The Lindy Effect - A tool for identifying an ideas future success

2년 전

I was reading Nassim Nicholas Taleb's "Skin In The Game", and stumbled upon an idea that really got me thinking about the signals that can be used for life cycles, patterns, and the probability of success of new inventions to name a few..

Its called the Lindy Effect, and it is a concept that can help you determine the life expectancy of non-parishable things such as a new idea or invention. The Lindy Effect states that every additional period of survival implies a longer life cycle..

The original term can be dated back to 1964 by Albert Goldman and an article he had written in The New Republic titled "Lindy's Law"..You can read more about that here

An idea can only be as successful as it is useful.

This post was inspired by Naval Ravikant*

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