Testing to see if posting a tablet is going to work out better than posting from the computer for me

2년 전

I want to see if it works the way I think it will. It will be cool if it does work that way. Then I can do some work and actually get things done.

This is an ancient iPad mini from 2012. It's running a very old version of iOS. Return. Enter. OK so it's not perfect.

I think for now it will be better than attempting to use the computer though. I'm not sure how I will put images down. Maybe I will have to download a bunch of them to the computer. I'm also not sure how I will be able to post from busy which is something that I like to do since it gives me a very small uptick on the boat meter for my following. Of course that was meant to say vote meter and not boat meter but what can you do. I actually think the iPad mini is listening to my voice a little bit better than the computer was using Microsoft word and it's dictation based software. That's dictation-based software .

Now let's see what happens when I try to put a picture in. I don't really think I have any pictures on this device but we'll see. Also I can't download anything from the App Store because it locks up when you get to the account area. Maybe it's because it's running that very old version of iOS or maybe it's because there's something wrong with it I don't really know. Nevertheless it seems to work a lot better than the computer and definitely better than my phone which I never actually was able to get to work correctly. Not with this site anyway. Here's hoping that there are plenty more blogging days in the future using this tablet or another one if I can't figure that App Store thing out.

With any luck you'll be hearing more for me I know I haven't been around much I also know that I pulled out most of my steam understand I have had a lot of medical bills for the past month or two. Thousands of dollars worth actually but I'm not asking for any money and I'm not asking for any apples I just did have to pour my stake out for now and the pursuit of a future. However, I do intend to put money back in. That's all for now. It's good talking to you.

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This works. Voice recording only works with me in my own language not in Dutch. If you cannot download photos from pixabay your only option is to put them on the device via the computer. Good luck. 💕

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