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Hello world! First time posting to Steemit. I’ve known about Steemit for a while, but never thought much of it even though I've had a YouTube channel for years. Two uploads and not 1 face shot. They say the best time of your life is on the other side of fear and I've always been uncomfortable with public anything really but I really want to connect to people that are like minded or have a different positive prospective on multiple subjects or life in general.

I go by the name JoJo. I am a proud father of 3 boys. I ride motorcycles and scooters but I prefer my SCOOTER!! Yep, you read that right.  I learn to love what I love with no regrets.   I sold my motorcycle and I am a proud owner of a BMW 650gt.  I started off on high displacement scooters ( 400cc and up). I love riding motorcycles as well but fast scooters are more fun. I don’t ride as much because we have young children they will be 2 and 3 years old next year February and April. I also  have an older son that’s 16 .  Me and my girlfriend, the mother of our 2 youngest, have been together for a little over 4 yrs. We are not married but she is my love  and best friend .  My  first relationship was extremely difficult for me to get over. when a child is involved it can basic communication more strenuous . In the end, the whole experience made me a better man and father.  I'm really beginning to love the continuous growth. 

I’m a welder and fabricator of 21yrs. I've been working as contractor for 9 yrs without a paid day off. I have been recently laid off and couldn't be happier about it, honestly. Even though it was great money, I really despised the environment and the politics. When it ended up having a negative effect on my family and personal life, I realized that things needed to change. Being laid off feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I really couldn't be happier about that! To tell you the truth it wasn't really the job. I't took a decent job like that to realize that I would be a better person if I was self employed.



My sense of humor has gotten me through some really tough times. Sometimes you have to laugh at some things you don't understand at the moment. I think it’s almost impossible to live a healthy life without laughter . I love hearing other people laughing and feeling good even if it is for a second, like laughing so hard tears start coming out their eyes and they laugh so hard they pass gas, lol! My News Years resolution is to laugh and smile more.

  I am a huge fan of crypto currency. I own quite a few coins other than bitcoin on Bittrex. Initially, I got into crypto out of fear.  Our current monetary system makes me nervous and I found myself getting a lot of anxiety when I started researching currencies and what was actually going on in  world economies and how it affect us . When I really started to understand what it meant that central banks can deflate and inflate the economy as the and steal large amounts of wealth from the little guy, I started looking into other forms of currency, and opportunities to hedge against an inflated economy . 

I am fan of the german shepherd! My German Shepherd's name is Gerro. The breeder typically names the pups by the alphabet of a litter in which he was out of a G litter and the name suited . Both parents are imports and one was title schutzhund 3 in Germany. Gerro and I have done some protection work together when he was younger but I focus mainly on him obedience training with him..He was my project pet and has helped me through my depression. An animal really is the most beautiful thing in the world if you want a reason to get up again. No matter how you are and what you do they will always love you with no conditions. They are totally dependent upon you so the work will keep your mind occupied when you’ve lost all hope, and at one point that was exactly where I was at and he was exactly what I needed, so it worked out pretty damn well

Everything I have been through in my life has really made me to appreciate the little things so much more... the good and the bad. The lessons are what I really appreciate though and what I look for in any difficult time I run into now. I realize in the end ,that most of us only want to be happy! The materialistic objects really holds no value and is just an illusion of happiness. happiness is a mindset. I think that everyone does, it is easy to get blinded by what the world see as value instead of the value in ones self. in my experience the money always come but it will never take the place of genuine relationships. Everything I’ve went through was just prep work for what is to come and that is extremely exciting to me! Nothing is ever appreciated without work involved.

I've set a date in July that I will be taking a $5000 vacation. Im going to take that vacation..Hell no I don’t have the money for that kind of vacation but its already written in stone, I’m going!! That is my promise to myself so we will see what happens!

Yep... you heard that right Steemit folks! Bali in June.... you heard it from the source first!!

 I am planning on using Steemit to talk about my own life and different things I may run into or situations to navigate.  This will not necessarily be advice, just my personal experience of how I live my life and what I’ve learned along the way, different ways that have helped me cope with different situations that people may face in their everyday lives. We are all connected and it is our obligation to share our journey and solutions to problems that will help the next person through their  journey and hopefully they will continue the cycle. I’m not a writer and the vocabulary is not that impressive but I have some things I like to talk to the steemit community about and if I am able to reach one soul out there then all of this  will be worth it!..Keep posting Steemers. 


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