Ethereum on the Rise

4년 전

How far could Ethereum climb? Many may be moving their investments back to ETH and other alt coins as "judgement day" (the day of the hard fork) arrives.


Please see link for interesting article below.

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I am betting on that theory so I hope you're right!

could go to 1000


I think it will go to $1000. This price seems to be published over the web. At the time of this post $ETH is up 12.34%.

I was looking to pickup eth cheap damn its rising.


all altcoins will be going to the MOON, btw dang can i send u 4 sbd for 100% upvote?


10 only.


I would look at it to rise for the next few weeks.


Me too! Let's hope when ppl stop going back into alt coins from the forkening, the price of ether drops more

Thank you for sharing

Today seems to have been a bit of an anti climax well up to now, cheers mike

All the money got pushed to the alt coins because of the Bitcoin fear. It will be an interesting few days. Watching intently.


That is great


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Haahh :))))

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thanks for the info!!