Steem - Google Trends showing increasing Searches for


Searches for have been picking up the last several months

In the last 6 months, searches for "" are significantly higher than the 6 months prior.

Specifically, they really started picking up late last year.

Hitting their peak in December of last year and early January of this year...

Check it out:


As you can see searches for started climbing in August of last year and hit their peak in late December/early January.

The Justin Sun effect?

On first glance, people would look at those search trends and then the timing of when the Steemit/Tron partnership was announced and say they not really related.

And they would technically be right, well sort of.

If you recall, there were tons of leaks coming out for months prior to the official announcement that Tron/Justin Sun was somehow linked to Steemit and Steem.

There was nothing official, but we had been seeing smoke literally since middle last year, which ironically is right about the time the searches started increasing...


Perhaps, or perhaps not. It's tough to say for sure either way.

The interesting thing to me though is where the majority of those searches are coming from...


The overwhelming majority of them are coming from South Korea.

Justin Sun has Samsung partnership and Korea loves them some Steemit...

Interesting to me is that we are seeing all this search interest for in Korea and Justin Sun specifically said that they have a partnership with Samsung.

Which as you likely know, is one of the largest companies in South Korea.

Specifically, he said he hoped to get listed with the all the new Samsung devices, something that may turn out huge for steemit.

Especially if people in Korea are already showing tons of interest in steemit like they above search results indicate.

It remains to be seen exactly how steem/steemit/tron will all coexist and mutually benefit each going forward, but if they do, we could see some fireworks down the road.

Stay informed my friends.


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I've said this many times before, but virtual currencies have existed in South Korea as long as I remember. Crypto currencies are just the next evolution after Cyworld MiniLife was shutdown few years ago... Both South Korea and Vietnam are big markets for mobile gaming and all the extra features cost money. Not all mobile players are old enough to have own credit cards, so that is why they invented virtual currencies for purchasing in-game items. You can basically send virtual coins to anyone who has local mobile number.


Steemit getting on Samsung devices would be pretty big... especially if steem is still attached to it.


Considering my girlfriend has access to South Korean phones, I think I have good chance to know if it gets added... I could also ask some of my other South Korean friends...

Hopefully this will be a giant push that starts an even bigger butterfly effect for steemit.


And hopefully steem as well.

He really is a one man marketing machine isn’t he


Well this really wasn't anything directly caused by him. The searches spiked when the news was merely a rumor swirling around. Either way though, those rumors also involved him.

This is a very good news!!! Thanks a lot for this. It seems that Justin Sun's operation made noise.


He gets people talking about things, that is for sure.

I have to say @jrcornel, I'm never disappointed by your analyses. I always reach for the upvote button, and I never feel any hesitation because it's always good stuff.

Google Trends is an underrated and very powerful tool, all for free. I'm not actively buying and selling crypto right now, nor any other investment honestly, other than earning Steem of course, but it's nice to know what's going on in that investing world. At some point I plan to get back in the game. Your posts give me confidence that I've got some understanding of what's going on in crypto finance for when the time comes. Thanks for sharing all your hard work.

Yeah that’s when to tp or take profit, during bull markets when everyone is buying and searching. Alternatively buying in bear markets is what real investors do! I hope it goes up, just being realistic. I do see room for some more pump, but not buying any more, I got enough finally and will be a seller when the bulls are at full throttle! Come on bulls, let’s see this moonshot!! Keep up the good work promoting these bags of mine, they feel heavy to tell the truth! idk lol thanks!! P.S. u were posting about btc going up last week, and where did it go? It went down go figure! Steem did too!