STEEM How Much Money Have I Made on My Biggest Cryptocurrency Investment?

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STEEM How Much Money Have I Made on My Biggest Cryptocurrency Investment?

How much money have I made from buying, selling, and promoting the cryptocurrency Steem? If you want answers to that, will you please watch this video below and leave a like if you enjoy any part of it because you will feel good knowing you are helping other people find it?

I'm as interested to know these answers as you are. I don't know how much money I've made because while I've worked on all the individual parts of this, I've never even once so far looked at the entire big picture and added all the numbers up.

STEEM How Much Money Have I Made on My Biggest Cryptocurrency Investment?

If you will enjoy reading and contributing to the discussion for this post, will you please join us on the YouTube video below and leave a comment there because I read and respond to most comments on YouTube?

If you find anything helpful in this video or funny, will you please leave a like because you will feel great helping other people find it?

I'm grateful for the adventure, for all the earnings on Steem. At the same time, I felt an attraction to gaming. I felt the pull away from Steem.

I'm no longer actively promoting or doing anything on Steem besides selling the Steem I earned, selling most of the Steem I bought, and posting to my blog on Steem with the intention to get people reading on Steem over onto my website, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch. That's where we are at with this today after seeing a year of the ups and downs.

STEEM How Much Money Have I Made on My Biggest Cryptocurrency Investment?

I am grateful for all of these earnings I'm about to present.

At the same time, I've thought a lot about how I earned it. I've earned this money on Steem because I've sold Steem to other people I don't know, who have bought it often at a price higher than I bought it.

I'm seeing for me personally, I'm being attracted to do more with very personal investing where I actually know and have accountability with a person.

Therefore, let's get into how much money I have actually made on Steem.

Read more on my website at


Jerry Banfield

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Hi @jerrybanfield I just did a video response addressed directly at you. I hope you are able to watch it and seriously consider talking to me about me taking over your current 35th Witness node spot.


I like the hustle here. :-)


Jerry, I'm sorry that Steem didn't work out for you.

To your followers-there is still a ton of opportunity here in Steem. I'm building a website with all free content that helps people understand Steem and learn how to increase followers.

(Hint: it doesn't involve bid bots or sending Steem to 🐋)

Steem has a ton of momentum going forward, powered by developers like @yabapmatt, @aggroed, @followbtcnews,, and so many more.

I'm inviting your readers to follow me for actual community engagement and to learn how to make the most of this revolutionary platform.

Finally, you might not feel so awful about Steem if you hadn't been telling people it was going to $10 last year. Nobody knows where the price is going. I do know that Steem continues to grow in usability and that we're in a cryptocurrency wide bear market beyond any one person's control.

So, again, I'd like to invite your followers to visit my page to learn more about Steem, without the fluff and pump.



Thanks Jeff. Good to know we have high quality content creators and curators moving the community forward!

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Please let me respond to that honest video you have made. I am one of those that went into steem as a result of your promotion on your youtubechannel. I saw the videos of yours and I thought that you were a little bit too enthusiastic about it, but it had an honest impact on me. I bought around 100 steem and then made that amount that I now have on my account by making music videos at openmic, videotutorials and other stuff. So I earned a really good profit (in case I would sell now, which I won't do) and that could have been even much more when steem was 12 dollars in the end of 2017. So that money came from upvotes through people and curators (f.ex. @curie or the msp project) that really wanted to support work I was doing. This is something different from just inevesting into something to get a good roi. So the things you are dissappointed about as said in your video above, they are a true part of it. Especially when you look at it as a ponzi scheme where a few earn something from nothing but most of the people get nothing for something. But there is a small window and a fragile idea of a reward based system for authors and curators besides the investors aspects of crytpo. And that is a true difference to other cryptos in my opinon, steemit has got a userbase that is driven by other ideas then just investing and making a lot of capital gains. It is a nice community somewhere in there. I won't say that this must make steem great ever again, but it is an absolute remarkable experience to join this plattform and a wonderful experiment. It does not feel like a waste of time, because this project enables people to share real skills and earning crypto for that. This aspect is really great, and you had something to offer to, that you can be proud of, not your promotion that made some of your friends buy steem for a higher price then it is now, but your skills (I saw you making music too), your detailed insights into this project, your enthusiasm and your passion. That was something that I found to be real and honest and you were a big part of this platform and I am thankful that you brought me to steemit. I never got any impression of you fooling me or any other people. And so you are not responsible for the greater fool buying into this. And who knows what will happen to steem in the future...

Yep, Steem is a joke. Proof.

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Says dont need money, feels bad that he kinda scammed his friends, but wants more money.
Why you just dont donate it then to poor people or charitys that could need it if you feels so bad about it?

It is always nice to be grateful for the good deeds no matter how big or small it is. Thanks for that.

How much? I care so much... I didnt bother any more than to read the title. But I did take the time to comment and show a lil support...

I have to watch, because I've never done this either. I just have a number for last year I sort of guess at. Around 40-60K maybe? I have no idea though.

You’re gonna be missed on steemit!


seen a kenyan on here at last lol. sema brother

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If @jerrybanfield is really honest how he feels about his STEEM profits, why doesn't he set up a charity or simply donate at least some of his profits with plankton and minnows on this platform? Otherwise, he's just playing with people's emotions. Again...


I don't like Jerry Banfield but this is not a good idea unless you want Steemit drowned in scammers creating accounts for free handouts. Look how bad the byteball promotion went.


You're actually right. Flood of scammers garuanteed.

But doesn't it feel strange when he confesses that he is no longer proud about his early advocating so much for this platform, saying that it will reach 10 dollars by the end of the year and at the same time waiting for the prize pump just to sell it, at least the liquid part of his profits?

Sorry to see you announce you are leaving. I think you have a lot of valid points in this video, the largest amount earned at one time on here is still from one of your contest. Unless one wants to cheat their way to the top I have to agree that those in early and those who mined the system shouldn't be representative of being the end result within a couple years time to others. It's a false premise. The pyramid has taken shape, it is what it is regardless of whether the argument borders or teeters on it's legitimacy or not.

Hey @jerrybanfield, it's a pity you are leaving. I don't think anyone has actively promoted Steem as much as you have. I haven't always agreed with your approach to promoting the platform. I think you put too much emphasis on coming here and earning from creating content. There are many more reasons to be on Steem other than making posts. I believe you had good intentions, which is more than many others here.

I wish you all the best in your future pursuits.

hello @jerrybanfield
i sent you 7 steem however i only get 2 $. There is confusion here, probably because I sent 2 times. Plz sent me back :(

Yes @jerrybanfield

Steemit = Profit

Believe it or not I am just aware of this post! And my word, I cant find the right word or words to express myself! I will just :) for now.