John McAfee: A Very Wise Man

4개월 전

I think this tweet show us that JM is a wise, old man.

Screenshot_2020-03-05 John McAfee on Twitter I believe Justin Sun forgot one thing about Steem It is a community And Commun[...].png

I think he could have been of even more use for society if he was little more modest in his personal life. But perhaps that will change after turning 75...

It would be cool if JM joined Steem and helped it grow and thrive with his solid bottom-up, decentralized philosophical view.

I have done some patriotic acts lately: removed my Steem from BZ, and powered up a lot of Steem, and updated my witness list.

Steem on!

by @janusface

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Yes, Steem ON!

@janusface, Who knows, may be after watching this Cryptocurrency Shaking Battle many Giant Cryptocurrency Players will join Steem and will support it. Let's hope for the best and stay blessed.

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