Supernatural Writing Contest!

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Will we share our most powerful stories together on the Steem blockchain because this is our greatest chance to make a huge difference in this world?

Supernatural Writing Contest!

What I would love to see stories about are supernatural events in our lives because these have made a huge difference in my own life. The courage of the speakers I've listened to that have shared amazing stories of things like near-death experiences, miraculous recoveries, remembering heaven or past lives, these stories have made a fantastic difference in my life today, to have a life full of peace, happiness and joy.

When we share these stories on the Steem blockchain, we can expect them to bring in many new users over time as readers discover the stories by searching on Google and through recommendations on social media. For authors hesistant to share stories like this either out of fear of what readers will think or fear of not getting any rewards, I hope this writing contest will help overcome those fears!

First, I will explain how the contest works, and then I will explain more about how and why I think this is bringing the maximum power of the Steem blockchain into our lives. If you would like to just skip reading this post and participate in the contest, please read the executive summary below.

Executive Summary

In order to participate in this "Supernatural Writing Contest" you need to have an account on The story has to be original and your own with 1,000+ words. All stories that qualify will receive a 10+ STEEM/SBD bid upvote on Jerry Banfield's bot, which translates into around $50 in rewards. This contest is sponsored by the @budgets account and upvotes will be sent by @gmichelbkk.


  • Original story.
  • Your own story, own supernatural experience.
  • First tag "jerrybanfield"
  • Use (SWC) at the end of your title, if it is not obvious the post is for the contest.
  • 1,000+ words.


  • Near Death Experiences
  • Past Lives
  • Spiritual Awakenings
  • Miraculous Recoveries
  • Coincidences
  • Moments of Magnificence
  • Ghosts/haunting
  • UFOs


  • $5,000+ in USD equivalent of upvote bids are available allowing hundreds of authors to participate!
  • Best stories resteemed on @jerrybanfield's blog.
  • All SBD author rewards from this post will be sent back to @budgets to fund the contest!

If you do not wish to receive an upvote, but still want to participate in the contest, type "Decline payout" at the end of your post.

I encourage you now to read the full post or to watch the video at the end of it.

What does the contest involve and how to participate?

In order to participate in the contest, we need an account on for the Steem blockchain.

This is my account at

My primary purpose on Steem is to do and support this kind of work and service, this is why I'm here on Steem.

If we don't have an account for Steemit, we can go up to the upper right of the site and sign up to get an account, and then hopefully you will receive an email confirmation with the account soon. If not, there are alternatives to create accounts through different methods. That is what worked for me and should work for you.

Now, once we have an account on, then it’s just a matter of clicking this "Post" button and writing a post.

In order to help me find your post, would you please include the tag "jerrybanfield" because that will help me be able to read it?

I browse posts just by my tag here, so this will help me see the most upvoted posts first, and then I can go down to the bottom.

This will help me find your post.

Also, in order to get found, would you please include somewhere about the "Supernatural Writing Contest," because this will help us see that this is a part of it?

Now, the title itself might indicate that, but if the title itself is difficult to realize that it's what it might be a part of, you could just do it for short (SWC) for Supernatural Writing Contest or you could just put that at the end of it.

If you are writing something like, "My walk in the park," it might not be obvious that it is part of the Supernatural Writing Contest, so you could just throw (SWC) at the end of it.

Alternatively, if you could put something like, "My near-death experience," and you tag "jerrybanfield" on it, then that should be pretty obvious to me and to my friend Michel who is going to help with this contest that this is probably a story related to the Supernatural Writing Contest.

Now, what kind of stories are we looking for this?

This is key because we want to share the stories that have the most power to change, we want to share the stories that really open up people's hearts and lives as mine has been opened up.

Someone told me the other day that when I walk into a room, it is like the whole room lights up and there is warmth, love and joy there. That is because so many people have helped me by sharing their stories courageously and helped me awaken to a greater reality.

I consciously am aware of my own immortality today. I am consciously aware of my own divinity. I have had a ton of supernatural experiences in my life and I have been helped to remember those by hearing them from other people I trust, and that is why we are here to do this.

In that context, any story that communicates something like that is a welcome submission to the Supernatural Writing Contest.

Here are some specific types of stories that might fit into this.

Stories like "Near Death Experiences."

These stories are some of the best that have helped me.

The book "Proof of Heaven" was an incredible account of a near-death experience by a neurosurgeon who was certain that consciousness was relegated to the brain and upon having his own near-death experience he had to change his view on that.

According to all of his scientific knowledge of the brain and his own experience, he had to conclude that his consciousness is something that while in the body is also able to go out of the body.

He had memories come from outside of his body that were not possible to have been produced by the brain. He had memories that he woke up with that there is no way they were simply created by the brain because he was brain-dead according to all the science.

He woke up with a ton of new memories and he shares his journey about it in "Proof of Heaven."

I love near death experiences stories and I want to read more and more of them.

Stories like "Past Lives" or "Remembering Past Lives."

I'm reading an amazing book about this now by Wayne Dyer who collected thousands of these stories together and put them all into one book. I may go through some of the books later.

I would love to hear more about "Past Lives."

I remember when I was a little boy, my parents used to show me how to spell my name, "Jerry Banfield," on a chalkboard, and then they'd say, “What is your name?” and I would say, "Bob Behome. That's my name."

Now, as a child, why would I say that?

Why would I say my name is something else when here I can spell it on the chalkboard? And yet, I felt that was my real name, "Bob Behome," not whatever my parents were calling me.

I've read amazing past life stories in this book by Wayne Dyer. I'm getting much deeper into this. At the same time, past lives are not to obscure the present life, which is primary. However, past lives help us see there is much more than birth and death to our existence, which helps give us the courage to do our most valuable work today.

I would love to see stories about near-death experiences and past lives, but there are also lots of just more ordinary things like "Spiritual Awakenings."

We don't need to have some fancy near-death experiences or past lives recollections.

I would love to see spiritual wakings.

I did a video about this a few years ago where I was doing a meditation based on the book "Peace in Every Breath" by Thích Nhất Hạnh.

I was doing a Buddhist meditation on death. One of the things I had feared up until that point was my wife dying. I sat there in the shower, stood there and I thought about nothing else. I contemplated my body's death, my wife's body's death, my child's body's death. I pictured us very clearly being rolled into the burner, the cremation unit and burned up and our bodies were gone, I cried and cried, and I kept thinking about it.

I pictured the dead lifeless bodies, the burning and the grief, and I thought about it over, and I kept thinking about it. My mind begged, "No. Stop," but I kept thinking about it over and over.

I did the meditation as was suggested in the book.

Then, a miraculous thing happened in my brain, all of the mental agony and suffering broke. There was just complete peace and silence, no more complaining about death as nature of life, no more fear of death, and I got almost a vision from the end of life looking down now.

The fact is I'm in the shower alive. The fact is I have all of life around me and it suddenly became ridiculous, hilarious and I went from crying and sobbing, "Poor me. Oh, I'm going to die," to laughing and having pure joy. It was as if I was in the shower for the first time.

The water was coming down on me and I made a video sharing this experience right after it happened on my YouTube channel. I think it was in January or so 2015.

I love hearing things like that because when we see the different ways that happen for each of us, it helps us to remember often we forget these things have happened to us before and we have forgotten them, and reading other people's journeys with this help.

Then we have "Miraculous Recoveries."

I've read several of these stories already on Steem that I've loved.

There is an amazing book for this called Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing

The author had the very end stages of cancer, had a near-death experience, came back into her body and her cancer all vanished rapidly, and now she knew she didn't even need any of the doctors to help her cancer go away. She let them continue going on with things and running all their tests so that they could very clearly and medically document what happened.

Her story has spread all over the world now in her book Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing She had very end stage cancer with a completely unexplainable miraculous recovery, no reason according to the science she should have lived.

I've read about one of these stories on Steem already and I put it in the top 25 posts.

A guy that had colon cancer went through all these treatments from a doctor. The doctor basically said, “Death sentence,” and he said, "You know what? I'm going to go home and look up and learn some other ways to do this, then I might live."

He went home and started homesteading. He built a garden and started raising his own chickens. He built up this amazing garden at home and he had a miraculous recovery, no more cancer or relapses into cancer.

I love stories like this because they show us there is another way. We have opportunities in our lives when the most challenging things like cancer comes up, and we don't have to go do anything. We have choices, there are a lot of different methods that can work for us to be relieved from all kinds of diseases.

In fact, we could argue many of our diseases are even here to help us wake up and live a better life. I identify myself as an alcoholic, I go to Alcoholics Anonymous every day to try to be there and support other people who are often drinking themselves to death, as I was about four years ago, and this is a huge part of doing spiritual work every day.

That is a huge part of a miraculous recovery where everything else I tried before to modify my drinking behavior if anything simply made it worse. After periods of brief sobriety, I would drink harder than ever before.

So, miraculous recoveries can include things like addictions. I can even put that in the context of my porn addiction before. I didn't try to get better from it. I all of a sudden just stopped after just looking at it and seeing it. Even today, if I happen to see a movie like on Steem where there are people naked having sex, it doesn't relapse me right back into having to go watch porn, and then take some time for myself to do something about the porn.

I might as well have just said the word "masturbate" after I just worked my way around it that much.

Miraculous recoveries could be things like addictions or relationships where a relationship was on the brink of divorce or anything like that.

Another thing that's really good is "Coincidences."

Amazing and incredible coincidences that seem to just happen at the right time. I love seeing these amazing coincidences because then we see that there is this divine timing that happens in everything.

We often get in a hurry for things like, “I want to make more money or have a better job or move into a better house or get a partner,” and there is some kind of divine timing that organizes all of this, and what we see often are these little coincidences that help us notice it.

One day, for example, I was walking in public doing some grocery shopping and I had this weird sensation, what you might call it, weird because normal is just focusing on what I'm doing and what I need.

I had this sensation, this realization, and I could suddenly see that everyone else at the store was doing the same thing. Everyone was there at the exact right time. Everyone else was there for an exact right reason. Everyone else was exactly where they were supposed to be at the time and it seemed like a divine dance we were doing, pushing our carts around and picking our food up, and it seemed so organized.

There was no chaos. It seemed in perfect sync. Every person doing the exact right thing at the exact right time, and I can throw that into "Coincidences."

Another thing that can just be along with coincidences, maybe little "Moments of Magnificence."

God moments, you might call these.

One of them, my wife and I were taking our daughter out to dinner and we were meeting our family.

I have a master’s degree in criminology. I've been a corrections officer working in prison. I've been a police officer working in a mental health unit and I've been a state certified law enforcement officer working on the road. I've seen lots of crime and violence. I've seen lots of what we might call criminals, even though there are people just like us.

In that context, one day my wife and I were taking our daughter out to dinner. We saw a man walking down the street who based on body language appeared to be looking for some violence. He looked over at us briefly.

We had a brand new car at the time and he crossed the street. My wife and I both had this feeling at the exact same moment that he had decided to come carjack us and he looked like he was trying to be discreet about it.

But at the same time, he walked past our car on the other side of the street, and then he crossed over and was making his way so that essentially when he finished crossing the street he'd be very close to me and the driver's side door. It was a good position to carjack from pretty much a stereotypical walking path you'd take to come carjack someone.

I'm not sure if my daughter who was about a year old at the time cried right then. I'm not sure what happened. It was as if he got struck by a spiritual lightning. He was literally in the middle of the road, he stopped half-step and turned around, and walked the other way.

My wife and I both saw that and we were both blown away because I think in all our collective minds we had all felt that violence coming. He was coming for us and he felt that we all were thinking the same thing and all of a sudden it just stopped. He just turned mid and started walking back across the street.

Now, of course, there is room for criticism in every single story, and we likely may face some criticism in our stories.

I'm sure you could go pick apart my story. "Well, you don't know that he was going to carjack you. He was just walking across the street. That's BS."

Sure, you can say that and anyone is welcome to comment on our stories.

The fact is, I was there for it. My wife was there for it. We experienced it exactly as I described it and it felt like an absolute miracle that we did not get carjacked right at that moment.

There are a bunch of other little stories like that in my life.

These little moments of magnificence where you just get the feeling that everything happens for a reason, and that those of us who are totally disconnected from the collective, and we don't see any of these God moments in our lives or we shuffle them under the carpet, we often may not even realize how we are redirected.

For example, the man coming to carjack us might have suddenly remembered something out of nowhere, or he might have heard the baby cry and realized he wasn't up for carjacking a man and his wife with a baby.

Maybe the baby cried at exactly the right time before the man had gotten there and pulled his gun out and committed to carjacking. Maybe if the baby had cried 10-30 seconds later it might have been too late, and he'd already have gotten started and would have gone through with it.

These stories are so powerful to me because I've heard a bunch of stories like this from other people, and now I'm consciously aware of them happening in my life.

These things are just ideas and I trust your judgment in sharing anything that feels right.

If you feel like it fits in with this Supernatural Writing Contest or SWC, I trust your judgment on it because I don't know, this is just a little bit of guidance.

Here's something else: "Ghosts/haunting."

Anything like that, or you could do "UFOs and Abductions."

You can write about any of that stuff, any of these things that are typically not mainstream, that are often laughed at, that you might be afraid to share with friends.

Get these stories up there.

I have my own ghost haunting story:

I was drunk at five in the morning shortly before I went to AA, my father, grandfather and great-grandfather, who were all already dead at the time, popped their blue faces out of the wall and haunted me.

They simply stared at me at five in the morning. I screamed and cursed them out for an hour. My wife thought I was on some kind of drugs or hallucinogens.

I said, "No. I was just drunk."

I'd been drinking for probably 12 to 16 hours before that and it felt very real on both an internal experience and looking around. I saw them up on the wall and their faces moved around. They'd all three be on one wall and if I didn't want to look, I'd go look at the other wall, then one or two faces would move over there. I'd turn around and the other face would be there.

They haunted me and it was terrifying to be seen when I thought I was drinking by myself inside my bedroom at five in the morning. It was terrifying to be watched by my ancestors and that helped me wake up to see that you are not doing this by yourself. You are part of something bigger and the people who love you are always with you and watching, even when they have passed on. These kinds of things make a huge difference in my life.

Now, after explaining the topics, one last little thing.

I would prefer the stories to be a thousand plus words because many of these stories require context.

Simply saying, "Well, I had the gun to my head one night and I didn't do it!" might be helpful, but at the same time, without all the context to it, without the background, it can be a bit difficult to feel or to relate to it.

Also, longer stories tend to rank better in Google organic search. Longer stories tend to engage readers more. Longer stories tend to be more shareable on social media because if someone really likes one part of the story, they will just copy that one part out, share that on Facebook maybe and put a link to the full story.

The purpose of this is to build the Steem blockchain full of powerful spiritual stories that people share, stories that people love and will read for 5, 10, 15, 20 years.

Getting these stories on the Steem blockchain gives us a place where we are not looking at being censored. When we get these posts on the Steem blockchain, then we have the opportunity to not worry about what people think essentially.

We share our truth out there, and then regardless of what anyone thinks, the story will stay on the Steem blockchain.

That is why I'm so excited about Steem because Steem is perfect for things like this, for our stories like this that we might be afraid to share on Facebook or on our blog. We can put them on the Steem blockchain if we want to under an anonymous name, and then we have the stories up there forever or indefinitely at least, forever is a long time.

Now, in my opinion, this is the true potential of Steem, to put our most powerful stories up in a place where they will not be censored, a place where then collectively the weight of all these stories will attract an unbelievable number of users to the Steem blockchain.

It will have something that's truly worth reading, something that provides an emotional connection wherever we are at in the world.

This is why I am sponsoring this contest through the @budgets account on Steem.

The purpose of this account is to support projects that grow Steem. This project is like planting tons of seeds in fertile soil in a field, and then with all the love and support already on the Steem blockchain, watering and growing those plants into an incredible harvest of new users and readers on Steem.

These new people will see that Steem is truly something miraculous and not just some technology created by a couple of guys, but a platform that is here to make a divine difference in the world.

This is my angle.

This is why I'm on Steem.

There are lots of ways to make money and there are lots of ways to get followers. I'm on Steem to bring that divine gift into fruition, to make a place where we can all share our stories courageously and even earn a little bit for it.

Also, all of these stories need to be our own stories, not stories that we have taken from somewhere else, but they should be our own stories often that we have never shared before.

What I'm offering to the stories that meet this writing contest requirements is a ten plus Steem Backed Dollar (SBD) bid through voting bots.

A bid through a voting bot will vote a post up to 20+ SBD in rewards, which in today's money is $57 with 1 SBD having a value of $5.74.

My friend Michel at @gmichelbkk will also go through and double-check to make sure the stories aren't copied from somewhere else online. Every story that meets these criteria successfully, up to the first hundred plus stories for sure, and then probably a lot more than that.

I have this account at @budgets, which is funded by delegations to @jerrybanfield, that receives payouts every day.

Right now I have enough to pay out for at least 140 of these stories, $57 in rewards minimum each.

Now, if I get blown away by one of these stories, I may put more than that in there because likely most of the stories will be good and a few of the stories will absolutely sweep me off my feet and stick with me.

What I've noticed is that these stories are so powerful that they tend to stick with us for a long time. The stories I've read and listened to from other people have stuck with me and helped me through all kinds of things in my life.

I really selfishly want more of these stories for my own life because that's what makes living this life amazing.

I've got enough right now to do at least 140 - 10 SBD bid upvotes through the bots and technically my bot will give all of these upvotes through the @budgets account.

The posts that are tagged as "jerrybanfield" and identified with "Supernatural Writing Contest" or "SWC" and which are original will then be ready to get the 10+ SBD bot upvote, which should turn into at least $20, and with that upvote, it should help have the chance to get on the trending page on Steem as well.

We want to share our stories with other people and when we write and share them, and get them upvoted, there is a good chance for others of us to see them.

Now, my hope with this is not to simply use the rewards to compensate the effort, but to help us get through that mental block like, "Well, this isn't worth my time. Who cares?"

This is ready for essentially a guaranteed reward out of this effort. A lot of our minds, we are stuck in these rationalizations, we might not even be willing to do it if there is not essentially something in it for us.

Now, you are welcome, if you don't want any of the upvotes. You can just say, “Decline payout,” or “No need to upvote,” or whatever.

You are welcome if you don't want to get any rewards. I know some of us feel that if we are doing things for money, then it gets confusing.

This is optional, a vote will be sent by default unless you say, "Please don't use any rewards on this," or whatever. Then that's fine, we will avoid sending any upvotes for that.

My goal with this is to produce over time thousands of incredible stories on the Steem blockchain to go along with the incredible stories that are already on the Steem blockchain. It is also to help us see the necessity to share these kinds of stories in a world that values rational thought devoid of often spiritual or some of us would say religious thinking.

Now, there is no need to believe in anything with these like I don't need to believe in God when I experience God. It's like driving, I don't need to believe in driving when I drive. I don't need to believe in driving when I see other cars on the road driving.

That is what we are going for with this "Supernatural Writing Contest," to wake up to our true nature.

I am grateful today I live what feels like a supernatural life conscious of my own immortality, conscious that if this body gets hit and run over on the road by a truck, I very likely will then get some time in heaven followed by the decision to come back into another body in this life, before as I did already to get to this point.

I live with the conscious awareness that I chose my parents based on remembering that from hearing other people, especially children say this.

Instead of thinking I'm the victim of my parents having sex, I watched my parents. I watched their lives. I decided to join my parents. I decided to be my mother and father's son. I chose to be exactly where I'm at today and I have a choice of where I want to be at for all the rest of eternity.

An awakened life today is beautiful to live and yet at the same time, this is nothing extraordinary. Although I have called this "Supernatural Writing Contest," this is most ordinary.

Every single human being is divine and amazing.

Every human being possesses all of those same characteristics that I hold most dear.

A soul, the many lives, the choice to be here right now.

In fact, on the deepest level, I feel that we are all one.

I am you.

You are me.

I'm simply talking to myself.

It's easy for me to do these videos because talking to everyone else is the same as talking to myself.

An immortal being is not subject to the constraints of time or space.

I have time to live my life and your life at the same time.

I'm literally talking and listening at the same time.

Anything I listen to is, but one version of me talking to a different version of me.

All of us, everything is completely one.

On the deepest sense I am one with God, I have created this whole universe for myself.

Everything in it is filled with me.

There is nothing that's not me.

The murderers in prison, that's me!

The CEO in the office, the president, that's me!

The dogs on the street, that's me!

The plants, the food, it's all me!

Reading the Bible, that's what Jesus had to say that this is all me, we are all me, we are all one, and these stories help us get back to that truth that we have an amazing life together today.

Our purpose in life is to remember we came here essentially on an assignment. We chose to come on this assignment and perhaps we have forgotten a lot of the details.

That's why I love movies like "Total Recall." I loved series like "Battlestar Galactica."

The waking up effect where we suddenly remember there's a lot more to us than we realize that we have forgotten almost all of eternity, and yet I have proof I'm here in the middle of it.

All I know is life.

All I see is life.

Everything is life.

There is life before life.

There is life after life.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

The only way fear comes up is when I try to create my own little universe by myself, and that's fine because any time I reach out for God, I'm taken out of it.

What more could we possibly ask for, but an eternity in love?

This is my vision, not just for this particular writing contest.

This is why I'm here on Steem to help us to collaborate together on building a blockchain that is a miracle for the rest of the world, that empowers each of us to share our most powerful stories.

Now sure, I do a lot of tutorials and things like that and they can be helpful, but these near death, past lives, spiritual awakenings, these are the things that alter our perception of reality significantly, that allows us to be free from the majority of misery and suffering in the world and willing to look at it and help.

I don't seek to just have a life full of pleasure for myself and forget about everyone else. I seek to look at the suffering in the world, lend a hand and say, "Hey, if you want a way out there's a way out," as so many people have done with me.

When I came to Alcoholics Anonymous, drinking myself to death, on the brink of suicide again, I was met by strangers who all put their hands out for me, who said, "We love you," and who showed me the way out.

I seek to show the way out today for anyone regardless of whether you have a drinking problem, anyone anywhere in the world, and this is a purpose we are joined together on, there is a whole lot of us working on this exact same purpose.

Thank you very much for learning about this "Supernatural Writing Contest" with me. I'm grateful today that you have made it all the way to the end of this post and I plan to just keep this running indefinitely on the "jerrybanfield" tag.

If you use the "jerrybanfield" tag, make sure somehow we know the "Supernatural Writing Contest" is on there.

Finally, one note in the details of how this will work.

I have a friend, Michel Gerard, and we collaborate together. We have different strengths and weaknesses and @gmichelbkk has agreed to help me with this contest because I simply am not able to read and validate every single thing myself, especially when this contest goes well and there are perhaps hundreds of stories.

Essentially Michel will read through these stories first, which I hope will be very helpful for him. Michel will help double-check that the stories are authentic because some of us instead of sharing our own truths, just find, copy and paste someone else's. He will help validate the stories, and then he will send the initial upvotes.

Michel will send the 10+ SBD bid upvote through my bot for every one of these stories that he accepts, and then I will go through and read the ones Michel has already upvoted.

I will start in the order of these that are most popular based on the upvotes, and then I will read down. You can see this is much easier for me to do than with my very limited time available and this will help me to read the best of the stories first, and then the more time I have that particular day, I will go farther and farther down.

This will help me focus my time and energy better, and I'm very grateful that @gmichelbkk helps with this.

Michel has come to me through what just looks like a divine connection. Michel was a student in one of my courses on Udemy and he has fantastically helped me throughout the last several years, through every iteration of my business, and I love working with him.

Michel has probably helped put half the posts I have got on Steem with his editing and research, and I'm extremely grateful to collaborate with him.

What I hope in sharing these kinds of stories is to help more of us to establish those divine connections because just doing tutorials and showing people how to do things, that's nice, but in sharing our most powerful stories, this helps us make lifelong friends and connections, it helps us see that we are on the same page.

We are working together for the same reasons and I hope this will be fantastically helpful for Michel to read through all of these stories as well, and then to help me read through them.

Essentially, Michel will help me decide what order to read through them in and I hope I can get through every single story myself. Then, if I am blown away by one story, I may send some more upvotes myself.

I also trust Michel to send a bigger bid on it if he's blown away by a story.

That's how the details of the actual bids will work: I will send Michel the money to do for the contest and @gmichelbkk will send out the actual bids for the contest to get the upvotes, and I will go through and read these stories.

If you'd like to read these stories, they will be on Steemit, and I will be resteeming them as well. On my Steem profile, when I resteem a story, it goes out to my e-mail list and on all my social media accounts.

It also goes out to all my followers on Steem, which is twenty-six and a half thousand followers almost.

What I will be doing is reading through these stories and resteeming some of them.

What I hope to do is to have amazing stories to consistently resteem on my profile. That way, when you are following my blog, you will also get some incredible stories from this contest.

When you go through my blog, instead of just seeing tutorials, self-promotional posts and videos on Steem, and my music, which I think that's been another divinely guided thing, instead of seeing just my posts, you will also see the very best posts, the posts that I've loved from this contest.

Thank you very much for getting through this very long post. I've explained this in detail because for me it often helps to at least have the option to go way into detail.

How things are happening? Why they're happening? The whole purpose. Exactly how it works.

I value transparency a lot and I hope this is useful for you.

Thank you.

I love you.

You are awesome.

Final words

Thank you for reading this blog post, which was originally filmed as the video below.

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I am very happy to participate in this wonderful initiative, I have many stories to share, experiences of the soul and the mysterious and supernatural, I hope to continue sharing them with you. Many successes to all and thanks @jerrybanfield @gmichelbkk for the support. This ews my post

  ·  4년 전

more here
gremlins handmade.jpg

I bet nobody would bother to read through all those craps.. but from the title.. when you announce the winner do give evidence that the winner is not an account managed by you or it's someone who is not your relative

Way to go Jerry! Cool contest, never seen anything like this before (this topic)! - but I'm reluctant to enter, I don't get very personal on my blog (see my avatar?) I tend to keep a bit private.

That's cool. I am going to write. I haven't read this whole post as I am very sleepy right now but going to do it in the morning and write my experience .
Best of luck to everyone and hoping to come accross some interesting stories.


Boo says the ghost


Haha - I promise you it's not - steem's not named after hot air for nothing (no ref to Jerry here, tho - Jerry is a shining star)...


Me too, I wanna hug that cat :)


i try to do the same


This is the longest blog in steemit history lol


I am missing the potato for the long post




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Jerry's post is indeed very long, so I drink coffee and read the newspaper and then read Jerry's post and then go to the kitchen and then read Jerry's post and still cannot finish hahaha. But his post is so details that you know every sentence must be read carefully.

@jerrybanfield many of my spiritual experiences were LSD induced, I know you mentioned that you are/were an officer of the law but would this fly? I don't think a chemical should make a spiritual journey any less legitimate.


Christopher however it happened is good with me!


Jerry its really helpfull for me thanks for teaching me about steemit love you jerry


This post is very interesting friends, friends upvote my post @dedikurniawan


@jerrybanfield i really enjoy your post , you have a good mind set to inspire other, most especially with all the change and uncertainty at this time. let make the world a beautiful place, you have tons of self awarness that will inspire more people. what a great post. thank you


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these story is quite interesting!


hello @steemfriend happy to know you


hello @animal17 :)

WE probably agree on many topics, forinstance Anarco Capitalism, but there is one MAJOY topic where we yet do not agree and therefore I am BEGGING YOU to watch the 5 videos I posted under the tag #notaglobe ... the earth is flat and you need to wake up to it, then we can make steemit great:


I agree the earth is flat! Hallelujah!
But I have a question. Can you please tell me, what is at the end of every earth edge?


haha :D thanks for making me smile

  ·  4년 전

This seems like a great idea. Good luck to all who enter the contest.


Yes absolutely

@jerrybanfield, the first time I saw you was in Youtube discussing about cryptocurrencies. As I search to learn more about btc, the I joined Steemit and I was surprised how passionate and dedicated you are in this platform and Inwas amazed. eversince then I started following you.

I think I have something to share about this contest. 👌


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Yes, if more people shared such esoteric experiences then we may all realize that they are actually not so rare. I started the AAKOM project precisely for this reason. The mass media will either debunk or sensationalize, but rarely look at the extraordinary natural abilities people have.


One story on the news helped motivate me to create this contest and I am now listening to the full book *Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot *


I am excited to share my esoteric experiences too. Thank you @jerrybanfield


I did the story with swc in it and hope it's ok...

that's a loooooong post jerry :)

good luck to every body....


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I got that good booty


Thank you for visiting my blog -- @simisto. Please upvote and follow me.

Jerry please join our Thunderclap social media campaign and let's make STEEM trend on Twitter. Here's the details:


@stellabelle thank you for the invitation I just signed up to share the message on my Twitter account!


I noticed! You have just become the biggest supporter we have!!! Thank you, Jerry!


You know I was also an alcoholic for a long time, but in 2005 I just quit, I was having pains in my liver it would get hard, the nightmares were terrible and the hang overs just got worse and worse, so I just decided it was either die or give up drinking. The 31 of December 2005 was the last time I had a drink, I just sat there with that drink and I though OK this is the last one this year, afterwards I would just think OK I won't drink today, until I actually forgot about drinking. Sometimes I wish I could drink a beer but frankly I'm afraid of that one beer.


@gduran my dad got sober on his own too and stayed that way for 23 years until he died without going to AA! Thank you for sharing your experience here with us because it helps me remember my own!

Interesting! Best of luck everyone. Hope to see some good stories

I dont know if you will see this but i wanted to give a boost to this amazing ladies experience

I was tingling when i read it.

Its currently only making 2 dollars. Its worth sooooo much more!! Not to mention, she has devoted her life to this work. Please upvote her and thank her for her service to helping ppl heal.


Thank you so much @limabeing for being such a supportive influence and overall great person! xx


Same -Same!

thank you @jerrybanfield, I enjoyed writing in this contest! Hope you launch another subjects. :)

Wow Supernatural Writing Contest what a great idea:) Spiritual indeed @jerrybanfield . Near death for me was a cleansing and a second chance to be a better person and simply to love each other.A spiritual moment was so powerful it was like being reborn.
I found also that there is another way called self spiritual healing.
surrendering yourself to a higher God .
God bless brother it's so good to have you here.I have tears in my eyes listing to your moment,Thank You


@toddjr thank you for helping me see how you experienced reading this because I feel very vulnerable sharing what I have the most passion about and your comment helps give me courage to continue!


It is vulnerable, I just shared my story @cliffpower


Thank you sir.Your talk is so great.

Here is my entry, My Grim Tale of Undeath and Life
Thank you for the contest. I realized as I was writing it, that it was the eleventh anniversary of my survival!

What a fantastic contests launched my entry,,
Resteem to let more know about more people about it ...Thanks @jerrybanfield..

Oh I hope this contest is still active! I've been excited and mulling over stories all week, trying to figure out which to share and really HOW to tell them.... It was challenging at first, because at a core level my concept of reality is really similar and congruent to what you describe here, Jerry, but I'm realizing that the Universal Magik that I breathe and believe is so inherent in my everyday everything, that plucking a singular experience from the cup that floweth over has required more conscious effort than I initially imagined when I read this post for the first time..... And what an odd realization that has been....

Exciting! I love this premise, and appreciate how deeply this obviously resonates with you... and beyond the magik of this specific topic, I think the structure for the contest is a fantastic idea as well... maybe this can become a regular occurrence? I would love that...

That is a great idea!


Is it just a nice idea?
I believe you could pull out more words...

really love this idea good luck to everybody

ADVISE: just bookmark this content and whenever you make a pyjama party or campfire read one of those crazy/beautiful stories...

What make's my story special? It's like we survived with my little sister the modern Titanic...

Here is my entry for the Contest; Though it is written some days back. But couldn’t get your attention i guess :(

Thanks for sharing this @jerrybanfield. Unfortunately I'm not great at writing about these types of stories, even though I have a few.

Although, my brother is an excellent writer (he is currently writing his own book) and Graphic designer and I have finally convinced him to join Steemit, so this might be a great way for him to make his debut. I will let him know!

I have been trying to contact you over my new project that I am running - I am trying to move my work to Steemit full time and I have been spending the last week or two developing an incubator for absolute beginners on Steemit. All in all, my project aims to 1) Bring more users to Steemit through advertising and 2) Create more daily active users by giving them access to beginner's guides, Graphic Design help (which my brother has said he will help out with), the manual curation of posts (I will try to find 5-10 posts per day from new, undervalued users) and monthly competitions for beginners, and more.

I know that you run some very successful advertisements for Steemit, so I would naturally really like to work with you. I work in ICO consultancy at the moment (PR and Marketing, and a bit of everything else!) and have previously worked in corporate marketing too. I think it makes more sense to combine efforts, rather than work separately.

I have prepared a small presentation on the projects plan, but anyway I would really like to talk more about it and thanks for all of the work you do! What is the best way to contact you?


Luke thank you for helping me see this is relevant to you through your brother and I hope the contest provides a good way for him to know he has at least a few good upvotes coming his way upon joining!

The best ways to contact me are explained at with comments on Steem being a very effect way to reach me for free with a comment while my partners channel on discord is the best place to actively collaborate with me on a daily basis!


Thanks Jerry, and he is excellent at what he does, so I can see him doing well when he gets here and this should help!

And perfect, I will get on to you there. Are you interested in working together on such campaigns? As I said I'm trying very hard to move to Steemit full time with a goal of growing the community in daily active users and content quality, get SP delegations so that I can upvote high quality content that does not get many views, and I have a personal goal of growing my SP while (hopefully) earning about 100-150 STEEM per week so that I can sustain myself while working here to grow the community. Thanks for getting back to me, so can I contact you to potentially work on some of this or to tell you more about it anyway?


Members of my partner program and inner circle at have the best access to collaborate with me and consistently are producing amazing results from working together like @joeparys and @tomasgeorge!


Okay perfect, thank you! To be honest I'm tied up money wise at the moment, and am trying to put as much in to Steemit as possible, so I will not be joining, but maybe in the future.

I will work on my own campaigns for now, as I would prefer to put my money in to campaigns that grow the community, but best of luck with it and I'm glad you have a lot of partners!

If you're still interested in collaborating otherwise, let me know and can talk over email or something similar, as I really am trying To Help the community and feel it would be a shame if the opportunity To Help Steemit grow wasn't supported.


I am happy to hear that! The goal of the partner system is to place a barrier to entry that eliminates the majority of potential opportunities while allowing those most excited through because I have very limited space for any new collaborations and now do not use my decision making ability on who to start joint ventures with!


Oh don't get me wrong I think it's a great system to have and I would do the exact same in your position! But as I am only starting out I am still unsure of How To best allocate my funds.

For joining the partner program, 1) Can I pay in STEEM? And 2) Is it a monthly rolling contract? As I would be interested in joining and seeing what it is like for sure. I really want to get this project supported, and if that's what it takes then I'll do just do that - again I'm really aiming to grow the platform and grow to working full time on Steemit, so I will do what it takes!


Luke yes $49 USD worth of payments in Steem and SBD are accepted monthly via @jerrybanfieldroi with no contract along with lifetime payments of $999 for USD.


Okay perfect, thank you!


Excellent narrative, I love your story. Dreams always have some magic and power.

I know you have a ton of posts to look through. I just wanted to say thank you for doing this for Steemit. You have great ideas as a witness. I want to share my story here too:

my life has been overwhelmed with synchronicity throughout the last year - and even now. i think that those would fit into a mix of "coincidences" and "moments of magnificence"

@jonpetrich - you should consider doing this as well, friend. i know you have some stories, if you feel like sharing them.


@twinislandflames perfect same here with my life there are so many it is hard for me to remember! Recently we were looking for a home for sale by owner and managed to get connected with almost no effort within 24 hours ...


it seems like something so much greater than "the law of attraction" - right?!


Great job for steemit community. Keep the move on

Its really an attractive initiative and i hope that there will be maximum steemians try to participate in this event and will have an opportunity on this plateform to win a contest with rewards. Almost all have been experienced from such many supernatural scenario.
I will do it InshaaAllah too..

Supernatural contest sounds pretty cool!

This is a great contest I made a post about Coincidence and Divine Timing

awesome job

I am compelled to enter into this contest. I have been wanting to write out some of the stories that live inside my mind and begin to reconnect with those who also see the world in a similar way.


Step on the dark side of mind control society!

I just made my entry today! I'm sharing two stories, first is about my mother's supernatural experiences when she was pregnant with me and the second one's about the most horrifying experience I had - a face to face encounter with something less-than-human 😱

I enjoy watching this guy get all excited about the Steemit platform.
It's fun to see him freaking out about the money he makes here.
He seems like the type of guy who would smile even if you peed in his cheerios. lol



lol man you made me laught so hard. Maybe hes laughing because he peed in yours first :D

Hello @jerrybanfield.

I have posted my story here.

I would be extremely happy to see your comments on the story.


@mydivathings I love it thank you very much for making the first entry in the contest which I will be voting on and including a link to in this post!


Thank you @jerrybanfield. Glad to know that you liked it.

Hey all you beautiful denizens of the Steemiverse! Here is my entry, which starts out with the text of "A Wounded Dragonfly", a post from last month
(, and then picks up where that post left off:

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did experiencing it and writing about it!

A heartfelt thanks to @jerrybanfield and his Supernatural Writing Contest for inspiring this new piece. This was a lot of fun to write :)

1000+ words are too much for something that could be described with 2-3 sentences.
You will miss the holy grail here. But be happy I got some stories to tell so I'm in

It is kind of exciting to here about this contest. Very amaizing post by @jerrybanfield. Your initiatives to permote steemit & help new writers is applaus able. I am going to write on this topic. I am glad for this opportunity, and certainly appreciate that. Very well thank you.

I have send you 1 BSD for upvote my post, why you send back to me 0.001 SBD, what do you mean @jerrybanfield .thank you

Wow thank you. Thank you for creating an incentive to get to the depths and heights of our human experience through sharing profound experiences with an incentive. Truely wonderful. One question, is this ongoing and how long will the $50 upvote offer be? I would love to get started I just don't want to miss out if it "ends". I didn't see a mention of that in the blog so I would assume its ongoing but I just wanted to check. Thank you so for much @jerrybanfield !

Yayyy!! I am so glad to have just stumbled across your blog and found this!

This is such a beautiful post! The sentiment in it echoes perfectly what I write about and speak of in my spoken word pieces. This is my favourite part, I have a poem about God that really resonates with this -

"Anything I listen to is, but one version of me talking to a different version of me.

All of us, everything is completely one.

On the deepest sense I am one with God, I have created this whole universe for myself.

Everything in it is filled with me.

There is nothing that's not me.

The murderers in prison, that's me!

The CEO in the office, the president, that's me!

The dogs on the street, that's me!

The plants, the food, it's all me!"

I hope that I am able to share it with you one day.

Anyway... this has inspired me to write about what I am sure must have been a past life regression because well... I can't think of what else it could have been!

I look forward to sharing, and thanks again for creating this contest... it rocks!

With love
Hart Floe

@jerrybanfield. Thanks for organizing this contest. Link to my story for the contest of my supernatural experience.


I found this contest via you, thanks for sharing your story!


Welcome @debralee. I look forward to reading your story. Good luck in the #swc

Here's my entry. Its a couple experiences I've had with ghosts. Hope you like it, don't read before bed! .

you are doing amazing work:P

  ·  4년 전

First thought - I had some interesting events with mooshrooms.
I will write later,what is worth of mention.

작가인 나에게 이 블로그 글은 스티밋에서 발견한 가장 좋은 제안이며 프로젝트다. 주제도 실험적이며 가능한 삶의 단면을 표현했으면 하고, 희망적이면 좋겠다.

Wow! innovative attempt.I have a miraculous experience hope I'll publish.

WOW! I love this contest idea Jerry! I have a couple experiences that come to mind. Thing I dont normally share. Ill certainly take some time later today to see if I can actually put this down in words.

Thankyou so much for being such a wonderful person here on Steemit. Hope to meet you in person at Steemfest this year! I couldnt make it to Steemfest 2 due to other commitments. Im running a Talent Contest myself right now on Steemit. I love how contests bring the community together. You do wonderful work here. Much love 🙏🏻


Yes @donnaincancun I hope to see you at the next Steemfest as well!

This is my first comment guys
All the best everyone :)

This is my entry for supernatural writing contest
My near death experience as a high school kid @jerrybanfield i hope you enjoy it

I appriciate you, i gonna write my experience...

I've shared a couple of miraculous testimonies that prove the power of prayer works! I plan on added more, cause I've had a lot of supernatural experiences in my life. I've added them as videos, because writing them all out, would be very time consuming, and not as effective as in a video format. However, I will try to write them out, and add them to your contest.

When I first read the title "Supernatural Writing Contest!" I thought, for a second, that the task was to write up some fan fiction about the show Supernatural. I can't wait to read some of the stories people write about though, I love a good ghost story. I'm actually currently doing a Ghost Adventures marathon so this contest is pretty well-timed!

I just wanna say if I got resteem my post by Jerry .than it will be more than that winning amount ..I hope I will get resteem from Jerry one day for sure ..Thanks man for pushing me here .

Supernice @jerrybanfield!! Here's my SWC artwork.
It's in my supernatural story.


Interesting ill give a chance

Woah, that's an amazing story! And your post gave me a lot of ideas mr. @jerrybanfield. Thanks for that. Followed and upvoted! 😀

Dear @jerrybanfield, thank you for your interest in holding this Supernatural Writing Contest.

Here is the link of my Near-Death Experiences story.

Hopefully you can have a visit to my post.

Waoo Amazing jerry

Wow divine timing on this for me! I am writing my first entry now. I will have at least 2 or 3 more I could write up. I am so excited about this contest!

  ·  4년 전

I am going to write, you are one hell of a writer. Well done, but I must win oo.

Hope I can still enter the contest. I just saw this post and I want to share my own experience. Thanks @jerrybanfield for this great opportunity to share my story. If it's still open.

thanks for this great initiative on steemit. I will surely participate.

i am laughing when i read this paragraph, your childhood is very amazing LOL

I remember when I was a little boy, my parents used to show me how to spell my name, "Jerry Banfield," on a chalkboard, and then they'd say, “What is your name?” and I would say, "Bob Behome. That's my name."

Now, as a child, why would I say that?

Why would I say my name is something else when here I can spell it on the chalkboard? And yet, I felt that was my real name, "Bob Behome," not whatever my parents were calling me.

I will try to participate in this contest.


Lovely thank you for sharing what you enjoyed here because it helps me experience it with you!


@jerrybanfield, what is the last date to submit story ?

Please check my story Here

Amazing writing skills you have. Your writing way blossing my heart. Thanks very much. I write here, try to share my thoughts, if you are interested plz contact me

you are looking cute in red shirt :)

I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence but it comes from within,it is there all the time, when you are going through hell-keep going ..

@jerrybanfield Since i want to make some impact on steem, i'm going to write about something that happened to me which only a few people know about. It will be the first time that i share this, but i'm pretty sure most people who know me in real life are not here. I hope you'll find it and read it, even if i dont win i'd love to hear what u think about it.


I might need a little push in the back here to actually share my story, i never shared it online.

I'm still new in steemit, there are many that I have not understood, just today I list steemit account. i hope much guidance from all steemians. I will follow your posts all to help me in steemit. thank you

What about special dreams. Can I write about them?

I wish you good luck .

Alright. I'm in, because I've been benefitted a lot from God.

Mr. Banfield, I am thoroughly blown away by your post! I resteemed! Thank you! I am morbidly timid to undertake this challenge but I think I will tackle it!



An opportunity to say the unbelieveable

I like these contest and I join it

It would really be nice

Great content keep up the good work 👏 check out my page

I have got a true life experience worth sharing

I love this idea.
I just uploaded my original (and real..brrr) story, please feel free to take a look you guys. Thank you for your time.

what is the last date for submitting story???

Great contest, @jerrybanfield.
I've submitted a story here and would love for you to have a read in case you missed it in the influx of submissions you've already recieved.
Thanks again for doing amazing contests!

Hello @jerrybanfield,
I saw this post and I just had to sit down and write!
What a GREAT contest this is and not only because of the prizes that one can win! This is inspiring and motivating people to write! Marvelous!

Here is the link to my story! I wrote it from the heart!

Darkness became light again

Best wishes


Thank you @poeticsnake for making your story so soon after the contest started! I loved reading it with you and just made a comment on the post!

  ·  4년 전

Thank you, @jerrybanfield for the opportunity to tell my stories.
Here's my entry

oh hi @jerrybanfield I made a post about you it is artwork of you or portrait of you I hope you like the beatiful artwork of you.
The post link is:

Great initiative!
Steem on :)

hello if you like good videos check out my channel .... cheers! thank you all!

It's very thoughtful of you for this contest, although it's a very long post; I took time to go through it and I must say it's a very nice and welcomed contest as you have set the pace. Almost all the topic for the writing appear scary and it's really gonna be a mind blowing one. I sure should take part in this wonderful contest. Please is there a specific time for the contest to end?


@gnomicrules the contest continues indefinitely as long as we have funding!


Oh that's good to hear. Because I posted and clinked in the comments my story a few days after the start and I was worrying that I had posted too late.

Since there are a lot of entries, given you might not get to all entries before payout, instead of upvoting the post, will you be sending the SBD instead or need a repost? Thx.

Vostingan e good

I will do a story and try to do all the things you have mentioned, but being new here I still don't quite understand how things work


Figures I have nothing to share on this topic...

Hello @jerrybanfield i love the contest and it has given me an opportunity to pour out my mind and experience. Below is my entry, please do well to check it out.

You are a really great person. You help us in many ways. This idea is very creative. Thanks Sir.

Wow, this is captivating and educating. Nice one sir

Thank you sir, this is helpful and educating...

This thing you are doing - it's great! I'm really grateful for the given opportunity. Together - we are changing the world. With every step, every word.

Peace, Love, Gratitude

Thanks boss, I love this. I love you for this educating content...

Dear @jerrybanfield my life is full of paranormal and supernatural stuff happenings. I always share them in Steemit and this is my kind of contest. I wrote one of my experiences as a part of this and shared it using your tag and hope you finds it interesting. Thanks for starting this. :) you can either see my post in your hashtag or here


Wow I just read that and left longer reply on the post! The upvote from my bot will come soon!


@jerrybanfield thank you very much. really appreciate it. :) just a question though, I have like a hundreds of paranormal experiences to share because my life is like a beach house to those entities. Can i post more under this hash tag? and how long can I do this so that I won't spam or misuse your hasg tag lol

Here's my entry for the contest

Its based on real events. Thanx for this opportunity to share this story. Please check out my other posts if you could spare an extra minute

Awesome post as always. I hope you will check my account and give some overview of my account please..

Wow thatwas a long post?!! Hmmmm

@jerrybanfield , You are too talented.. I always follow you and I am also fan of your youtube chanel

This was such a looooooooooooong read. Wow!!! But the concept of the competition is interesting. Will be looking forward to reading some of the entries. 1000 words is okay.

was the original title "mr7z0qvr" so that it's doesnt get mixed up with the other entries?

i just started on steemit , Best of luck to every one

Wow this is amazing. Thanks @jerrybanfield for coming up with this topic on this platform. I am not the writimg type so i cannot give u a thousand word but i can give u a supernatural abt myself.
I remember when i jst past the puberty age while i was in college, i started haviing bad dreams, in this dreams i realize that se strange women will come and have sex with me and so i thought its normal, later on i heard its called "wet dream" . This continues for a long tym, and whenever i experience this i develope a strong urge for sex... And until i av sex this urge will remain and this dream continues to hunt me. It was later that i realized that it was spiritual. Later i gave my life to Christ and it stopped.

amazing awesome .. your writing works great and worth the thumbs up as much

Reading this post already feels supernatural. Just some days ago I told an old story of mine to a friend and suddenly the real meaning struck me. The reminder in my notebook says: Write down that story.
And now, you. Yes we are one. Thank you for the reminder.
I'm in.

this is a great opportunity to tell my story and to be an eye witness to the wonderful thing God did in my family. i'd be writing too

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