RE: That day I got a downvote and turned into a crazy maniac

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That day I got a downvote and turned into a crazy maniac


There is nothing about a downvote that affects freedom of speech. Downvotes don’t remove content or censor it, they simply affect the amount of the inflation pool allocated to a post. So yeah if you think those posts are over rewarded, why not downvote them? It’s a valid reason imo.

This is what I mean about normalizing downvotes and seeing them for what they were intended.. and not how they have been used in the past.

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Not sure I 100% agree :)

Someone can make an amazing post about god and get 20$ worth in upvote and their post is worth 20$ maybe even more because of the quality.
I just dont like the tropic, that shouldn't give them an downvote :)


Then that has nothing to do with reward disagreement whatsoever. Unless your dislike for a topic led you to feel you didn’t want your portion of the inflation allocated to it. As you can redistribute as much as your vote is worth etc.

While I’m not a fan of downvoting for not liking a topic, I can see how in some people’s minds all they were doing was saying they didn’t think it added value, which is fair.

This isn’t about everyone agreeing, it’s about the system finding a consensus through each individuals idea of what value is. We each express that through our up and downvotes.

Once we stop making it personal, it will stop being personal.


I am not a fan of downvoting post just because I dont like a tropic thats why I dont do it.