Year end STEEM predictions

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What do you think the price of steem will be end of 2018?

In my post yesterday I asked what you, the community, thought the price of bitcoin would be by the time new year's day rolls around.

The post can be seen here:

It seemed the majority thought it would be higher than where it is today, big surprise right?!

I mean, if most thought it would be lower, we probably wouldn't be spending so much time here.

Continuing on this path, what do you think the price of steem will be at the end of this year?

Steem is a bit more difficult to predict in my opinion for a couple reasons.

Steem has been mostly moving at the whims of bitcoin and the rest of the crypto markets.

When they go up, steem has caught a bid, when they go down, steem goes down.

That being said, there were also times when bitcoin went up last year and steem went down.

So, the correlation is not exactly always there with bitcoin, steem, and the rest of the altcoins.

The other thing to consider is that steem is expected to have some real developments start to roll out early in 2019 that may start to be reflected in prices in late 2018.

I am talking about things like communities, SMTs, and whatever else is coming down the pipe line that may help give steem a bid.

Just taking a wild shot in the dark, I am going to say that steem is $1.20 at the end of 2018.

I know, I know, my guess is not much higher than where we are currently.

I just think that the way steem has been trading we might have to wait till SMTs and communities actually launch before we see prices start to really move up.

There is also some talk about another social media site being built by Ned etc. on the steem blockchain, that might have the right stuff to get steem moving up again as well.

What do you think, what price will steem be at the end of 2018?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Stay informed my friends.

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I like your optimism!


This is the price of my dreams! :)

I think steem will go higher by the end of this year. Maybe testing the old high before spring. Why you may ask? Because I believe the big crash of fiat is finally being played out and crypto is the solution to the chaos the club has created during 100+ years.

Problem, reaction, solution

Order out of chaos


Could be, but why do you think that propells steem specifically?


It doesn't, probably steem is just going to go down and down because its just a toked leaded to a blog-site, what could really help the crash of fiat as realitycartoon is sayng can only be coins leaded to the real world like ripple or things like that. Crypto is the solution only if it has a real-world problem application and its able to do this.
Just stop giving hope to people about something dead

The price I think Steem will end this year is $1.

However, I hope to be pleasantly surprise and have a rocket ship to $5.


That would be nice wouldn't it.


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I can't think of steem prices by the end of 2018.
there may be a few moments when the bithumb market opens a wallet for steem.
now steem prices in bithumb are around $3.4

  ·  2년 전

Ha :)
I just finished the analysis on STEEM price long term. It is pure statistics and cant tell for sure, but the average is 1,54 on 01.01.2019. More than two years data is used for this analysis.


The R Squared value just for STEEM is very low 0,21, meaning it is almost impossible to predict the price just as function of time, from statistical point of view.
Unlike Bitcoin, where this value is 0,5.

To compensate for this, Bitcoin price is included in the method. With more than one variable, time and BTC price, the method is called multilinear regression :)


Hope it's right. :)

  ·  2년 전

There is a 53% chance :D

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If this is correct that’s not a good coin to have.
It’s horrible :/

  ·  2년 전

The numbers are not accurate. They represent a possibility for that to happen, in this case with a 53% chance. They are closely correlated with BTC. That gives them more probability. If just the price of STEEM is analysed as a function of time, the forecasted numbers are much higher, but the probability is much lower :)

Once again this is just statistics.

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so your advice is to hold? steem is not sinking? steemit isnt dyng?

  ·  2년 전

Me personally, I'm here to stay :)
A lot of interesting projects are happening on this platform.

$0.00264 to $1.20


Hopefully not the lower end of your range.


this is a realistic price

145 usd.

I will see your $1.20 and raise you a dollar to $2.20 as I think many DApps will continue to develop here and start their initiatives with SMTs before it is ready in 2019. This should drive demand to SP and now RCs given the recent changes. I also think the announcement of Hivemind will likely be positive as well.


I like your positive thinking!

I agree with everything on your post, except you price prediction, it will be much higher, and I'm basing that statement on current moves that are already happening on the markets (even in the stock markets), the bullish sentiment is coming back.

By no means I´m an expert, but I would say STEEM will be valued around $3.7 by the end of the year.

I think it will go up with the market as whole towards the end of the year, and end up around 2 – 2.5$. 2.49$ would be nice

I hope the rate of steem is go up soon

i think $2.50

I think 1.20 is a fine prediction considering what you said. I think 2019 will be a big year in general for cryptos. We will have 2018 behind us and in the long term it will just look like a blip on the chart for overall market price.

Fingers crossed for a strong finish to 2018 and to a massive year in 2019!

I think we see 2 or 3 $ ... but it happens fast .

#steem price has a lot to do with how we move forward.
Got to say I have seen a curve down in tasteless posts.
More and more great posts.
Price will go up around $3.50.
SMT will climb it higher.
Keep on postin

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I am more positive for once, the SMT releasedate will awaken some early pumpers, 2$ lowest estimate

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$1.20 is a nice fair target.

Low -0.6$
High - 1.12$

I have low at 11000 sats and high at 27000 sats, and going up right now... So I want it to climb to 27000 sats but not higher... In long term I want it to climb to about $7 and then go back down to about $1.

  ·  2년 전

4.36 shekels lolol

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I'd be happy with $1.20, but it's really hard to say where it's going. Crypto has yet to really capture the imagination of the general public. Those who have heard of it may consider it a scam as we hear about it in relation to crime. We need to spread the word that it empowers people by letting them break away from the established banking system. I don't care so much about speculating on it. I want to see it used.

Around 0.60 I think realisticaly. But later who knows :))

Lets say Steem is getting more fundamentally solid than it will appreciate in price terms. For the ens of the year I would be happy if we see Steem in the 2$ area.

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I'll go with $1.45

I would say, a range- any price between $1.5 to $2.5.

Steem / Sbd prices are very bad not in accordance with Steemit's progress, many users complain, and many users have left their accounts. they have stopped making a post in steemit. they start looking for other channels that make more money. I don't think there's a high price in Steemit, because this is a game.
many people are desperate with STEEM like this. I don't think this has a solution.

I do hope you are right @jrcornel.
I am completely new to crypto and do not understand a lot yet, but I love the concept of Steemit. Hopefully my small investments and earnings will pay off some day.

I think steem will be approx 2USD by end of year

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$22 please

Well even so, still 33% growth is not a bad margin for someone's money considering that the financial world is not offering anything similar

I see $1.10.

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