Are The Dark Overlord and Fortnite the keys to Steem's Success?

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A couple recent news announcements have really caught my attention.

The first one having to do with the hacker group calling themselves "The Dark Overlord".

You may have heard about them as they have been involved with several high profile hacks over the past few years.

They gained public attention recently when they claimed to have obtained numerous documents and files relating to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

More about that can be seen here:

The Dark Overlord now on

The idea was that if the hackers don't get several million dollars (in bitcoin), they were going to release this information publicly and it was going to be damning to certain individuals/institutions.

This became especially interesting to me when they were banned from most other social media sites.

Where do you think they went?

You guessed it...!

You can see more of them here:

This is especially interesting because now every news source is linking to and their blog where they are releasing some of their files.

This is some major exposure for!

All publicity is good publicity?

Well mostly.

I am not a big fan of hacker/ransom groups in general, but in this case it reminds me that if we can get some major influencers over here on and keep them here, we can potentially bring many more users here.

A big part of that may be revenue sharing from advertisements.

Steemit,inc announced that they would be testing ads a few days ago and if they were able to implement them and then share some of that revenue with popular bloggers it literally would change the entire game.

Getting upvotes would only become more like a bonus or a tip to bloggers instead of their sole source of income.

The numbers for would likely then sky rocket and make the money earned from advertisers also go up, which would in turn attract more and more influencers.

It would all kind of feed on itself, snowballing upwards.

The key to all of this is shared ad revenue among bloggers.


The second thing I found interesting was news relating to Fortnite.

If you haven't heard, it is a very popular video game with over 200 million users.

What's more, they said back in July that they had already generated over $1 billion dollars in revenue from in app purchases.

Absolutely massive numbers by all accounts.

So, what was the news that got me so excited?

This one right here:

Fortnite announced that they would be accepting Monero for in game purchases!

That is very big news!

Unfortunately for steem it sounds like Fortnite was mostly interested in monero due to its privacy.

However, that doesn't mean there aren't thousands of other popular games that could theoretically integrate steem payments.

Get a popular game or two to start using steem as its base currency, and prices take off.

Get a bunch of popular influencers posting (and staying) on steemit, prices take off.

Now lets just figure out how to get one or both of those things done.

Stay informed my friends.

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i don't think they've mentioned sharing that ad rev with the creators though have they? yet? lol


Nope, not at all. I am just pushing for it because I think it is key to really getting this place and steem to take off.

I assumed that Steemit Inc would be taking all the revenue. The shared model makes a lot more sense though because it gives bloggers a lot more incentive to get eyes on their work.

This would be a great way to earn income from non-stake holders. Bringing in generic traffic from the Internet would finally add some revenue stream to everyone.

At the same time sites like will also gain recognition and popularity simply because they don't have ads. This could be quite interesting.


Exactly. Sharing revenue is a hard sell at first, but it might end up making them a lot more money down the road if they pursue that route...


Honestly I feel like it's not a hard sell at all because unlike other social media sites anyone can make a front-end and everyone has full access to all data. This is a great way to show that Steem isn't social media, it's a blockchain that simply stores raw text and JavaScript.

If a killer-dapp gets developed on Steem the bandwidth from that dapp will choke the blogging/social media side of the blockchain. At this point Steem would no longer even been seen as social media, as bandwidth allocation would be flowing into other more popular activities.


Good points. Hopefully Inc recognizes that. Though for now, that app isn't anywhere in site and other platform chains are seeing pretty good apps pop up every few weeks. Get this social site blowing up before we lose our first mover advantage completely on it!

They are now banned on steemit. so lame


So there goes that value proposition... It's not censorship resistant. Remind exactly what value currently offers that other sites don't?!

You hit the nail right in the head there! This place really doesn’t need much extra to become huge, let’s hope @ned realises it sooner or later

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I think they do, they just have't figured out how to create the infrastructure that would make it be able to scale just yet. Hopefully they are working on that now.

There is great potential for this to attract other whom have been censored on other media sites.

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Yep, completely agree. Though technically is a private website, so content could theoretically be taken down on here.

I want this community to be thriving where people share ideas and talents not secret documents.

They’ll soon be caught by the CIA even if they did join Steemit, but even bad publicity is good publicity

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The fact it is seen as a viable outlet to release information is a huge win in my opinion, especially since this place is hugely under marketed. Though, like you, I would prefer it wasn't related to hackers and the like.

Are The Dark Overlord and Fortnite the keys to Steem's Success?


@thedarkoverlord => He's very damaging to Steem's reputation.
I don't believe him. The alleged payment can be traced, it started last year.

keep Steem clean


People should be smart enough to consume whatever content they desire on here. I think the fact that steemit is seen as a viable outlet to release information is a huge win for steemit and steem. Though, like you mentioned, I would prefer if it wasn't hackers/criminals being the reason for the headlines currently.


I would prefer if it wasn't hackers/criminals being the reason for the headlines currently.

Yes, I share that opinion too.


Would it really be considered criminal if they shared undeniable proof that 9/11 was an inside job?