I lost my steem password

4년 전

Today I tried logging into steemit and realized I can't. How am I posting then? At the moment, I'm on an old computer that is set to never log out. So, unless I find a way to move the browser's cache to a new computer, this account will be dead when this computer dies. It's a shame, I liked this username.

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Best thing to do is learn from it brother. Happened to me as well on my first account @kingjohal - lost my password. It is important to take the precautions and make multiple back ups. Take care and good luck in your future.


What browser are you using? In case of Chrome or Firefox you can go to Options-> Security and make your saved password visible. Hope you can recover it jrkirby.

And in case you don't learn from it and make backups next time.
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Thanks man, you saved me. I didn't know you could do this, worked like a charm.


Did it work?! Man I am so happy for you. I think about doing a post about you :) Or you should do it. To prevent people from losing their pw and keeping it save.

Have a great weekend and steem on!


yeah I have everything written down on paper and then copied on paper and hidden again

I was SO SCCARED wen I looked up the wallet foryour first account @kingjohas and I was like THANK GOD theres only like $400 in there!

When you write down your steemit password, its llike youre holding over 1 .2 million dollars! must be alot of pressure actually!

wow, so hey what kind of precautions can we take to make sue noone can hack our accounts? And WHy is there NO 2 factor verification here?!?!?!?!
And if we login one day and we find there was an unauthorized powerdown, its proboby a sign someone hacked our account or got our password and started a powerdown in the hopes of stealing steem after the first payout in 1 week...so they would have to login, CANGE the password, and waiita week...but i notcie theer is a place for "recovery of hacked acounts" https://steemit.com/steemit/@steemit3/third-update-to-july-14th-security-announcement-account-recovery-begins you ant try that to recover your password?

yeah i get mad at friends and family who I catch forgetting passwords i I tell them NO you CANT forget ur MASTER passwords! WRITE IT DOWn and KEEP IT IN A FOLDED PAPER IN YOUR PURSE OR WALLET OR DOCUMENTS SAFE

yeah wenevr a website tells meto write somtehing down I fcking do it and i dont fuck around! The gooogel Authenticator app is NOT ENOUGH and thats stupdid app DOESNT even tell you to write down backup codes!

Serioulsy tho I believe you can recover your acount https://steemit.com/steemit/@steemit3/third-update-to-july-14th-security-announcement-account-recovery-begins


He got his PW back :) My advise helped <3

Only To help, i spent 1 week to try to input my lost password only to help, password is not custom written(not some your phrase ), password is like private key from hash-256 Try to look somewhere around your desktop, that password can not be remember so you must have written somewhere , try to search in your passdocs or your notes