Which is the biggest problem of STEEM?

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Yes, of Steem, NOT STEEMIT.


The biggest problem which stands in front of evolution of STEEM (because STEEM is not steemit) is the wallet creation. (from my point of view)

How EASY & FREE & FAST is to open a bitcoin wallet or an ethereum wallet or a doge wallet? - It takes 1 minute with just some clicks.

Well with Steem is different. Even it takes 2 weeks- 1 month to create a free account, even you have to pay. Why would someone pay for a steem wallet when they can use other cryptocurrency? (steem is not steemit)

I think it's time for the devs of steem to really focus on Steem blockchain and make a wallet for STEEM, something like Blockchain.com. Everyone should be able to create a Steem wallet in one minute.

Transactions are so fast on steem, so cheap but this little problem stands in front of the explosion of the blockchain.

That's why we can buy barely nothing with Steem, because anyone who wants a steem wallet need to join Steemit and wait. Which online big company would add Steem as a payment method when they know ONLY people with a steemit account uses STEEM.


We must take advantage of the features of Steem blockchain.

I would use Steem to send money to my father, rather than using Bitcoin, Ethereum (because of the fees) but guess what, my father doesn't have a steem(it) account. This is bad, and frustrating.

Steem is losing so much just because of that.

Let me know your opinion in the comments below. Thanks for reading, take care!

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It is an issue to be sure. I know there is a lot of confusion in the public about the differences between Steem and Steemit. The whole onboarding problem has been here as long as I have. I think @steem.ninja with the $2.50 account is a step in the right direction!!


Yes..Thanks for your comment!

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I agree that it's a problem to go through the hassle when you want to create a steem account. And as a newbie a couple of months back, I also thought that SteemIt was the same as STEEM. Now I barely use Steemit because I like others apps better - like eSteem, Steempeak, and Busy. I try to spread the love, lol. And of my favorite phone app is @partiko.


Partiko is also my favourite phone app!


We are honored to be one of your favorites!

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You can send crypto with blocktrade to your friend that have no steem account.
Blocktrade can convert your steem to litecoin and send it to your friend wallet.
There are account made available by steemians to newbies. It is faster than create on your own.

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Why to convert if I want to transfer STEEM and the receiver to get STEEM.


I have not done it but it may be possible to send STEEM to your friend STEEM wallet on Binance or exchange supporting STEEM. If I am wrong feel free to inform us.

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You can use blocktrades or change.ly but you have yo pay the fees.

I agree, two weeks to get a Wallet is just too much another problem is the interface that is in beta since forever.

It certainly takes too long to get an account but the issue is with people creating spam and creating tons of accounts to harvest funds from the system. Each account is delegated a certain amount of power and if accounts were free then people would write scripts to create a 100,000 accounts and then use all those accounts to upvote their own post to gain a significant control over the reward pool.
It is a tough problem to solve in a system with free and instant transactions and also a system where new accounts can partially dictate what happens with a reward pool of new coins.

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I understand all the other issue, but they need to find a solution if they want to progress

I think the biggest problem is that most people out of steemit dont know that steem and steemit are not the same


that's also true...

This is a serious thing. Everybody has been asking for easier account creations. It helps every cause. Easier to onboard new users, easier to make transactions, easier to create a bigger network in general.
Steemit is still lagging behind, but there have been updates and they have spoken about making account creations much easier and faster.
On the other hand, multiple frontends have taken it up to themselves and offered immediate account creation if you sign up with them.
I think that is the first step towards finding a solution to this issue.

I highly appreciate your stand on using STEEM. I think more people should realize that trading just steem, instead of converting it to something else and then trading.
Well written!