Steem - Abra confirms STEEM and SBD listing

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Trust but verify!

That is a very popular phrase and one that becomes especially important when dealing with the crypto space.

Yesterday Abra announced they will be adding 60 new cryptocurrencies, and much to my surprise, they included our beloved Steem (and SBD) on that list.

More about that can be seen here:

Since they listed it on their web-page, it must be true, right?!

Trust but verify in action...

This morning I went through the steps of downloading the Abra app and getting the wallet setup on my phone.

It was quite a few steps, but for those that have been in the crypto space for any length of time, the process was not as painful as some of these things are.

Once I got the app downloaded and wallet setup I was especially excited to see if there was a steem/fiat pair.

To my knowledge, steem doesn't have any fiat pairs available to US based users. This would be the first.

However, scrolling through my Abra app, steem was nowhere to be found...

It was not on the list of available cryptocurrencies at all.

So, I hopped on my broom stick and went right to Abra support, trying to figure out what the deal was.

This is what I learned...

After explaining to the chat representative how I wasn't able to locate steem anywhere on the app even though their web-page explicitly said steem would be listed...

This is what I learned:

It sounds like both STEEM and SBD will be listed

It just sounds like they may not show up on the app for another few weeks still.

Either way though, our chat representative friend Ahmed did confirm with the higher ups that steem would indeed be listed.

Trust but verify!

For those interested in the Abra app, my referral link is listed below:

For everyone that signs up through that link I will get $25 that I will use to buy and power up more steem. :)

Stay informed my friends.


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Cool, thanks!

Abra seems to have some good customer service :-)

Having read your previous post on Abra's listing of Steem, I'm quite excited. The more exchanges that open trading for Steem, there could be growing liquidity and activity for people to trade them.

This could hopefully herald the beginning of Steem's next bull run, or at least some price action that we've not seen much of lately.

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They do. Do you know how many exchanges I have tried to get ahold of and heard nothing back for weeks? It's quite a few... Abra responded via their chat feature within a minute.


A good company should have good customer service...quick and informative support.

I've heard little of Abra until this recent news broke out. My best wishes to their team :-)

It seems interesting. How secured is that???


Good question. I would assume fairly secure, at least the wallet portion.

Great, we're getting what we want


Yep. More exchanges is always a good thing.

Nice work! Resteemed for exposure... wait, wut !?! they have a referral program?

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Yep, give it a try!

Do we both get the referral bonus, or do I need to recruit my peers as well! No matter, as this was on the to-do list today, and I'm happy to hear before I met frustration, that STEEM is on the way. Power to the people.


I think it is just me, but I can't say for sure. I am new to Abra as of this morning. :)

thx for sharing the good news!:)


Hopefully it helps people get in and out of steem easier.

I like this news

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Well that's good news since we were dropped by poloniex, I just hope this won't be another fly by night exchange trying to get in the game only to shit the bed in a few months


I think this one is going to have some staying powering. If the masses are ever going to adopt crypto, they will likely do use using apps like this one.

This is an Amazing News!

Thanks for the good information.
It's just a matter of waiting.
Also see if it is available for Latin America.
Venezuela, in my case.
Stay Great!


I believe it will be, but need to double check.

Congratulations @jrcornel!
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What are SBD steem dollars even good for? I haven't made one in forever? I say SBD goes down! lol


In theory they are supposed to be pegged to $1. In theory they offer a place to hide out in times of volatility as well as offer a stable currency that can be used by businesses without ever having to leave the steem ecosystem. In reality, they need to be better pegged.


Yeah it's broke, at 50 cents and dropping fast! I think it will keep going to a penny, why not? Steem will go to 50 cents, they should swap places! lol


Yikes. I had not seen the most recent drop to $.50. What's causing the drop?

Hi @jrcornel

there was good news, great that Steem and Steemdollar are listed there


Yep, I thought so as well. I am hopeful this leads to a steem/fiat pair. That sure would be nice!