Steem Market update - Below 1 Dollar

3년 전


Today i saw Steem below 1 dollar based on the Global market price, Dated 08-11-2018, 5am in the Morning at Philippine time, almost all cryptocurrency today are on downtrend.

chart (5).jpeg

Steem chart is like a rollercoaster.


This the Steem market today, in this list price from Bithumb a Korean exchanges is not included even they pump Steem with good volume.

This time we must set our mind that it will bounce back. if you are not afraid to buy and hold.

Data and image source :

Please do your own research on all of your investments carefully. thank you!

Kung ikaw ay isang Pinoy, please come and join our Filipino community here on Steemit:

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So sad about this news..
thank you for sharing Sir..


tataas din ito. keep on steeming.


Salamat salamuch 👍

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