Different World Views

4개월 전

A socialist worldview:

Screenshot_2020-03-20 Free Image on Pixabay - Pizza, Italy, Nobody, Healthy Food.png

My worldview:

Screenshot_2020-03-20 Free Image on Pixabay - Milky Way, Starry Sky, Night Sky.png

Working in the Norwegian government with lot of collectivist socialist, while simultaneously being a libertarian, have made me realize that socialist (especially women) have a view of the world as a small pizza where you need a forced redistribution of every slice while loosing most of the pizza in the process. Their world is shrinking even faster in these Corona-times.

On the contrary, open minded individuals have an open-minded world view where the universe is expanding in the process of finding new solutions to problems. My biggest hope is that more people will realize how toxic the first world view is an that we can create a more rewarding, happy, fun and prosperous world in the process.

How is your world?

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