Steem 50% Off Sale! Best Time to Buy In?

4년 전

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What a ride the Steem price has been last month! Is now our last chance to load up cheap before it hits $10? In the last month my account value has dropped over $20,000 and it does not worry me at all because I am planning to be here for at least ten years! In fact, I bought 1500 more Steem yesterday and have been putting most all of my author SBD rewards into buying more Steem!

Thanks to your help, I have increased my Steem Power by 15% in the last month from 36,393 a month ago to 41,924 today while also now having over 2,000 Steem ready to send to the SteemJ winner! I rented servers and got my witness online and got my first block yesterday thanks to hundreds of upvotes! If you have not voted at yet, would you please vote for me because this will help me participate more and represent us as a witness?

With me being all in on Steem, is it crazy I get excited when the Steem price goes down because then I can buy even more? A few of my closest friends I work with online have been buying more Steem and recently just loaded up. Here are a few that have recently loaded up!

@aarellanes bought 1,000 Steem and powered up!
@robertgenito bought over 4,000 Steem and powered up!
@jo3potato is brand new to cryptocurrencies and bought his first $200 ever to invest in Steem! He made an awesome tutorial that might be helpful if you want to buy your first Steem and have never done anything with cryptocurrencies at

I think now is definitely the time to buy more because my top upvoter @hendrikdegrote just loaded up with over 50,000 more Steem in the last few days on top of buying over 250,000 Steem a month ago moving up now to #11 in Steem Power! Seeing this motivated me to buy more also and keep changing SBD rewards as often as possible into more Steem. I need to cash out some because I am currently racking up a huge tax bill by buying more with everything I have while I am reporting the income each day!

Is today a day we will look back on and say wow remember when the price was $1.29? When Steemit reaches the same market cap as Facebook, one Steem even with double the amount available would be worth about $1,000. While I believe it will be over $10 in 9 months as explained at the real opportunity I see is when Steemit goes mainstream in maybe one to three years.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service to you today and continuing through testing these different posting strategies! Would you upvote this post if you would like me to make more like it because that helps me know how to serve you best?

Jerry Banfield

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Definitely yes..Steemit is gonna grow to next level..the registrations are increasing so fast...The community is so good..What else can you want ?Free Pizza? Nice article @jerrybanfield .I love your work :)


Who doesn't want a free pizza ;-)

Yesterday trully was a good day to buy dips not only a STEEM but alos on other amazing cryptos.... While the marekt is going back in green today I do hope we will see it dropping again even lower to at least 60 bil marekt cap.... I feel that would be a healthy correction considering the steep growth over the past three months while give plenty buing opportuinites to stretch out our portfolios... people, we are very early in the game and the future is only starting now...STEEM on....

Se my post from yesterday:


Even today's price of Steem seems to be a discounted price :) Don't you think?

Follow me @Yehey


Indeed. Market needs to go easy now, so us investors and users can recognize what's good and what's bad on the market.


Steem is unique, everybody knows already that content(text,video etc) is the king. What better than SteemIT?!?
One of the fastest growing website in the history....

Such good advice. its up 22% in the last 24 hours

Excellent article Jerry, thank you for putting in the time! Could you talk a little bit in the future about the planned production increases in Steem? Is it true that the production will not only double every year but every third year the production will have, by design, exponential production growth? I believe the genius in this exponential growth rate is that large accumulators of Steem will still need to continue to contribute to the platform in some fashion in order to not experience massive dilution in their Steem Power due to the planned exponential inflation rate.

Great post

Exactly what I'm thinking Jerry, deep discounts to be had right now!

Yes, this is a great opportunity!

This is what you call POV Proof Of Vote for @jerrybanfield for witness.

cheap as chips

I'll participate in either!

Im kinda sad now that i spent most of my SBD on other stuff, otherwise id have invested it in steem.
Thanks for updating the community on the current markwr situation.
Cant wait for the price to go beyond 2$ sooner or later.
Hope everyone is soing well

For long term holders, it's a good time to buy. For the panic sellers, well.. continue :D


Please i be needing hints




Wish I could Resteem a comment!

Great post ! BUY BUY BUY!!! BLACK FRIDAY IS COMING TO US !! will upvote your witness :)!

  ·  4년 전

Congratulations! You have been chosen to appear on "Who to Follow Daily". Thank you for adding such value to the Steemit community. Steem on!

Way to go Jerry. Nice to hear others also buy more steem these days. I did the same today. Hope we can enjoy the ride to 10 dollar soon :p

I bought myself over the last two days! From 5SP to 500SP, quite pleased I must admit!


I admire you it's highly risky the prices could drop much more.


When you've been in the crypto game for a while you get used to risk, makes it interesting :)


@znaffe awesome thank you very much for sharing here because I think it will help others to join us when the time is perfect!


Yea it's awesome! I'm investing my time and money here and think we'll see a great return when people join in droves :)

Steem has had one of the highest sell offs of all the cryptos percentage wise. I look at is as a great chance to pick up more myself. Once the dust clears from all these wild things happening in bitcoin land I feel like we are in for a massive increase again.

Those are some impressive buys above puts mine to shame but fuels me to want to do better and better. Thank you for becoming a new witness as well!

Jerry, I really hope so. I would love to see it at $1000 in 10 years hahah. We hopefully can look back on a great 10 years where a lot of people have been helped as well. Ill organise a party when it hits that number;) Keep on posting , I'm really enjoyin it!

I will buy steadily and for the long term too...

Bought at $1.05 during the bloodbath :-D

Its gone come back in the next few days

$10 that's a bold statement to make jerry I do hope your right . Cheers mike


if enough people think it, it will happen ;[)


I hope so mate. Cheers mike

obviously, always is the best time to buy steem.

@jerrybanfield #first
Hello my friend, thank you for this post. Yes in any case one should use the favor of the hour and invest in steem. Possibly in other currencies also. Because all prices will increase again by at least 20 to 50%. Have a look at my current post on this topic

I have converted all my Ethereum to Steem. Fingers crossed!


Convert half of it back. Akasha still holds a chance, doesn't it?

i think so but i may have to hodl for a while. How about some live trading Jerry?

Exciting times, I couldn't power up due to lack of funds but bought some delegated sp from minnowbooster, time to get curating!! (the slider is lot of fun too :) )

This is really golden opportunity to buy some cheap steem, once BTC HF completes in August, everything is going to go up.

Just bought some more steem at 1.17 | Not a bad price but the only problem I now face is Poloniex disabled withdrawals again. What is the deal with the polo crew? It feels like its happening every week on their platform. Why?

Buy low sell high lol

Loading a few here and there @jerrybanfield! Great advice, start loading up the truck people :)

I want to buy, buy, buy, but I'm all tapped out -_-"

wow great to see jerry banfield here with such a great community i.I saw her video about steemit on Facbook
Only due to that video i was here so thankyou a great person @jerrybanfield

Bitcoin Sign Guy!

This is the picture of the guy who held up the "Buy Bitcoin" sign.


Can u link to original?

I purchased more Steem today on Bittrex and will transfer it over to Steemit.

I believe in Steem and it will go up to $10 in 10 months like @jeryybanfield says.

I'm glad I held during this last drop. T worst time sell is when the price goes down because ten you lose everything with no chance of making your investment back.

Buy low, sell high!

This is a great opportunity for people who have money. The others are (once again) put on the side ... As usual ...

I think we are more likely to see $0.6 before $2 again. But hopefully i am wrong.


i'm not buying... yet :-)

@JerryBanfield Thanks 4 everything You continue to do 4 the Steemit Community.

UpVoted & will soon Vote You as a Witness...

Also, if You read this... live in Southern Florida and am working on doing something with a TV station that I would like to possibly replicate in Your area & also up in the Palm Beach area... Would like to discuss the possibility of collaborating on this project, if You should become interested.

Thank You Jerry

I'm with you! I bought my largest purchase of Steem so far when it dipped down below $1.30. I bought in increments and even got some when it was below $1.00. Super happy about that.

Jerry, at this point I've watched hours of your videos even though I only discovered you on Youtube about three weeks ago. I was especially influenced by your "10 reasons Steem will go to $10 in 10 months" video. I appreciate what you do. Thank you!

Hey @jerrybanfield
I have around 10k$ worth of cash ready to purchase coins now that everything is going down. But I keep seeing ETH around 180-190 and other coins are low too.
My question is, do you think now is the bottom, or that we will see much lower prices as we approach the 1st of Aug?
Coz i keep thinking all the time that maybe now is the lowest you know :)

Thank you!

Steem is at 83 cents. I predicted this a week ago. If it breaks 50 cents and bitcoin goes to 1500 , we could see steem in 10 to 15 cents

This is a great opportunity to buy steem at a good price.

who bought at 0.90 2 days ago late at night made the most profit yet!!

it's time for shopping guys!

STRATIS! If you really want great gains, buy stratis mark my words!


what's so compelling about it?


First and foremost, Stratis enables existing developers to leverage their current C# and .Net knowledge because the platform is based around these two technologies. This is a huge advantage because it essentially lowers the barrier to entry for developers and businesses to get started developing blockchain based apps. Second, the Stratis Breeze wallet will be very unique. Its infrastructure will be based on Tumblebit technology such that Tumbler masternodes on the network will enable trustless, private transactions between wallets. In addition, Bitcoin holders will also be able to use the wallet to tumble their Bitcoins and transfer between Bitcoins and Stratis tokens seamlessly. Many in the community have speculated this will expose the Stratis token to an already wide Bitcoin audience. Moreover, apps built on Stratis will run in their own side-chains. This will help avoid the main Stratis chain from becoming bloated. Last, the Stratis platform is backed by its own token: STRAT. This token is proof of stake, and so it avoids the unnecessary and wasteful energy output some other proof of work coins result in. Finally, since Stratis is a C# derivation of Bitcoin, tech improvements such as Segwit and Lightning Network could be implemented on the main or side-chains in the future.


All right, Steemite great Outlook=))

Wow! Great news. If I had enough money I like to buy menimum 100 Steem.

It's the best time to buy for every crypto! We're going back up now! Just bought myself back in!


How do you buy other cryptocurrencies? any link?


ازيك يا معالي الباشا :)
ادخل هنا

وكل عمله هتدخل عليها هتلاقيهم حاطيلك المنصه اللي بتتباع فيها


So began the bitcoin and look today to what height has arrived and I have the impression that steemit will be the same or much better, so buy steemit crazy!

Great! This is very helpful.. Thanks

This is one of them things where you can see it coming, an investment that you know has a good chance of making you money. If you don't have any more but you have skills for taking pictures or writing a good post then you can make your own money to invest. Thanks for the post Jerry!

yes, best time to buy steem and powerup

the market is going to continue fluctuating in the double digits until after august :) some new lows should appear until then, keeping some BTC free to invest is a good plan

You are right Jerry, more people need to think of the recent downturn as a sale. If you are investing in the long term (the only viable strategy IMHO) these dips should not be looked as as losing money but as an opportunity to increase your holdings.

thanks great information


I definitely hope so too! haha

You're a very witty person.. capitalize when the time is right!!! Cheers 🍻 mate... hope you reach your goal sooner 👍🏼

very interesting, don't know how to powered up


Go to your wallet:
convert your SBD to steem. Then, look for the arrow on the right corner of the steem amount and click on the option to power up. Enter your amount of steem to be converted to steem power.
One thing however to note here, converting SBD to steem will take 3.5 days. It is a way to stop people from taking advantage of the fluctuating market value.

Wow i will love the opportunity.How?

BUY buy buy buy and HODL! we'll remember this!

OK Jerry a stupid question, bear with me totally new to steemit and still slowly trying to figure it out. Is there some place that explains how to buy steem.? I need the baby steps explanation. I did find the drop down menu for buying steem but hove no idea what to do next. Sorry for such a basic question.

Yeah, its time to buy more n more steem. If I had more cash thats exactly what I would do. Just hold on to my steem and wait for it to shoot past $10. Thank you for sharing.

the other day I bought some steem when it was around $1.15 and some antshares . I think those two coins are gonna be huge.

Interestingly, the Bitrix exchange blocked SBD purse so that no one had the temptation to return them to Steем and buy STEEM :)

True talk. Time to buy

Last opportunity for those who didn't catch the train earlier. Next destination... Pluto!

Hi Jerry, i am trying to get a good soccer section up and running on Steemit to make the platform grow even faster. :-)
I have talked with a blogger on Liverpool FC to join Steemit. To see if soccer has traction i posted one of his earlier pieces. Would you like to help us to resteem the post to get more traction?

Thank you for your attention

Great investment.

Thanks for the post.I was scared why the price of steem was dropping.Now I got some confidence.thanks @jerrybanfield .Now im gonna buy some steem.

Thankh sir

I bought 11 Steem right now, I know it's not much but I am proud of myself :)

Coz of you and @crypt0 only i came to know about Steemit! Cheers Man appreciate it and your content.
Keep inspiring


namaste from PK :-)
steemit !

I'm glad, so many people here believe in the future Steemite=))

Your positivity never ceases to inspire me!

Hii @earncrypto For Succses
Nice to meet you

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I come from #aceh Sumatra.
Welcome to #steemit for those of you who want to succeed here, I also want the same thing.
I'm also new here #Steem is still a lot to learn from seniors.

Nice to meet you all !!
Please help to promote me
And Please for others follow and Upvote My account @ firzee0717

Dont be over confident, this is cryptos , its better to buy at lows, but dont hold it and think it will magically go to 10$

  ·  4년 전

I agree with this fully, if I had the money to do so, I'd totally be investing in steem right now.

I think $2.50 is a good buy up to price, I'm long at 9 cents per steem power, and i would consider adding more, but i 'm only taking small positions of $200 in any crypto investment to protect myself from the volatility...and I urge everyone else to do that aswell. Only put in what you are ok with losing.

Thanks buy buy buy

wait for next week my friend. we may be able to buy it even lower... who knows...

Great post ! Just buy !! Also, like when you share Jerry :)

Oh thank you so much for telling me!!! I just did a quick internal market trade. Thank you so much for the heads up. I need to remember to check the internal market every day! I upvoted and resteemed too of course!

great news,unfortunately haven't much spare money to take advantage of it, wish everyone good luck who has though

Pls like me!

Most definitely an excellent time to buy in. One can buy increments if they so wish. Prices may or may not dip further down.

50% off? More like 95% off, if we are speaking on Steemits true, and likely soon to be realised value.

  ·  4년 전

yep, it's time to buy ! I upvoted your post ;)

50% off Sale - I'm very interested, my STEEM is in Poloniex. What do I do to get the 50% off Sale???

Gracias por ofrecer toda esta información @jerrybanfield
sigo todo lo que publicas! disculpa que te escriba en español!
espero tengas mucho éxito! algún día podré tener tu poder de compra jejeje

Espero en un futuro cercano, se firmen lideres de este nivel en Steemit en Español, estamos contruyendo el camino, pero es una pena que quienes no leen en inglés se pierdan de estos aportes.

Great idea to buy when it is low. Always a smart move. This will be going strong for 10 years and many more. Just as your plans are indicated. Now is always a good idea since there is only so many accounts right now and the growth will be unbelievable to say the least.

How exactly do you buy Steem Jerry?

I sure hope your predictions are right hehe :) I can't wait to see the future of Steemit It's so exciting.

Unfortunately we don't know which moment is the best to buy. Tomorrow price can increased or decreased. We can tell it after some period.

I lost almost half of my money due to your suggestions. I can see, you earn money, which I lost

I also bought more. But till 1th of august it could also get lower because of the bitcoin uncertainty . ETH charts looks also very bearish. So we might get even better prices to buy much MORE! :-)

Yes it os the best time.

Hey Jerry, I'm with you man. Turning all my SBD into steem and thinking about investing in more!

Yes clearly yes

Thanks for your post. Looks like a good time to get more Steem.

Great opportunities out there, but I'm gonna wait until the last week in July, right before the hard fork.

  ·  4년 전

Upvoted, resteemed and followed you...😊

I'm ready to sell my house @ .70cents =)

I just added you as my witness :)

Being excited for it being down so you can buy more is not a bad thing. That is called being a smart investor. Buy low, sell high. Congratulations on your powering up endeavors.

Hi jerrybanfield

Jerry, Great job, I've been a follower. Are you concerned about hendrik and the johalfiles as $4M whales that upvote you with close to 100% certainty?

Yes this right time to buy every currency

Thank you for investing in the SteemIt community - espescially by buying up network usage to become a SteemIt Witness. I am happy to vote for you because you have all of our best interests at heart.

Great post Jerry! I think you're spot-on about taking advantage of these prices. People tend to get scared when the market falls but this is exactly the time to buy! I have a feeling we'll see a huge rally after August, once the Bitcoin uncertainty settles and people will wish they caught these low prices. I'm buying more steem as well and looking forward to seeing it grow :)

great post very imformative. Thank you. Upvote!

Is it better to buy STEEM or SBD?

Thanks for the advice and insightful post @jerrybanfield. I upvoted and resteemed your post.

Keep up the good work and keep inspiring us. ♥♥♥

Sounds like you are definitely a man with the plan!!

Starting to buy friends

I want to buy but I'm low on funds. I'm hoping since August is still weeks away, it should give me time to buy some STEEM. Thanks for the advice. Gives a noob like me an assurance that this is actually a good thing to take advantage of.

its not hitting 10 dollars

Yep, everything was cheap yesterday :) STEEM is a good investment definitely!

Steemit Is The Way To Go!

Thanks you and don't forget to Upvote & Follow :)

Wow Jerry! I certainly hope you are right about this! I think I'll load the boat because I really don't want to miss out!

jerry again I just love you, you are such a joy for this community and really bring a lot of people on board explaining thing just perfectly. I agree 100% its the time to buy steem, we will very likely see that 10$ price soon

I hope the government wont shut steemit down with this new internet. Not sure we got 10 years but I hope so.

I am ALL-in here brother Jerry @jerrybanfield - just a cold 'n lonely minnow steemer here but managed to procure 100+ STEEM POWER in my first 2 months onboard. Better than a sharp stick in the eye for a guy who is otherwise crypto-cluless!

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following categories:

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You are good man

Love the energy you bring to the community. I'm with you on this one, BUY MORE. However, I feel it could go a little lower. I'm just trying to squeeze out every bit of steem that I can haha! Thanks for sharing man. You're not alone. Cheers!


Earning in Steem seems like such a no-brainer. Getting paid in an asset that is likely to multiple by many orders of magnitude as the network continues its rapid expansion. Value creation empowering the people. Beautiful!

I think more dip will come so wait with buying anything

Would someone direct me to the BEST article for explaining (in simple English) how to buy Steem? I have tried a couple ways but I always run into high fees (or so it seems to me) or limits on how much you buy at a time. Any info is appreciated. TIA.


Hey @greyman, here is the article I used today to buy 20 SBD:

Also, @jerrybanfield I am reading every one of your posts - so far the best Steem/ content, learned so much in last 3 days since i joined.


Thanks for replying @cybernomad. I have read nothing but bad reviews about Poloniex and their very weak security that I think I will pass.

I just watched a couple of you videos on youtube and thought, WTH....I'm gonna get me some steem! I have been into the Ethereum and BTC game for a bit but wanted something new to toy with! Thanks for turning me on to Steem!

I think i will have to wait for a month to gather some sbd and steem. Its just been a day joining me in steemit.

You are kicking butt on here. Leading from the front. Watching the journey has been fun

great post @jerrybanfield. this looks like an opportunity to take

i hope that steemit will go to 10 USD and your predication si correct

Hope you're right with this 10$ prediction.

good times to buy

Yes man
Good time to buy especially that steem got this low price
Keep it up

Thanks Jerry. Learning loads from you! Keep it up. UV and resteemed

When steem is low, I try to write more to earn while it is cheap and others post less.

Then when it jumps, boom! to tha moon!

Jerry thank you for all the inspiration you bring for everyone. Of all the internet marketers and motivational speakers I've seen, you are the most genuine I have ever had the privilege of following. Your honesty and kindness shines through like no other.

*you can thank @broncnutz for the follow,
I follow him and he said U DA MAN!!!

Jerry, you don't have to claim it as INCOME unless you ca$h it out of the system... I say that because it sounded to me like you were using it all as promos for your followers! But please check with an accountant, I am NOT a CPA or tax professional! ;) :D

I also have upped my SP by around 1500+ at these give-away Prices!
Thanks to BroncNutz, and You!

I just bought up a bunch of Steem myself. I'm not worried either. This is just a temporary downtrend, or to put it more positively, a FIRE SALE!

Steem is going to skyrocket.

Seems like a good buying opportunity to me, @jerrybanfield... I like buying things "on sale" regardless of whether it's bread or Steem.

I think a lot of people freak out needlessly when the market corrections hit. Suddenly there's this chorus of "OMG, I just LOST all this money!" when the truth is that they actually paid 25 cents for their Steem that's now worth $1.20 instead of $1.90. Sorry, from where i'm sitting, that's still a "4-bagger" gain, not a "loss."

These are high risk assets we're dealing with... and that means sharp ups AND downs... If you want "stability," go buy some T-bills and earn 0.25%...

Thanks for the advice @jerrybanfield i'm truly optimistic about steemit and i will continues to power up because its so much fun been here on steemit interacting and reading other people experience.