dare I say it's a perfect storm a brewing!

In 2 years you will be kicking your self for not stocking up when the price is so dam low!

3. Ongoing Development

Just because the founder leaves a program doesn't mean it's dead. Far from it!!
Lets look at the MIRA roll out that is going on! (You can read about it here : )

A summary about MIRA and why you should care :

  1. Will lower the cost to open up a witness server, hence bringing more people onto the block chain to make it stable and grow it.
  2. Moves Steem to the RocksDB. This database was developed by Facebook to handle a global need based several loads, hence allowing us Steem, to a sense, the power by the same technology powering the largest social network in the world. For clarification, that's great!
  3. Increases the scalability of the platform exponentially!

If those points above do not get you excited, I suggest you go take a good look at what is powering this ecosystem and learn a bit more about it.

4. Community Growth

Despite what people might think, I personally see steemit right on track to match any new disruptive, transformational service. Check out this little graph featuring Amazon stock.


From this you see that in May 98 ~ May 99 Amazon was ROCKING then WHAMP over 80% drop. I won't go into the reasons behind this is that's not the point of this post... however, as of May 2009 it surpassed that drop. I think in fact right now you wouldn't even build the see that 80% drop on its stock chart as it is so high!

Here we are just experiencing the rise and fall of the new technology before it takes its next springboard to new heights. The same thing happen with bitcoin. The same thing is going to happen with our community.

  • We see a spike
  • some people get disillusioned
  • we see a drop.
  • More people develop apps,
  • more use cases get developed,
  • more people start to join,
  • this then propels it higher, and we rise up to new heights.

If you're getting scared because you see the price dropping now or people leaving, that just means we are about the springboard up! Sort of counterintuitive, but that's what they told to Columbus when he want to sail around the world right?

Personally I see Steem/Steemit Entering its golden age around 2022. At this point will be seeing $100,000 Bitcoins, those who do not see the future of cryptocurrency will have eventually gotten on board, institutional money will be in the system, cheaper technology will have on boarded more people, the kinks that we are hitting now will of been ironed out, and your investments today will pay off in spades!


Today might not be all roses, however the future does look bright indeed on many levels.

Development has not stalled, users keep joining, servers keep generating blocks, people keep making a profit, and more importantly, this platform for free speech is gaining steam.

If you just are here to make a profit, that's good, but you should probably go yell at Facebook, or reddit for not giving you a dam penny, at least here you can make a penny if not a whole lot more with a little effort.

If you want to jump ship now, go right ahead. That's the beauty of a free system. But I do believe in 2 ~ 3 years (*if not sooner) this coin will be rocking! That is why today I took advantage of these insanely low steem costs and powered up another 400 sp! Wish I had more to invest!!

The future is bright my friends, let's stay the course and keep looking skyward!

Thanks for reading, I look forward to a long relationship with all of you here.

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The information presented is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered investment advice. Please do your own research before making any investment decisions. Cryptocurrency investments are volatile and high risk in nature. Don't invest more than what you can afford to lose. I make no representations, warranties, or assurances as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of the content contained in information or any sites linked to or from this document for future material.

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I've republished the post. I strongly agree with Steem. Steem may be low now. But those who do not get low when they rise will be very upset. I see steemi more powerful than btc.

Great post, I share your sentiment. I'm also super bullish on crypto in general and at the moment am accumulating as much as I can before the mainstream comes in when eventually markets will go up and they will! Just have to be patient and think long term. Although I'm still somewhat new on Steem and Steemit I can see the engaged community, the level of adoption (which is key in any DLT or blockchain solution) and the interesting earning potential through delegation and dividends. I'm into a number of other cryptos and have not found one that has the earning potential of Steem. And even though there are now similar social media platforms popping up on other blockchains I believe Steem has a first mover advantage and already has a big community participating. If this keeps up then we will definitely reach former all time highs in price again and I'm sure we can go beyond. :)

What a really nice post and I really enjoyed very bid of it. I am strongly bullish on this blockchain and I am here for the long run.

2. Way undervalued right now.

Yep, definitely. As a crypto trader, I also consider STEEM to be way oversold at the moment. I'll also write I STEEM Update ASAP.

Nice to see people still being confident on STEEM! It's such a pain having to deal with all this FUD and people worrying over the price in the moment and not seeing all the development being done even when the prices are so low.

Plenty of projects have ground to a halt and we see consolidation into BTC for now. Only projects with merit will see value retained and moved from other alts that are making applications that can generate value for users

For my i'll say all the Dapps that keep using Steem as their access blockchain for their works is making me bullish on Steem. If they felt the blockchain is not worth it they wouldn't build their dapps on it. Also I thing there are loads of developers on the blockchain rolling out new ways of doing things on the blockchain.

Thanks. I needed that. I don't have the USD lying around to power up easily, but I come in and do my articles and make the best alliances I can, and slowly build up that way. It's no fun to watch Steem dropping, but I do keep my nose to the grindstone because I do follow investments and this looks like a decent one... but it never hurts to be encouraged! Thanks! Resteemed!


@deeanndmathews YES! It does not matter how fast you go, just as long as you do not stop going!
Something else to keep in mind, is that its not like we are losing steem coins, no.. just the value linked to the USD or BTC changes, if you have 100 steem coins and the price drops or goes up, you still have 100 steem coins.. you only lose when you sell at a loss, right? So hold, I feel strong the market will rebound!
Going to follow you too, thanks for the support!

That AMZN chart worked well better than anything. It's a company which many called a scam and even experts denounced it. But look at where it stands now. People need to play the long game on undervalued stuff. So far I'm having a great time with the DAPPS we have. My STEEM Monsters cards themselves should be worth a good deal eventually.

I will share and join in again.

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@jacuzzi, Great to go through from this post. First of all good to see that you've powered up 400 Steem Power, it's showcasing your enthusiasm towards Steem. Yes, one aspect never face just highs, sometimes it faces unbelievable lows but to rise high. Let's enjoy the Steem journey and let's hope for the best.

Dear @jacuzzi, you already see my feelings about Steem situation and now you are making a post diametral opposite than mine, i would like to be so positive like you, but i will not buy again 200 steem just to power up, even it will take to minnow level, because i do not feel the same of you, sorry but i already pass this moment in my past and it was a mistake, after bought always loose and bottom seems not yet reached...:(((


not a problem my friend. :-)
The coin is actually bounced back today. Starting to rise again. Good things in the future. Understand though sometimes it's hard. Good luck on your next adventure I hope you find great success!

first it went from around 7-8 cents to more then 8$. Imagen we now go from 20-30 cents to 20-30$. Jihaaaa.

I believe the Steem will go bullish.
There are many communities around.
There are bloggers, photographers, artists, gamers, and developers in the system.
There is Dtube, Dlike, Partiko, Steem Hunt, Steem Bounty.
There are also various bots around.
And there is Steem Power.

I think steem price = bnb price * 5% = 26 USD /10 = 1.3 USD ............ because the dividend standard for listed companies is 5%.....and bnb price is cryptocurrency index of...
STEEM price increased 33% on 1 week
at 2019年5月10日,STEEM price is 0.3 USD.
at 2019年5月16日,STEEM price is 0.4 USD.

Great explanations and very detailed post. Thumbs up @jacuzzi

I think we are alike with our thoughts about the long term of Steem. You mean @ned left? lol. Anyways, I am not really concerned about Steemit and Steemit Inc but about the ecosystem and projects around Steem like you have cited out.

I think steem is very much undervalued at the moment and it is at lowest prices hence it can only go up in future.

I have been focused on powering up Steem such that I now have over 1.7kSP when I had 100SP back in December 3rd last year (2018).

I truly believe it will have the same bull run as the BTC. Hope for the best.